Kicking Off Year Number Three By Boring You To Tears!

So? Did you see what I did for the last four or five days? Did you see?

I totally took a blogging break. I did.

Well, I mean, I posted the thing about what we ate for Thanksgiving. And I posted a little bit after the State / Ole Miss game. But those posts took all of five minutes and primarily served to unload my brain just enough so that it wouldn’t explode from all the information I wasn’t blogging about.

And the two year post? I wrote it on the way to Mississippi last Wednesday. And set it to auto-post. Because I’m a planner, y’all.

Now I’m not saying that I took a computer break, mind you, because I don’t think I’ve ever read more sports-related news than I did this past weekend. Sister and I fixed ourselves some coffee Saturday morning, claimed a spot on our respective couches at our parents’ house, and pretty much spent the next five hours reading every possible tidbit about the State / Ole Miss game, about Ole Miss firing their football coach and about MSU’s upcoming bowl bid.

Meanwhile Alex was running around setting small fires or something. I’m not really sure. I just kept pouring him Coke and encouraging him to go outside.

(OH, I’m kidding. Daddy cheerfully supervised the four year-old, and really, it seemed pretty fitting since Daddy is the one responsible for my obsession with All Things MSU anyway. He’s the one who bought season tickets all those years. And who took me to all those football games. And who helped me drag two extra TV’s into our living room every single New Year’s Day so that we could WATCH ALL THE BOWL GAMES AT ONCE.)

(I get it honest, people.)

So I had a lovely blogging break. And now I’m back! To bore you! With all manner of mindnumbing holiday details!

I can’t even imagine the excitement you must be feeling.

Initially I thought I would post pictures of our Thanksgiving feast, but I’ve decided against that because oooh, EEWWWW, food, EEWWWW. I seriously think I just want to eat soup and cereal until Christmastime. Maybe some dry toast every once in awhile to liven things up. But I do not want a casserole for a very long time. Or at least until Thursday.

All righty.

We spent Thanksgiving at Mama and Daddy’s, and the plan was that the day after Thanksgiving D and Sister’s hubby would drive back to our house for a college football / Xbox 360 marathon while Sister and I went to the State / Ole Miss game and then returned to our parents’ house for the rest of the weekend. We all felt this was a beautiful plan, one that enabled Sister and me to attend State’s biggest football game of the year while simultaneously enabling our husbands to stage lengthy military campaigns against your various and sundry rogue alien armies. There’s no question that the plan was a win-win.

So that is why I am conveniently leaving out the part about how I almost foiled the plan completely by accidentally taking our house keys with me to the game in Starkville, and how D called me from Mama and Daddy’s and said, hey, you have the house keys, how are B. and I supposed to get in our house when we get back to Alabama, and how I then gently suggested that they make an hour-out-of-the-way detour to pick up the keys from us in Starkville, and how first thing tomorrow I will be presenting my friend Leigh with a spare set of house keys so that hopefully a game-day detour through Starkville will never again be required in order for my husband to gain entry into our home.

Good times.

But you’ll be delighted to know that in the end we worked out the details of the house key transfer, all siblings and in-laws arrived safely at their respective locations, and here is your obligatory Look! We’re taking our own picture! pre-game shot of Sister, me, and another woman whose name I do not know because, well, she is a complete and total stranger.

By the way, we must never, ever speak of what’s going on with my hair in this photo. Because I left my conditioner at my house and Mama doesn’t use conditioner so that morning in the shower I thought, OH, WHO NEEDS CONDITIONER, I’ll just skip it today, but when I saw the end hair result I learned a valuable lesson because GUESS WHAT? DO YOU KNOW WHO NEEDS CONDITIONER? I DO.

But let me tell you: if I could write some sort of epic poem to that scarf you see around my neck, I absolutely would. At one point during the third quarter of the game I wrapped the scarf around my head in the tradition of a medieval tourniquet in a desperate attempt to stave off the cold, and there’s really no doubt in my mind that without my fancy $6.32 Walmart scarf I probably would have suffered from horrible frostbite or at the very least some severe windburn.

Frostbite and severe windburn are incredibly common in Mississippi, you know.

The football game was utterly uneventful for the Bulldogs until the fourth quarter, but once that fourth quarter rolled around? WHOA, NELLIE. We scored seventeen points to come from behind and defeat our arch-rival Ole Miss, and this is the part where I’m not going to say what I really want to say because I have family members and close friends who are loyal Rebel fans, and they have been very gracious and even congratulatory about the outcome of Friday’s game, so perhaps the following pictures will say all the things that I cannot.

This is the scoreboard. The scoreboard that shows how we won and they lost.

I’m just sayin’.

And this is our coach carrying a gigantic MSU flag. Which of course he had every reason in the world to do because we won and they lost.

I’m just sayin’.

