Various And Sundry

Try to contain your excitement, everyone – IT’S A LIST!

I’m sure your heart is racing with anticipation.

1. A few days ago we had a little Southern show-down in terms of polite ways to decline invitations. If you’ll recall, the whole thing started because my mother-in-law said that she couldn’t come for a visit because she had to take her recently widowed friend Rubena to eat fried catfish at the church.

Y’all came up with some classics in the comments, no doubt about it; and the four people I asked to judge all picked a different winner. As a result, I had to pick based on how many times a person’s name was mentioned in the voting – which means that our winner is Clemntine. So, Miss Clemntine, email me your address, and I’ll order you a copy of this book!

Y’all’s responses were hilarious, by the way – some gen-u-wine bloggity treasure.

2. For a week or so I’ve wanted to recommend a new blog to y’all, but it’s a little outside my normal reading fare because it’s for the menfolk. It’s called My Best Investments, and I think it’s a funny, family-friendly daddy blog. So pass on the link to the men in your life – I really think they’ll get a kick out of it.

3. Don’t forget that Chris at Notes from the Trenches will be having a prize drawing at the end of this week for all the people who donated to the For Heather love offering. If you click here, you’ll see instructions for how you can sign up (if you haven’t already).

4. Today the four year old beat his daddy at Wii bowling for the first time. Which means that there was MUCH! SCREAMING! because OH! HE DID IT! YAY! AND HE! WAS! SO! EXCITED!

5. There was a snake in our backyard this afternoon.

It’s a shame, really, because we have so enjoyed being outside lately, and now we will NEVER LEAVE OUR HOUSE AGAIN.

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  1. Hi BooMama! I had to comment on the snake in the backyard declaration of NEVER LEAVING YOUR HOUSE AGAIN! I vow NEVERY TO SLEEP IN A HOUSE WITH A SNAKE AGAIN!…My story begins several small towns ago (we’ve moved a lot), when we were renting a small house by the school where my husband was teaching. The owners had moved to the East Coast and wanted to unload the property and were asking a reasonable price. I talked my husband into buying the house because I thought it would be a nice “fixer upper” and it would be easy on our budget. He reluctantly agreed. On the day we were going to sign the final papers was a typical morning at our house. My husband had gone downstairs to shower and immediately (after undressing) ran up the stairs nude screaming hysterically like a girl…”THERE’S A SNAKE IN THE BASEMENT!!!!” Needless to say, we didn’t buy the house… and I no longer choose the houses we are going to buy :)

  2. Well, Ms. BooMama, I just thank you so kindly for the honor of having been chosen as the Most Politerest Decliner-er of Invitations, Deep South Category.

    Will there be any photos required? If so, I will need to have time to brush my tooth and round out the ‘fro. Will it be just a head shot, or should I air out my tube top and Daisy Dukes?

    That sound you just heard? It was every one of your tens of readers having their mind’s eyes poked out at the same time.


  3. Kudos to Clemntine!

    That snake may be after the goslings. :>( They only hang around where there is food.

  4. I LOVE when you have a list. Love. . .love. . .love.

    I bet Alex will turn you into a herpetologist before the summer is out.

  5. 5 years ago, P found a snake under our lawnmower which was in this shed located behind our garage. I told him that I would never go back there again and he laughed because he thought I was kidding. 5 years later, I can honestly say that I haven’t stepped foot in that portion of our yard.

    Snakes are the root of all evil.

  6. Keep in mind if it’s a black snake, or rat snake it may be eating things just as creepy as a snake. Still, you have to get so close to see what kind it is, so to me they’re all rattlers or water moccasins, or something else equally deadly. I do think I’d freak out more at seeing a rat in my yard, though. Way too creepy. And yes Miss Clemntine should have won – glad to see she did.

  7. Snakes are bad, very very bad. Except that they eat rats, which I personally detest more than snakes.

    Run goslings, run!

  8. Lord-ey! I read off Clemntine’s winning response to John and was practically apoplectic by the time I was done.

    Funny how that accent sneaks back up on ya’ when you least expect it.

    OH! MY ! WORD!

