A Giveaway That’s Chock-Full-O-Sassy Goodness

A couple of years ago my sister-in-law Janie went out of town for a fun girls’ trip, and she packed all manner of cute earrings and bracelets and whatnot so that she would have lots of accessory options when she arrived at her destination.

As a chronic overpacker, I know a little bit about the need for many accessory options.

But what Janie wasn’t expecting was the fact that once she arrived at her hotel, her jewelry was a tangled mess. All of her longer earrings had gotten completely twisted and knotted during the flight, and she spent a solid hour trying to undo the damage.

So when she got back home a couple of days later, she sat down and decided she’d solve her jumbled jewelry problem.

For the last two years she has worked on a couple of different prototypes, and when she finally hit on the very best idea, she met with a patent attorney (OH YES MA’AM – SHE HAS PATENTED THIS PUPPY AND EVERYTHING), found a manufacturer, and started the distribution process.

And now she’s sharing her great new product – which has been selling like hotcakes at Christmas markets – with you.

Internets, meet The JJ.

(Here’s a secret – SHHHHH – “JJ” stands for “Janie’s Jewels.”)

(Isn’t that adorable?)

I know it’s hard to gauge the size, but The JJ is about the size of a long wallet – only a little bit bigger. It will fit in a make-up bag, a purse, or in the pocket of your suitcase.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that size-wise it’s terribly convenient.

This is what it looks like on the inside. What’s so brilliant is that Janie figured out a way to hang the earrings instead of trying to fit them in little tiny compartments, and do you SEE how much stuff fits in there? Do you SEE?

You could literally take 20 pairs of earrings on a 3-day trip.

Quite frankly I don’t know how much more a girl could ask for.

And then the center pocket? The place where you can put all your bracelets? It actually detaches from the JJ – which makes it way easier to pack your stuff and then unpack it when you get where you’re going.

I also love that The JJ can stand up on a dresser or a nightstand or a bathroom counter – because it’s just so much easier to see your jewelry options.

It’s very important to be able to see your jewelry options, girls.

If you look, there are also leather strips at the top where you can put your post earrings – the ones that might not need to hang but are so easy to lose.


Janie’s working on getting a website up and running, but since it’s not quite ready yet, she sent me pictures of all the JJ fabric patterns. And if you’d like to win one of the NINE JJ’s Janie is giving away, here’s what you do:

1) Click here to see all the fun fabric options for The JJ.
2) Come back to this page and leave a comment telling me which pattern is your favorite.

I’ll leave comments on this post open until Saturday, November 17 – and then I’ll draw for nine winners.

And if you’d like to order one (or two! or nine!) for Christmas gifts, I’ll post all of the how-to information then.

Hooray for The JJ!

Y’all have fun!

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  1. Misslisslee says:

    Funky floral all the way — and I think it would look great on your blog!


  2. Absolutely the pink and brown paisley. I travel every other month and have had necklaces that I have had to buy new chains for – they get so scrambled.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!! Really!


  3. That sweet little Adorable Pink and Brown Paisley is calling to me. What great a Christmas idea. The girls I travel and speak with just may be getting these for Christmas!!!

  4. Debbie McKay says:

    Love the black & white animal print and I think this is just the greatest idea. Janie is so sweet and I hope she does well.

  5. I love the brown and pink animal print. I can’t wait to find out how to order some of these!

  6. My favorite is the pink and brown paisley, although they’re all just adorable!

  7. What a great idea – please let us know how to order when the time comes!

  8. Funky floral…

  9. I crave “The Wave”.

  10. I’m all about that adorable pink and brown paisley JJ! How clever, yet, sassy….

  11. Goin’ for “The Wave.”

    So many choices! Fantastic idea! Thank you Janie–and BooMama!

  12. Polka dots for me, please!

  13. Pink and brown paisley – definitely my fave!

    What a great idea, btw.

    Lisa Kay

  14. I am going with the pink and brown paisley.

  15. Love the Funky Floral. I’d be interested in ordering, when you post the how-to info.

  16. As a current user, I’d like to sign up to be part of the infomercial, please. :)

  17. pink and brown paisley

  18. love the pink and brown paisley!!

  19. Oooh. I never travel with much jewelry because I HATE the hours you have to spend untangling necklaces from earring posts and pendants from bracelets. Instead my strategy is usually to come up with one jewelry “ensemble” that will get me through a weeekend away and it’s never good enough.
    Anyways, I would LOVE to get the funky floral. Good job, Janie! You are a mastermind!

