Monk & Neagle “Interview,” Part Two

(Because one post could not contain all the interview goodness.)


Also from Sara: What’s your favorite part of promoting a CD?

TM: It’s a whole new ballgame with a different label, a bigger label, but our hands-down favorite part is playing the shows. Absolutely. No matter what’s going on during the day, we can get in that box – it’s a safe place, a happy place, and we just have a ball.

from Amy: If you had to create a personal life soundtrack, what would be the first song by another artist on your CD?

TM: The Superman theme song – because that’s the first time that I was moved by music when I watched that movie. I remember listening to that song over and over and thinking, What is this? This feeling? I LIKE IT.

[lots of laughing]

MN: My two are so different. One of them would be “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2. And the other would be “Country Roads” by John Denver – my dad used to play it. My dad would pull his guitar out, and that was the only song he knew.

So what’s your favorite song right now?

TM: There are a couple of songs I love by an artist named Feist. I don’t even know the names – but it’s great. Good stuff.

MN: Mine has to be James Morrison. So good. He’s great. And Snow Patrol has been a band the last couple of years that I can just put on and listen to all the way through.

So if you could see anybody perform live, who would it be?

TM&MN: U2!

MN: I just really, really want to see them before they’re done. I feel this urgency all the sudden.

Well, he’s a superstar.

MN: I wanna see them really bad.

TM: We HAVE to see them.

from JP’s Mom: Can you tell us a little bit about your testimony?

MN: I grew up in church – and was 19 when I became a Christian. My youth pastor was really instrumental in my life. And it’s really been in the last three years a friend of mine from Alabama has taught me the true meaning of accountability; I’ve really been on quest [to go deeper in my faith], to seek God and love Jesus – learning how to walk out my faith.

TM: When I was a little kid my grandmother would read Bible verses to me and take me to camp meetings. I think I understood a little bit as a kid, but I went through a stage of rebellion. I really, really fell in love with the Lord after that time – shortly after my brief attempt at college. I got plugged in with my home church again, and I had a youth pastor who really poured into our lives.

Are y’all at the same church?

MN: We were then.

So is that how you started singing together?

TM: Yeah. There was a little college group, and we would learn a couple of worship songs. I played a little Casio keyboard – we were horrible.

MN: We would lead worship at women’s Bible studies until they just kicked us out.

from Holly: Were you Monk & Neagle right away? Or did you have some different names?

TM: Well, there was always something special when we would sing together. And when we were leading home group we would throw around band names.

MN: I remember In Bed By Eleven.

Good one.

TM: Another one was Propane-Powered Bottle Rockets.


Are you still completely blown away by the fact that you get to minister to people through music?

TM: Oh, everyday. It’s amazing. Part of the joy of doing this is – when we hear stories, man? We always have fun, but when we hear people tell stories about different songs, it just blows my mind that God would use us like this.

So when you were playing your little Casio keyboard, did you ever think you would get to go on the road for real?

MN: There’s a little pond south of Amarillo, and we used to go out there and call it Fishin’ And Dreamin’ – with more dreamin’ than fishin’. We’d talk about doing this someday, but I don’t know if we ever thought it would happen.

That was God putting that dream on your heart.

MN: We knew there was something special – we knew there was something there.

TM: We feel blessed.

Really, I’m just so happy for y’all. I feel like you’re my younger brothers who are making it big. What will you do Tuesday with the CD coming out?

MN: We have a show in Springfield, Missouri. We actually have a show in Amarillo on Wednesday, and that’ll be sort of a homecoming – and we’ll get to see our wives and have a week off before the Mercy Me tour.

Is it easier being on these big tours more than you did when it was just the two of you on the road?

TM: I like it better because you can really get into a rhythm and a routine when you’re on the road, and that’s really good for me. I’m not really so much for the details, so the routine of the road is good for me.

MN: When it’s just the two of us, I’m kind of the one who does [the detail stuff]. But I really like having someone to do that for us. It’s nice to just be able to get on the bus and let someone else handle the details.

Y’all, this has been so cool – thank you so much for doing this. I can’t even tell you how much fun this has been.

[and then there were big hugs all around]

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  1. Awesome!

  2. I loved the interview! I love hearing about their youth pastors influencing them and working in church. What REAL people! And fwiw, I think the “interview” was great!

  3. BOOMAMA! I went to high school with Michael Neagle! I totally just realized it! I kept reading your posts thinking, hmm. . .Machael Neagle, that name is familar. . .and then today when they mentioned their hometown in your “interview”, it hit me LIKE A TON OF BRICKS! I KNOW HIM! Well, kinda’. He’s a year younger than me, and I dated one of his aquaintences. But still!

  4. What a great interview! I’m so glad they’re doing so well.

  5. Loved reading the interview! You did great. Got my CD in the mail yesterday and love it!!! Thanks for telling us about them…!

  6. You rock. I love it!


  7. I want a big-boo-m&n podcast!

  8. So very cool…I’m lovin’ the CD! I will blog about it next week after this fun girl weekend (where I get to hear Nicole C. Mullen and Travis Cottrell! Also very cool!).

    You did a great job Sophie. I know how nervous you must have been…BTW I have been thinking about it…and I DO think you are quite the Writer and Journalist–no quotations are needed, Girl. You’ve got the gift of communicating and making folks laugh and cry and make their mouth water over a scrumption dish and just plain hear what you’re sayin’. It’s like a catharsis!

  9. scrumptious, I mean :)

  10. What fun! I loved reading the interviews and now I want to run out and get a CD! Darned budget!! Hmmmm…maybe Santa-Hubby will get it for me for Christmas.

    Thanks for your great blog! It’s so much fun to read!

  11. Darn! I live 30 miles from Springfield, Missouri…and I didn’t know they were there! I would have loved to have heard them play live. Hopefully they’ll be back sometime soon.

  12. What a great interview! I had to laugh at their wanting to see U2 and feeling a sense of urgency about it. That was how I felt when they were on their Elevation tour over six years ago. We had no money, but they were coming to my city and I made my husband (who’s not a U2 fan) stand in line. That was the tour that they did that stupid raffle thing, so even though he was right there when the tickets went on sale, I was still in the nosebleed section. Anyhoo, I was nine months pregnant when I went and I will NEVER regret doing it. BECAUSE I SAW U2! LIVE! BEFORE MY VERY EYES!

    So tell M&N that yes, they should make that a priority.

  13. Love the interviews and love the music even more. I got a free cd and have been listening to it since. LOVE IT. I think my favorite is “Stars Would Fall”

    Thanks BooMama!!

  14. I fully realize that this is in no way the point of the interview, but TM is TOTALLY RIGHT. I instruct you to immediately download the song “1234” by Feist. There is a choir wearing glittery armwarmers (I only know this because I saw it on Letterman – you can’t HEAR the armwarmers), a banjo, and some awesome lyrics. I am a victim and product of advertising, because I heard it on the latest iPod Nano commercial and IMMEDIATELY downloaded it. I’m weak.

  15. You’re right… it did seem like you were talking to family! I guess that’s one of the bonuses of us all being brothers and sisters in Christ.

    And the moment they both said “U2!”, I knew they were something special! I too would love to see them and I feel that that time is drawing short…

  16. Great interview! Now, I’ve got to go get that cd!

  17. Very cool interview. I talked to these guys as well at a show they did in Evansville:

    My wife and I are loving the new CD.