The Morning Announcements

I think it’s pretty much a universal sign that you’re in for a humdinger of a day when you pour the water in the coffee pot, turn on the coffee pot, then return from the shower to find that you eliminated the critical step of actually placing the pot back on the burner, thereby christening your countertops with all manner of caffeinated goodness, which is no good, no good at all because it just means that the countertops are going to be totally wired all morning and really, who wants to deal with that?

Prior to this morning, I was under the impression that even without the actual pot, the coffee maker would preserve my hot coffee in some sort of holding chamber, that it would not in fact spew and splatter coffee onto surfaces in my kitchen that heretofore have been unexamined and lo, even undiscovered.

But I was wrong.

Apparently the “pause and pour” feature is only applicable in the presence of a coffee pot that is actually functioning as a receptacle for the hot coffee, and sadly, this was not the case all, being that the coffee pot was sitting on an adjacent counter, nestled in the folds of a lovely red dishcloth.

Anyhoo. Three things:

1) My sweet friend Shannon has been homebound for about four days now because of unusually icy weather where she lives. And she has four children. So she’s come up with a little project for them to do today, and you can help. Go see her.

2) There’s a great new contest for “undiscovered” blogs over at Everyday Mommy. Click here to see the details about how you can recognize some hidden bloggy treasure…it’s a great opportunity to recognize some of those excellent blogs that don’t have much traffic yet. Be sure to check it out.

3) Janice and Susan are having a party. And you’re all invited.

Okay. I’m off in search of caffeine.

Perhaps in the form of an IV.

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  1. I think your coffee splattered over here on my floor :P

  2. ACK! I’ve done that. Delightful way to start the day, huh?

  3. LOL!!!

  4. That is when I run in yelling, “oh no!” and try to stick my head under the spout pouring out coffee, yes I really could be that desperate early in the morning. =)

  5. Nothings worse that a bunch of hyped up granite and formica. Nothing.

    You need a break darlin. It’s time to get lost on the course again.

  6. That is completely tragic – I would totally send you a diet coke if I could get it through my computer. :)

  7. Perhaps this is why I don’t drink coffee. I’ve never been good at making it! :)

  8. I’ve done the coffee maker thing about three times and YES, it does make for a horrid start to the day. The first time it happenned I figured out the little thingy that keeps the coffee from flowing when the pot is removed works just fine, but the water keeps pumping into the basket, so……as soon as the basket gets full the water AND GROUNDS start overflowing the basket at the top.

    Santa brought us a Tassimo for Christmas. I must say that the cup by cup thing is rather fabulous. It is probably more expensive and certainly generates more trash, but at least if I don’t finish the whole pot I don’t pour the money down the drain.

  9. Too bad you didn’t use decaf…

    My heart aches over all that wasted liquidy goodness. Sigh. Well, do what my momma said: If at first you don’t succeed, go buy a cup.

  10. Sorry about your coffee. That’s no fun. I love the idea for the undiscovered blog contest. I feel like no one reads my blog, and when you feel like no one’s reading, you tend to stop writing. So, I am going to hunt down someone who probably feels like I do and try to get their blog on the map.

    And since I haven’t said it today, THANKS SO MUCH for leading us in the lovefest for Kelli. God’s glory really shines when we let him do His work!

  11. Thanks for the morning smile to go with my decaf tea. Wish I had a starbucks card to offer as a “cleaning-up-the-caffienated-goodness party gift”. I love reading your blog!


  12. Thanks for making me smile really big.

  13. Your counter has now been baptized in the name of the Folgers, the name of the Sanka and the name of the Holy Gevalia.

    Go in peace, knowing that the Three Who Are One have blessed your kitchen.

    Amen, and amen.

  14. Thanks for all the great links! You’ve done a good thing for Kelli. Blessings, e-Mom

  15. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, BooMama. You know, I don’t think I can really pull off the phrase “shout-out”, do you?

  16. Rolling on the floor laughing – I can so relate! And the IV line – I joke that about me.

  17. I just did that with my coffee maker on Tuesday. Coffee (and the very hard-to-clean-up grounds) ended up all over the place as I sat in the other room, reading blogs, wondering, “What in the world is that strange noise coming from the kitchen.” The pot somehow just didn’t make it back into the maker. Sigh.

  18. oh no!! what a mess!

    thanks for the mention :)

    and I will head over and check out those other links.:)

  19. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

    My husband is off of coffee but I got spoiled when he use to get up before me and make it…now I have to actually go through all the steps when I haven’t had the caffeine yet to perform such tasks! :)

  20. Hilarious! Love reading your blog everyday. Thanks for the laugh!

  21. Ooh… I bet that’s what’s going on with my countertops… they’ve figured out the coffee pot thing! And I kept thinking it was the kids.

  22. Loved this story. I’m so sorry, though! By the way, I love your subtitle (read by tens of people…). I thought of it earlier today and laughed out loud. Thanks.

  23. Wow! You are full of great tips today! Sorry about your coffee pot. I remember my mother saying if she ever spilled a bottle of vegetable oil, she’d just have to move. Maybe you have the cleanest kitchen ever now!

  24. Just wanted you to know that I mentioned your blog today on my post as one of my top favs. Thanks for sharing a part of you that we’ve all come to enjoy so much!

  25. Haven’t done it with the coffee maker, but I have done it with the tea maker. That’s no better.

    BooMama, I’ve loved watching and reading about all the awesome things going on. Thank you for your hand in it all. I’m glad you’re using your powers for good. ;)

  26. Been there, done that! Thanks for the laugh and the news.

    Blessings to you.

  27. I’m tragically sorry to hear that a good pot of coffee went to waste, but even more sorry to hear that it was wasted all over your lovely kitchen. However, what I really want to know is…what do you think about AI so far? Last night in Seattle was PAINFUL!!!

  28. I’ve done the same thing with the coffee! It is horrible to clean up but it sure smells good.

  29. Hey, sorta returning to blogland to catch up, and I wanted to say I love the new look of your blog!

  30. I don’t think it would have taken me much effort at all to begin the day with a good lick and slurp of coffee. After all … why let it go to waste?

  31. I’m laughing my head off at Laurel Wreath’s comment. I have this mental image of her with her face stuffed into her coffee maker. :-)

    I really should go in and revise the latest post I did. I knew that profile photo wasn’t YOU but it still makes me picture you that way. Seriously, I can so see you flat on your back on the lawn gasping for air. :-) Haven’t we all been in that position at one point or another? :-)

    OK, I’m just kidding. I really see you as a very restrained, sedate young woman, all classy and ladylike and everything. I do.

  32. OH NO!! All that wasted coffee… ;)

    I agree with Nancy – My pause-and-pour-yourself-a-cup works by the removal of the carafe momentarily… the water keeps percolating into the grounds. I discovered this once when I put the carafe on without the lid — thinking “aw, heck, it’s just a lid, right?” Wrong! It’s a lid with a bump in the middle that pushes on a thing on the bottom of the compartment that holds the grounds to make the coffee come out. Well of course it does. I, um, knew that. Ok, well, I do now that I have witnessed the coffee all over the counter and the carafe sitting there completely empty. :)

    Hopefully you got a second pot going pretty quick.