And this is the Rebel equipment truck, aka The Rebel Express, leaving town amid a chorus of clanging cowbells, cowbells that we were ringing because, well, we won and they lost.



I’m just sayin’.

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  1. That scarf is stinkin’ cute but what really impresses me is you and Sister are both wearing lipstick. I swear, you southern women are something else! Great photo!

  2. HA! And here I thought I was the only person in the world who actually said, “WHOA, NELLIE!”

  3. First of all, let me say that I now hear your voice when I read your blog. That would be because I listened to the BigBoo Podcasts the 11-hour drive to Colorado last Tuesday and again today, as we retraced that same 11-hour drive home. Charming, indeed.

    Second, I realize that the podcasts are yesterday’s news, but they are FRESH to me. FRESH, I say. And I have questions. Oh, so very many questions. However, in an effort to refrain from living in the past (and in deference to your disdain for All Things Historical), I will keep my questions to myself. But, if you should find yourself with a preponderance of answers, just rattle my cage because the questions? I’ve got ’em.

    Third, and this one is actually relevant to your post, I am in a bit of a stupor, as my two favorite college teams played in major “rivalry” games today. My beloved OU Sooners prevailed over the OSU Cowboys. YAY! But those rascally Tigers/War Eagles (what kind of school can’t just choose one mascot), who scored the same number of points (17) as the Cowboys, squashed my Crimson Tide. The sadness. It is so sad.

    And lastly (leastly too, I’m sure), having had the pleasure of your and Big Mama’s podcasting company for so much of our little jaunt across the country, y’all have me thinking I need to do a podcast. Which begs the question, “If a defunct blogger produces a podcast that no one listens to, does it make a sound?”


    totally diggin’ the scarf, gurl!

  5. Hark! Was that a small nuclear mushroom cloud I just detected in the region of Memphis, TN whereabouts a certain sibling of yours resides?

    I’m just sayin. ;-)

  6. You and your sister look like sisters! And beautiful! And yes, we Southern girls need our lipstick! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

    I loved reading Clemntine’s comment above. . .I miss her blog *sigh*

    ~Laurie in TN

  7. So just to be clear State WON and they LOST! Another victim of the Croom.

  8. Well, you certainly made up for lost time!

    Uh…go Frogs?

  9. BooMama – I decided that maybe I was taking football too seriously when it was Tuesday, and I had no idea what I was taking to Thanksgiving dinner, yet my tailgate food was completly planned out! And in case you haven’t heard………. AUBURN WON AGAIN!! Yes mam – this is the sixth year in a row that we’ve beaten Alabama. Good times!

  10. I wouldn’t have posted anything, but I had join in with Jennifer and say Boomer Sooner! Don’t ya just love college football?

  11. Just wanted to let you know that I watched your beloved State win that game with you in mind. My sister and I also discussed how you would likely write a blog or ten about how great the game was with pictures to prove it. Congratulations on the win, by the way, and to all Auburn fans, and all @#$% Clemson fans.

  12. You think that’s needing conditioner? Fine. Bossy will see your need for conditioner and raise you one Finishing Rinse.

  13. auto-post.

    ::gasp:: I quit reading after that phrase!!! There IS such a thing??? REALLY???

    I must go do some searching!!! Oh my heavens… it’s just what I need!! Absolutely — I’m come back to finish reading in a bit. Ü

  14. Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel. :o)

  15. Oh — I found what I was looking for. You CAN’T pre-post… I love to write my blogs on Saturday, then post them each morning… but I’d love to pre-program them to post each morning!!! Oh well… I’ll keep wishing!!

    So now I know — you blogged from a different location… you didn’t auto-post from earlier in the week. ::sigh:: Oh well… got all excited for nutin!

  16. You guys are so cute, even WITHOUT conditioner! :-) Glad you had a good time and had a little bloggin’ break, and glad you are back! :-D

  17. Nobody asked about the Sooners! Here I am, quietly reading ALABAMA type posts and people keep throwing out Sooner stats? What’s with that??? Now I’ll have to go lick my orange wounds.

  18. I like you, Boomama, and I completely understand the grammatical quirks because I currently reside in LA myself. (It makes me glad that I homeschool so that I have more control over the “quirks” I wish to pass on. hahaha)

    I’m relatively new to blogging myself and just discovered you. I’ll definitely be back.


  19. So, who actually WON the game? lol.

  20. Good for you, takin’ a break! You deserve it!

    And Oh I am SO with you on the food thing…I think my ENTIERE body is swollen from all the salt and sugar I’ve consumed…Swollen mind you, it couldn’t possibly be that I gained any weight.

    The scarf looks lovely, I need a new one, they tend to hide double chins nicely, not that I have one.

    And lastly, Your hair looks FINE! Stop being so hard on yourself.