  9. The only good snakes, the only non-poisonous snakes, the only non-deadly snakes are DEAD snakes!

    And snakes are the reasons God helped us invent long-handled hoes and shotguns.

    And you should prepare Alex for the loss of a gosling or two and a very lumpy, bulging snake.

  10. Girl, the one time there was a snake in my backyard I like to never went out there again…8 years later, I’ve been out there a few times ;)

  11. My son would LOVE your snake. He wants a pet cobra. Not going to happen. Of course, my other son wants a killer whale, so…..:-)

  12. You have OUTSTANDING taste in blogs.

  13. Yikes! Keep that thing away from the precious little goslings!

    Last summer hubby found a snake in our pool! He and teenager smashed it with a shovel. GROSS! I’m freaked out every time I go down to the pool!

  14. Don’t worry, BooMama, if the Mama and Daddy geese see that snake they’ll clean his/her clock right quick-like. Seriously. They’ll peck at it and harass it until it decides it’s a good day to fast. ;D

  15. I agree, the only good snake is a DEAD snake, because after all, that must have been a rattlesnake, right?

    We had a snake to get in our house years ago. My husband was in the shower when I discovered it and started screaming. He thought someone had entered our house and was trying to MURDER me. It was not a pretty sight, he came running down the hall buck naked with soap and water dripping off him, because he was in the shower when I discovered the snake. He could only see what he thought was the head of snake (obviously he didn’t have his glasses on in the shower). He shoved the magazine rack aside only to discover a teny, tiny snake, while I was standing on the sofa continuing to scream. The snake was easily killed with a yard stick. I never did walk around in that house the dark after that little incident!

  16. you know that snake is after the ducklings right?

  17. #4 is funny! :) My two-year-old thinks that Wii boxing is the best thing EVER. Not that we let him play video games. But he does watch his daddy play, and mimics the motions. Too funny. :)

  18. A snake in the back yard is bad but I have to say that the 200 lb bear that come up in our backyard last Spring was too scary. Molly and I do not go back there alone to this day. And let me clarify we live in the city in a nice little neighborhood not the woods!!!

  19. Now don’t you let that devil of a snake steal your joy! You get out there and take a hoe along (like my mom would do) just in case or a little bitty BB gun…you enjoy those little ducklings! So we can too!

    OR get your husband out there to take care of it.. honey do list maybe?
    1) take out trash
    2) kill snake in yard and so on
    Love in Him,

  20. Is it still out there? That’s the most important question!

  21. Hey you, I’ve missed you too.

  22. Boo Mama: You emailed me the code for Heather, but I thought donations were only be accepted that day only so I thought I missed the boat. If you would be so kind as to email me the code again (and let me know how long donations are being accepted), I’ll put it up this morning and do my own donation. Thanks so much! I think tax season addled my brain a bit.

  23. I ain’t afeard of snakes.

    In fact I’ve been called by other homeowners to catch the little terrorists for them. I catch by hand (yes, really) I then release them in my own backyard so they can police the grounds for rodents.

    Of course, there aren’t any poisonous snakes in Maine!

  24. Oh, I love lists…just ask my husband. I drive him crazy with my need for list making! :)

    Snakes don’t bother me. Neither do daddy blogs. I’ll go check out the one you mentioned.


  25. Ok, Boomama. The snake must be “taken care of” if you catch my drift. We can’t let the circle of life affect those little goslings!

    Also, I seriously think you made my husband’s year that you linked to him. Just remember everyone, behind every good daddy blog is a fabulous woman holding down the fort while daddy types! :)

  26. i can’t believe is missed the southern showdown! i had to go back and read the comments which were side-splittin’ funny. congrats clementine!

  27. I want to tell you, I have really enjoyed reading the Southern excuses!! You are so creative for even coming up with that.

    It’s been a nice break from the chaos called motherhood to sit down and read what has been entered!

    Lynn Wilson

  28. I am surprised the snake anouncement was not in ALL CAPS!! It SO deserved it! You tell P to get it out of there, right now! Try walking your dog at 2 a.m. without your glasses because you are tired and you are just going in your own backyard and there’s quite a rustling in the woods back there! We quickly moved back towards the house and I’ll wear my glasses next time!