  20. Wow – I love these! I have a few of those “other” jewelry bags and they don’t work worth a darn! I would love to win one of these – the funky floral and the polka dots are my favorite prints!

  21. FUNKY FLORAL for sure…really cute.

    Thank you,

  22. I think every piece of jewelry I own would fit in that thing and I would still have room left, but my sis-in-law would rise up and call me blessed if I gave her that for Christmas! I’m partial to the polka-dots!

  23. How could you go wrong with pink and brown animal print? Nature has nothing on the JJ. So cute!

  24. Oh! I LOVE the Polka Dots one!!! I think this is such a neat idea! :)

  25. I am like you and LOVE the polkadot one… it’s spunky, just what I need to see in the morning to wake up or to give me confidence before heading out for a night on the town :)

  26. I loooove the pink and brown patterns! Paisley? Animal print? Paisley?? Animal Print?? Paisley??? Animal Print??? My mind is a flutter with the possibilities!

  27. Love the funky floral!

  28. pink and brown animal print!

  29. pink and brown paisley is fabulous. love it, love it, love it. am having some serious jewelry tangling issues right now—this would be perfect!

  30. I love the Adorable Pink and Brown Paisley one…and the polk a dot!

  31. Ohmyword this is a much harder decision than it should be. If I was looking at it from my daughter’s eyes, which I am trying to do since she actually wears jewelry, I would pick the funky floral or the polka dots. I, however, love the adorable pink and brown paisley.

  32. The pink and brown paisley, please! Thank you BooMama and Janie! :)

  33. pink and brown animal print all the way – way too cute!!!!

  34. I love the polka dot one! This is great, need to keep it in mind for gifts!

  35. I love it! :) It was a hard decision, but I think I’ll have to say the ‘Adorable Pink and Brown Paisley.’

  36. Oooo…that pink and brown paisley is adorable! Your sister in law is a genius!!!

  37. Funky floral for sure! I just want to win so bad!

  38. Pink giraffe or funky floral – those are too cute!

  39. Love, love love the pink & brown paisley! What an awesome idea!

  40. I asked my 22 year old daughter and she prefers the pink and brown animal print. I am interested in ordering one or two of these darling purses of organizational goodness. Please do tell us how. Also tell us how we can not want to kill these people that have more creativness in their little toe than I ever will have in my entire size 12 (okay 14) body. I would just go on using a plastic baggie and thinking I am a brainiac.

  41. I love the adorable pink and brown paisley so much that I will order it if I don’t win it!

  42. My vote is the Adorable Pink & Brown Paisley.
    How do we order for Christmas gifts?
    Great idea!!!

  43. I LOVE the polka dots! As a new business owner myself, I would love to support hers! Post the website when she has it up!
    Mine is http://www.invitationsbylacey.com – out of Huntsville, Alabama!

  44. I’ll take Funky Floral, please!! Oh wait, I like Polka Dots, too.

  45. Rebecca Panyon says:

    I love the brown and pink paisly and brown and pink animal print…both are totally rockin. What a novel idea! This is my first comment on your blog…I read it daily and love it!

  46. Rebecca Panyon says:

    Love the pink and brown paisly and pink and brown animal print…both are totally rockin! What a novel idea. Love your blog, too…I read it daily, but this is my first comment.

  47. Lori Leigh says:

    Okay, so I’m lovin the pink and brown paisley!

  48. I love the adorable pink and brown paisley!

  49. One pink and brown animal print, please!

  50. I love the colorful squares!

  51. I absolutely love the POLKA DOTS!!! Sign me up!!!

  52. What a great creation!!! And the black & white animal print TOTALLY intrigues me, because the new costumes for my women’s chorus are ZEBRA PRINT!!! (You can see a picture of them on my blog post about Calgary!) And we have special jewelry we have to take on our trips for performances and such!!! This would be a god-send!!! Enter me PLEASE!!!

  53. The pink and brown paisley is very cute. :-)

  54. i’m a pink and brown animal girl myself but see several options for others as gifts. if i’m kind enough to think of others preferences, i mean.

  55. I love, love the pink & brown paisley!

  56. Mary ~ PeskyMom says:

    Oh, I gotta have the Funky Floral! It’s absolutely fabulous! :)

    And the Adorable Pink and Brown Paisley is definately for my dear friend Sarah!!!

    So, two votes… yes, two votes in one!

  57. Pink Giraffe…for sure girl! It is the cutest on the page.

  58. Adorable Pink and Brown Paisley is definatley the adorableist!

    Sign me up!

  59. Adorable Pink and Brown Paisley – Everything looks better in pink. “It’s my signature color” to quote an awesome chick flick.