  21. So, I just stumbled on your blog, b/c I googled brown and pink toile patchwork purses and apparently you had blogged them! Anyway, just wanted to say, “WHOO HOO! How ’bout them BULLDOGS!!!!!!!!! Let’s go bowlin’!”

  22. I see Bossy’s finishing rinse and raise you BOTH one John Frieda’s Extra-Strength Formula Hair Serum for coarse/extremely frizzy hair that … smells so good you could rub it all over your arms and legs, too … umm, I mean, works really good!

  23. 17 – 14.

    I’m just sayin’.


  24. Easy does it!
    I’m just sayin’ too…it “coulda” umm “shoulda”….well…it wasn’t but EASY ON US!!
    ;-) OR :-P
    Good season for the Dawgs!! You done good! ;-)

  25. I was trying to resist joining in on this football talk – – – but I can resist no longer!!!

    I L-O-V-E College football. I’ll watch any game that’s exciting. I’ll say this for you SEC folk – – – you DO put on some EXCITING football games.

    I TEND to pull for the underdog – – – so, being part of the Big Ten myself, and since our season ended last weekend, and not really having a steak in any of those great Southern FB games – – – I was cheering like mad for Arkansas to knock LSU off the top of the pile. (Wow – – – did Darren McFadden have a GAME or what!?!)

    I was torn between Auburn and Bama – – – – but I was happy for Auburn when they won, and just chuckled and chuckled AGAIN that my BADGERS (I’m originally from WI you see) beat them in the bowl game two years ago, AND also beat Arkansas in last year’s bowl game. I was also glad to see Missouri knock off Kansas – – – -not much of a Kansas fan.

    We went to SWU, just 4 miles down the road from Clemson – – – so I was happy to see Clemson whup the Gamecocks.

    What about the Tennesses/Kentucky game – – – now that there was EXCITIN’ football!!!

    And bless pour old Notre Dame’s heart – – -they FINALLY began winning right here at the end of the season. They better get their act together if they ever want to be known as a football power again instead of a football joke.

    Yep – – – I watched all these and more from the comfort of my own family room.

    Sad days – – – – college FB is almost over – – – how will I manage to SURVIVE until the bowl games?!?

  26. I’ve just recently tuned in (my niece’s suggestion) and I love the fact that we are talking football.

    My mama is from Starkville and I have many relatives in MS from West Point to Star. Go Dawgs!!

    I live in Texas and am a die-hard Texas Tech fan that was thrilled to upset OU,,,sorry sooners.

    I agree with whom ever said that there is no such thing as a bad southern accent.

    Love your blog. I’ll be back often ;)

  27. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so jealous that you got to be at the game! I was driving to the airport to pick up my husband when we tied the game up, and I’m so thankful I didn’t have a wreck. I really shouldn’t listen to MSU football while driving. :)
    Thanks for a great post!!!

  28. Well, I’m an Auburn fan…War Eagle! And I can’t believe an Alabama fan would make a comment about Auburn’s two mascots. Let’s talk about Alabama — they’ve got Roll Tide and Crimson Tide and the elephant. HMMM! I live overseas, and because I could not watch and/or hear the Auburn/Alabama game on tv or radio because I was a church (I’m fifteen hours ahead of central time zone), I decided to do the next best thing. I watched a video tape a friend sent to me of the Auburn/Florida game earlier in this year. Hey, it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so I put on my orange Auburn hoodie because it was cold and settled into my bean bag here on the other side of the ocean in South Korea and watched Auburn beat Florida. Who cares if the game is months old…it’s American football. My one game to watch this year. War Eagle!

  29. Ok..first of all Boomama…you will NEVER bore me to tears. I’m so glad I have been a reader now for several months! I don’t miss a day. Secondly…you look awesome in the pix…the conditioner thing made me laugh…my momma never has conditioner at her house and it drives me NUTS…when will I learn??? Thirdly, I hear that the Arkansas coach resigned and may go to Ole Miss. That makes me sick. I’m not sure why but it does! :)

  30. glad somebody had a good weekend ;)

  31. me too!! It was so dark here, and rainy, and awfully cold…hey I did manage to WATCH a hawgs game!! It was an awesome game too! My dh was having a good time hearing me shout at “our boys” to run, tackle, etc…

  32. That picture of you and sister is CU-Ute. That photography class is definitely payin’ off.

  33. It is so cool to findsomeone as interested in college football as I am. (OHIO STATE) I was visiting in Tupelo over the weekend and watched my first Egg Bowl.How exciting! Our son-in-law is a MSU alumni. It was a great game, glad you got to go!

  34. All I have to say is at least the lipstick error from the previous game has been corrected :) You see, that is all the commentary I can give since I have a learning disability when it comes to football (despite my son playing and it on 24/7).

  35. I don’t understand people who don’t use conditioner. Seriously…where do they come from?