AI – Top 4

OH, how this stage in the AI game makes me jump for joy…everyone sings two songs and everybody’s really talented and the only thing that would make the prospect of tonight’s show any better is if I had a chocolate fountain on my coffee table and a very long straw with which to drink All The Chocolate Goodness.

(sidenote: I haven’t had refined sugar in about a month now. And you know all those people who say that if you give something up for 28 days you’ll eventually form new habits and not miss the old stuff? THEY’RE A BUNCH OF LIARS. So I’m a wee bit fixated on chocolate, and right now I’d like nothing more than a dark chocolate brownie with milk chocolate chunks and chocolate sauce on top, along with some Hershey’s Kisses. But other than that I’m not thinking about chocolate at all.)


Is there a TV show I’m supposed to be talking about or something?

I’ve lost all train of thought.

Melinda Doolittle

“Love You Inside And Out” – Of course she sounded great, and when she hit that bridge I knew she was in her element…that’s when she really made it her own. I don’t love this song by any stretch of the imagination, so while I can’t say it was one of my favorite Melinda performances, it was good.

“How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?” – Now y’all know that I love me some Melinda. But I was bored during this performance, honestly. And again, that’s not so much a reflection on her as it is on the song itself. I love what she did with the last third of the song, though…but on the whole, she’s way better than tonight’s performances indicate.

Blake Lewis

“You Should Be Dancing” – Honestly, the falsetto creeped me out a little bit (she says, ducking for cover). But I’m wondering if I’m going to love any of tonight’s performances because I’m not exactly sure that the Bee Gees’ songs stand the test of time in terms of entertainment value. I’m just sayin’. And as for Blake’s beat boxing, it was pretty cool for about two seconds, and then I just wanted him to stop it, already, because it’s getting a little old.

“This Is Where I Came In” – It was just aight for me, dawg. It sorta felt like a bad 80’s song – and the tempo was just weird. It wasn’t slow, it wasn’t fast – and I’m pretty sure that it lasted forever. But that’s okay, because it gave me more time to think about chocolate.

LaKisha Jones

“Stayin’ Alive” – I liked this version of the song – WHO KNEW it could be such a sassy anthem? That being said, I think the song got in the way of the performance for me. I almost feel like she didn’t have much to work with – and because of that, she should’ve picked a different song.

“Run To Me” – I thought it was great. You can tell that her voice is hurting, but this was way better than her first song.

Jordin Sparks

“To Love Somebody” – On a completely superficial note, I wish she hadn’t done the whole dress with jeans look (why? BECAUSE IT IS TIRED). But I’ll forgive her because THAT WAS GOOD, Y’ALL.

“A Woman In Love” – Aside from the fact that this song BORES ME TO TEARS (Not a Bee Gees fan. Can you tell?), she did a great job with a sappy ballad.

Who should go? – Blake. *ducking*

Best of the night? – Jordin.

And to the AI producers: please, for the love of all that’s good in the world, NO MORE BEE GEES THEME NIGHTS EVER AGAIN. Thank you and good night.

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  1. You better duck, Boomama, my Blake is not going home! ;0)
    I have to agree with you about the beat boxing though. Tonight just wasn’t very exciting.

  2. The beat boxing is tired. And the Bee Gees are just flat worn out. ” Jive Talking” doesn’t stand the test of time, in my opinion.

    Of course, “Tragedy” totally does and I don’t know why no one sang it.

  3. Keep ducking. Blake needs to stay, he is the unique one out of the four. I love Melinda’s voice, but like you I was bored with her performances tonight. Jordin was great. I’m hoping Lakisha goes.

    Ok, you can stop ducking now.

  4. I didn’t post on this tonight. I thought Blake sounded like the sound system kept cutting in and out. Not good.

    I love me some Bee Gee’s, but no one really did them justice tonight. I think they are all too young.

    Did I just type that?

  5. The guy who invented Barry Gibb Theme Night needs a serious talkin’ to.

  6. Martha says:

    Would all of you wonderful people who visit this site please pray for Chris & Lori Coble whose three little children were killed in a highway accident in California on Friday. Their website is at and you can click on Coble. My heart aches beyond words and I can’t help but cry as I think of Mother’s Day for this couple whose had a houseful of laughter and now have empty arms. Pray for them. Pray hard.

  7. I agree – no more Bee Gees ever ever again. I also commented on the dress and jeans and general wardrobe problems of the evening. I think Blake or LaKisha is gone tomorrow night but after the show, it was just too close to call. I’m leaning toward LaKisha now though because Blake has the female following and I’m not sure LaKisha can compete with that.

  8. Geeze, Boo, why you gotta be a Blake-hatuh?

    Alright, FINE! He was little weak tonight. I admit it. I need some chocolate, too.


  9. I’m with Mybestinvestments. We could have used Barry Gibb night when the one kid who COULD sing falsetto was still on.

    Tonight creeped me out.

  10. I’m the first in Mr. Linky! I think that’s a first!!! And I second your plea to the producers. Bee Gees. Aaaagghh!

  11. Ooops, lol! I knew it was too good to be true. I’m no where near first. Funny, it looked like it was for a moment, there.