  60. Today is my birthday, so maybe I’ll be extra lucky this time. I love the polka dot one like yours the very best. Give me dots on just about anything except capri pants, and I’m good. Here’s to a lucky birthday present for me : )

  61. I think I am the first one to pick “colorful squares”. What a great idea.

  62. ok, I love them all!!! esp the polka dots and square colors — and this is so totally a great thing for me — I always take lots of jewelry options on trips too

  63. pink & brown paisley! what a great gift this would make!!

  64. Hands down the pink and brown paisley one! Very adorable!

  65. Oh I love the pink and brown paisley.


  66. That is much classier than the sandwich bag I use while traveling. I’d pick the pink and brown paisley!!

  67. I’m lovin’ the funky flower print. This is a GREAT Christmas idea!!! I’m gonna order some.

  68. How fun – and, what great options! Pink and brown paisley is so stinkin’ cute. Sign me up!!

  69. Oooooh! The brown & pink paisley, for sure!!!

  70. Oh My. Stars! Definitely the pink & brown paisley. What a nifty idea!

  71. What a great idea!
    I loved the paisley and the brown and cream animal print.
    Thanks J and Boo!

  72. I love the pink & brown paisley!

  73. Love the funky floral!! Please oh please don’t forget to post how to order them later!!

  74. Sophie and Sam's Momma says:

    Funky Floral has my name all over it!
    So, so cute!

  75. I love the pink and brown paisley…then again, they’re all too fun!

  76. Pink and brown paisley is paisley perfection.

    And the Funky Floral is a close second.

    Fabulous idea and way to go for her patenting the thing!


  77. Boomama, I love the wave!

  78. I loved the pink and brown animal print. LOVE this idea!

  79. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Oh my word! These are amazingly cute! Gotta say the pink and brown paisley is my fav….but the polka dots and the funky flowers run a close 2nd/3rd! Love them!!!

  80. Funky Floral! Great idea!

  81. The pink and brown paisley is so wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity!!
    Have a great day.

  82. Love the brown and creme animal print!

  83. Well,now you girls really must tote some jewlery around with you on trips! That is about the cutest jewelry bag I’ve ever seen & I do covet the black/white animal print if I was to be so lucky to win one. That thing will hold more than enough jewelry for months away from home!

    Cute, cute!


  84. Funky floral rocks!

  85. Maybe the miraculous number generator will pick me again-what are the odds? And I’m not going to give this puppy away (although it brought much joy to my heart to be able to give away vicariously the Waller CD!) So, I’m thinkin’ that stinkin’ “Adorable Pink and Brown Paisley” will suit me just fine, thankyouverymuch! :)

  86. Pink and Brown Paisley, unless she’s got something that’s got blues or turquoises. Not that I wouldn’t be absolutely grateful and all over myself for getting such a cool thing in any pattern.

    Cool idea, and thank you for promoting it so we all have a chance to have one!


  87. The colorful squares print is my favorite.

  88. LOVE the pink and brown paisley- TOO CUTE!!

  89. What a great idea! I have a business trip coming up in Feb. and this would be perfect. Love the pink and brown paisley.

  90. I love the pink and brown paisley. What a great idea and what a smart girl to get a patent.

  91. Polka dots or pink and brown paisley are my favorites. Of course, I’d probably buy one even if it only came in a hideous color, just because of the actual USEFULNESS of the product! Tell Janie we say thanks!!!

  92. Brown and creme animal all the way…

    Just got back from a va-cay yesterday and my earlobe cannot hold the mangled mess that is now my jewelry.

  93. I love the waves…what a clever girl!

  94. Genius!

    I love the pink and brown paisley. This is an excellent gift idea, too!

  95. I like the pink paisley. And I know it would be almost criminal to win two drawings in a row, but these are cute enough that I’m willing to take the chance!

  96. Funky, funky floral! Fantabulous idea. Love it.

  97. Redheadcsm says:

    What a genius Miss Janie is! !I mean honestly, how brilliant and upstarty of her to go and make this cute little thing to share with all the rest of us who have the very same problem! Too cool!

    I just can’t se myself not packing the browna nd pink paisely the next time I travel off somewhere, whether I win one or not! Can’t wait for the ordering info!


  98. Adorable Pink and Brown Paisley is my favorite. What a great idea!!

  99. I’m gonna have to go with the Funky Floral as my favorite, but they are all Sasstastic! What an awesome idea! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  100. The Pink and Brown Paisley – all the way! Man I hope I win this – it would change my life!