  29. Beth in TX says:

    Snake – yuck but it could be a “good” snake as in eats rodents but then those just might eat goslings too. I just don’t know much about snakes except that copperheads usually have 5 to 7 babies. I learned this after killing a baby copperhead in my backyard one year and read up on the critters. I did go back into the yard to mow it every weekend but I was always armed as I was on the lookout for the missing siblings and mom & dad snake.

    As for you not going back into the yard, the only encouragement I can give you is that now you won’t step in goose poop because with the number you have around your house, one day you’re going to get it all over those cute shoes of yours. ;-)

    I would love to know how Jayme was able to weigh that bear. VBG

  30. A big ol’ shout out to Clementine for continuing to crack me up in the comments. Best Investments is clever stuff. OK I thought he was going to have some great stock tips…. Boomama as always I needed my fix and you did not disappoint.

  31. Yay! Clementine had the best comment in my opinion too.

    And you so need to remind yourself that snakes are just as afraid of you as you are of them. I would also remind Boo Daddy that it is the MAN’S JOB TO PROTECT THE FAMILY; THEREFORE HE NEEDS TO GET RID OF THE SNAKE FOR YOU. Just a suggestion…

    And I’m loving My Best Investment. That man is just funny.

  32. The sight of even one litle bitty snake would suck the joy out of my day so fast by the time my husband came home I would have convinced myself that we must move. Immediately. To my imaginary happy place where snakes don’t exist.
    I seriously can’t seem to ever get beyond things and would spend the rest of my days on the lookout for that darn snake! Wonder why my daughters are so dramatic…

  33. So I guess you would not want to visit my mountain cabin in the woods…woods crawling with snakes…and bears…and skunks…and… :)

  34. First time here. Too funny!

    Once, when I was around 10 years old, I found a black snake out by our barn. It was apparent by the humps in its body (do snakes have bodies?) that it had eaten my duck eggs. Taking matters into my own hands I grabbed a garden hoe and when to cutting the snake up….knowing that it eats eggs whole, I thought I could save the baby ducks….. Unfortunately, and OBVIOUSLY, I was wrong.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  35. Oh BooMama, I simply adore you. I do. My family is a military family, and this is our second time living in the great state of Georgia. Did I say great? Define great. Great as in, great amounts of humidity in the summer? Great as in, great amounts of pollen in the early spring? Ah yes. Anywhoo, I’ve gotten off topic. I just wanted to stop by and leave you a comment. I’ve heard your name all over the CWO webring blog-o-sphere. So, I went lookin for you, and here you are. I’m going to be coming back often because you make me giggle, snicker, and outright guffaw. I would have left this comment over at the BooMama explanation post, but you had closed the comments there. I will be adding you to my link list so I won’t have such a hard time finding you later. I’m also going to put up a post about prayers for Heather as well. Ta for now dahling!

  36. Hi! Thanks for the new blog recommendations! I will check it out! This is my first time commenting on your blog, but have been reading it for a while and I LOVE it!!! I am new to the world of blogging so I still have a lot to learn but your site makes me laugh every day!:)

  37. I have a friend back in South Africa, who grew up on a farm, and it gets HOT down there. One day, after the entire family had taken turns to go and sit in the bathroom reading the paper etc (I am being polite, as y’all are southern), they discovered a puffadder (a really poisonous big snake)curled around the toilet bowl, just under the rim, keeping cool. Enjoying the water flushing. IMy hair still stands on end at the thought.

    Snakes are BAD. Send Boodaddy out at once. It may have BIG parents. Or lots of babies. SAVE THE GOSLINGS!

  38. PS What is the total now?

  39. I love wii bowling :) I reached the pro level yesterday and now I got a ball with stars on it!!!

    I can get pretty excited over wii bowling as well :)

  40. You had Bossy at snake – had her shivering in her desk chair, that is – and now she can’t remember the other details of your post!

  41. A snake in your backyard! I actually pulled my feet up from under my desk when I read that- I’m such a girl!

  42. A snake? Move. Immediately.

  43. And take your goslings!