  12. You. Are. Joking.

    We went from Bon Jovi to Bee Gee’s????

    Thank God Gilmore Girls was on. I would have thrown up. For an hour.

    At least GG has their final season finale Ev-AH (tears, rendering of clothing, knashing of teeth) next week, so I can still catch the final two of AI.

    A girl needs her priorities.

    *ducking and running*

  13. I missed AI tonight because I live in the 1980s and have no TiVo and my niece had a totally kickin’ band concert completely with “Hot Cross Buns” AND “Row Row Row Your Boat.” (Seriously? They’re 13. It can get challenging now.) Anywho, when my best friend called me on my way home and announced it was BeeGees night, I responded, “Again? Do they have some kind of long-term contract with Fox and 19 Entertainment?” Because isn’t there one of these nights EVERY YEAR? Enough, already!

  14. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    Is it my imagination, or has Melinda seriously lost some weight?

  15. You better duck!!!!! I thought it was great. I think it just targets the younger genre and he’s going for contemporary. Melinda has the fuddy duddy genre, Lakisha is all soulful, Jordin is pop…I think he’s refreshing…

    I think Lakisha should go!

  16. I felt sorry for the contestants, having to sing Bee Gees music! Barry Gibb has such a unique voice and most of his music is written to show off his own voice… I think Jordin was the best, I hope Melinda wins, I think Blake has the girl vote and will make it another week.

  17. I agree–hated BeeGee’s night. I agree the beat boxing thing is OLD and I’m SICK of his voice. I really like him at first, really I did, but not I’m over it. Jordin is definitely the winner in my book. I think LaKisha will be the loser this week.

  18. I like the BeeGees songs okay…when the BeeGees are the one’s singing them. I did graduate highschool and college in the 80’s so these songs bring back some memories.

    However, I do agree with the general opinions. I even wrote some of the EXACT same words in my post…scary people, really scary.

    And Miss Boomama, I have been deprived of chocolate for almost one whole year now…with me it’s a life and death issue, not weight-loss or anything…I am feeling your pain, but really, life is too short to live without chocolate unless you really can’t live WITH chocolate! Not that I’m trying to shatter your resolve or anything :)

  19. Maybe I am dating myself, but I love the Bee Gees. My friends and I used to pretend we were disco diva’s and dance our hearts off. However, I do agree it was a little boring tonight.

    I found Blake very annoying. Sorry. Please don’t hate me.

    I found the fact that Simon was continually annoyed about being cut of in mid sentence utterly hilarious. This was my kids favorite part.

  20. Oh no you di’int! Blake must stay and Lakisha needs to beat it. I couldn’t stand her version of “Stayin’ Alive, ” and “Run to Me” was “just a’ight.”

    Jordin was obviously the best tonight. Loved both of her songs. Her “Woman in Love” was better than Barbra’s.

    I thought Blake did a great job with “You Should Be Dancin'”. The beat boxing was kinda cool, and I am not a big beat box fan. I just think he knows where to add it in. I think he did good with the second song, but wish he’d picked something well known instead. The great thing about Blake is that he is an entertainment package: voice, arrangements, dance.

    Can’t say much about Melinda; as Paula said, she’s always got great vocals. It would be neat to see her surprise us with something in addition to the vocals. I’m with you on her songs, though. The first was the best and the second was ho-hum.

  21. I was not very impressed with the performances. And while I’m usually a huge Melinda fan, Jordin was the winner last night. On a different note, your comments are always right on and thoughtful. Just curious to know what your musical background is…
    Also, I invite you to visit my blog. My five year-old just participated in my studio’s voice and piano recital this past weekend. I thought you would really get a kick out of it. Please come on over for a visit! : )

  22. Their is just something about Melinda that I can’t put my finger on that I just don’t like. And Blake was awful

  23. Someone hit the snooze…er, I mean power…button. I’d rather be catching some zzzzz’s than watch that show again! Ugh!

  24. No, the Bee Gee’s just do not translate well on AI. I loved them back then though, yep I did. I love Melinda & Lakisha & really, really hope that Melinda wins. She’s got that something special, in my opinion. Not that anyone asked…just thought I’d throw that out there.

    Southern Hospitality

  25. Worst Idol show this season.

    BeeGees make me think of skating and the big glossy albums I had as a kid. They are nostalgic for me, but I didn’t enjoy the Fab4 singing the songs.

    I love Blake and I’m glad he stayed, but HATED his falsetto last night. It was just wrong. I didn’t enjoy the beat boxing either. It seemed he was trying way too hard to make it work.

    I’m sad that LaKisha had to go, but I’m so proud that she made it so far. She has awesome talent.

  26. Just got caught up and read this post. I felt Blake should have went home last night. I said last week, not too thrilled with him and found him even harder to watch this week. He’s next to go. I hope the final two are Jordin and Melinda and I hope Jordin wins. Melinda is great and will go on to do well for herself, but I love Jordin’s youth, energy and excitement. I just think the American Idol winner should be younger and not older like Taylor Hicks….hmmm Taylor Who???? Haven’t heard much from him since he won. (BTW, I’m older than Taylor, Melinda or any of them!)

  27. I can’t believe Lakisha has been let go. She’s got some pipes.