Hobbling Into Summer Ever-So-Happily

Last week was full of end-of-school activities; Alex got promoted from 6th grade to 7th grade, I proctored some exams, and Alex finished his last day of elementary school. I can’t really think about that last thing for very long without getting teary-eyed, and with me it’s not as much about the Sunrise, Sunset-ness of it all as it is about looking back at the phenomenal teachers he has had every single year. He was at the same school from K4 through 6th grade, and it was the sweetest experience every single year – not because it was always super-easy/breezy, but because his teachers knew him and loved him. They faithfully taught him through his successes and through his failures, and I have to stop talking about it now or I’ll just get up in the bed and cry and watch the Southern Charm marathon that’s currently on Bravo. But suffice it to say that we are so, so grateful.

Here he is the summer after kindgergarten…


…and here is before 6th grade promotion.


Have mercy the years in between have been fun.

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We (Really) Are The (Regular Season) Champions

So, I don’t know if y’all are aware of this or not, but there are these things called grocery stores, and you can walk inside them and select food with your very own hands. Then, after you buy the food, you can take it home and COOK ACTUAL MEALS.

It is a wonder, y’all.

And no kidding: today was the first time I have stepped foot in a grocery store in at least three weeks. I have pretty much worn out our Shipt membership just trying to keep my head above water in the midst of end-of-school stuff and family stuff and book stuff and I-really-need-to-watch-college-baseball stuff. But today I went to the store and bought all manner of produce and fruit and enjoyable breakfast options (we have company coming later this week), and then tonight, after I got A. off to lacrosse practice, I pan-seared some fish and roasted sweet potatoes (and some asparagus, too) and cooked a pot of yellow rice. David must have thought he’d gotten our house confused with someone else’s, because lately this has not been a place where much cooking happens. Tonight, though, was better. And I have everything I need to cook supper tomorrow night, too.



Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.52.03 PM

Mississippi State won the SEC regular season championship in baseball!

As you can imagine, this development was the cause of some celebration at our house. And please know that when I say “some celebration,” what I am telling you is that I yelled so loudly that I frightened the dog.

It was so fun – something that hasn’t happened since I was in college, in fact. And since I’ve been able to watch most of the Bulldogs’ games this season (thanks, SEC Network!), I think it’s safe to say that I’m, um, significantly invested in the 2016 Diamond Dogs. So is Sister, for that matter. And we have had the best time texting and tweeting and watching and hollering (and, in Sister’s case, whistling) this season.


This is a team with some bona fide, certified characters, y’all. And they are so much fun to watch.

Needless to say, we’ll be at the SEC Tournament this week with (cow)bells on.

(Don’t worry. I’m not taking my cowbell to a baseball game.)

(But I did sneak it in for the championship game four years ago. It was glorious.)

Other than all that excitement, we’re pretty much just gearing up for summertime fun around here. Alex is doing lacrosse again this summer, so I’m already looking forward to burning his cleats because they already smell like hot garbage and it’s not even July yet. This topic really deserves its own separate discussion, but it’s late and I just can’t round up the mental energy to problem-solve a cleats situation where the odor can only be described as “profound.”

I honestly didn’t know that specific smell existed until I smelled it. And now I can’t un-smell it. Which is a big part of the problem.

ALSO, Giddy Up, Eunice arrived at our house today in the form of a whole bunch of boxes. I guess Eunice’s giddy up got her to Alabama, at least, and we sure were excited to see her.


The buy-one-get-one offer is over, but there are still all sorts of pre-order goodies up for grabs.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.28.49 PM

And y’all? Recording that podcast with Martha? It was one of the highlights of 2016 for me. No joke. JUST DELIGHTFUL. She was so funny and cute and thoughtful; I’m SO grateful that she was game for some podcasting. (And OF COURSE we talked about jackets; YOU SHOULD EXPECT NO LESS.)

All righty. I need to go to bed since tomorrow is CHOCK FULL. But I hope y’all had a great weekend, and I hope there are no stinky cleats in your house, and I hope the Bulldogs win their first game of the SEC tournament and I’m sorry if that’s a little selfish but I HAVE A LOT OF BASEBALL FEELINGS RIGHT NOW.

The end.

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