American Idol, Top 4

Okay, y’all – I’m a little unprepared for the Idol tonight because I’ve been very busy watching the 100th episode of Dancing With The Stars, so I’m just going to jump feet first into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show and see how it goes.

I hope I don’t get some form of reality show whiplash.

That would be terrible.

David Cook – “Hungry Like The Wolf” – Aside from the fact that I’d like to openly discourage David Cook from wearing a v-neck t-shirt with lots of necklaces (it disturbs me on levels I can’t even begin to articulate), I was kind of excited to hear that he was singing this song, which takes me RIGHT BACK, OH YES IT DOES. However, it seemed like he was too loud – I could barely hear the band – and while that certainly wasn’t his fault, the fact that I couldn’t hear the music took away from the performance from me. Not his best.

“Baba O’Riley” – It seems to me that David C. is at his best when he gets to do songs that have a certain element of angst to them. So in that sense this song was right up his alley. But I don’t think vocally he was as strong as he has been in weeks past – and again, the cadence of this song was so odd that it was difficult for the audience to know how to respond.

Syesha Mercado – “Proud Mary” – NOW HOLD ON – CAREFUL ABOUT TREADING INTO TINA TERRITORY. And all kidding aside, I just thought this was a’ight, mainly because I felt like she was screaming a whole lot. There’s absolutely no way to surpass Tina Turner’s version of this song, and because of that this felt like an impersonation, not an original performance.

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – I thought Syesha looked absolutely beautiful and sounded great. I thought Randy was a little hard on her – and I actually thought it was smart of her to sing a song that’s not typically sung by female performers. So I say well done.

Jason Castro – “I Shot The Sheriff” – I loved hearing Jason with the horns behind him – that was sort of a fun, funky change of pace. But I think this is a hard song for a crowd (and a performer) to handle. There’s no way to really clap or sing along – and because the audience didn’t really know what to do, the whole thing felt disjointed.

“Mr. Tambourine Man” – Okay. I’m sort of thinking that Jason may be ready to go home. And when you combine his song choices with the fact that he forgot the lyrics, I think going home this week may be a pretty attainable goal. I really do love this guy, but it just seems like he’s over it. Did anyone else feel this way?

David Archuleta – “Stand By Me” – Okay. Contrast this song to Jason’s first song. Note the audience’s response. It’s a night and day difference. Anyway, I have contended for a few weeks that David A. doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself, but there was a little more life in him tonight. And he sounded great singing this song, even if he oversings a little bit for my personal taste.

“Love Me Tender” – Does anyone think that David is playing to his teenage audience just a smidge? This was definitely an interesting arrangement, and he sang it well…very nice job with a more understated performance. But even still – and I can’t really explain it – I just wasn’t feelin’ it, dawg. I wanted to triple love it forever and always, but I didn’t. And for some reason I feel like I should apologize for that, thought I have NO IDEA WHY.

Should go: Jason

Will go: Jason

Best of the night: David A.

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  1. HI Boo, I’m totally with you. I think Jason has been ready to go home for a couple of weeks. We were really proud for Syesha tonight. We enjoyed her the most tonight but think David C is best overall.

    I hope your whiplash is better in the morning…heehee..


  2. Wasn’t “Dancing with the Stars” wonderful!? I enjoyed it so much more than “American Idol” tonight. And I agree with you on both accounts: Jason seems more than ready to go home, and David A. definitely knows his audience. I would even go so far as to specifically say that he knows the songs that will make teenage girls swoon.

  3. yeah, jason’s a goner. And I’ve been watching Dancing too. I’m glad Mario was the one to go. He’s kinda creepy to me. Maybe because he always looks like he’s going to jump Karina.

  4. I’ve been saying since Day One that David A. will win the whole thing. I personally don’t love his voice, but he’s got that young, moldable talent that voters go for.
    How is Sayesha in the final four? I just don’t get how she lasted longer than Brooke White.
    And Jason, God bless him, is so girly.
    David Cook’s voice is raspily soothing. He was actually my favorite tonight.

  5. Maybe your man should try the open shirt/necklace look; it might grow on you. Thanks for hosting the Idol party every week.

  6. I’m with you on Jason. And it makes me kinda sad, but it’s time. I wrote a separate post about him…he would have done a concert at Aggieland if he’d made the top 3, but I’d be surprised to see him pull through after tonight.

  7. Not a great night for anyone except David A. Dancing with the Stars was much better tonight.

    I hope they bring their A GAME next week.

  8. I too happened to use the word “angst” in my David C. review.
    It comforting (to me at least) to know that i can effortlessly be so like you.

  9. David Cook seemed a bit uncertain out there tonight…and it came across in his music. I really didn’t dig either song.

    Syesha? Well I did not like her first song at all. She came across as an over the top performer in the wrong kinda place. But the second song was absolutely beautiful–soulful, heartfelt and lovely. It touched me. Even her dress was stunning in this second performance.

    Jason–first of all, my Aggie brother, please watch your singular and plural while talking–it gives A&M a bad name for you to misuse the English language. Jason came across as a bit cocky tonight with the judges, which gave me a bad feeling. And I didn’t feel either song. My Chris was cringing with Simon over “I shot the Sheriff.” I wish him the best, as he goes on his way.

    David has the most wonderful tone in his voice–melodic and velvety. It’s still a young voice, so I see that this one is truly headed for a career in singing. His humility also speaks well of him. I enjoyed both songs immensely, but especially, “Love Me Tender.”

  10. I agree with you on David A. He does seem to be singing to the younger ones. And poor Jason, he is heading home, I’m afraid. It was a very weird night to me.

  11. Mrs. Forgetful is having to judge totally by the recap. I CANNOT believe I didnt realize what time it was. And, no I dont have Tivo or Dvr. Ugh. But, from the recap I suspect you are correct in your every opinion. (Duh huh? lol)

  12. Yea, see, you guys lose me with the A.I. stuff, but I could so write post after post about Dancing. I haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet, but I watched the end to see who got booted. I’m surprised Marissa didn’t go, but I don’t mind. I prefer her to Mario.

  13. Yeah, Jason acts like he doesn’t even care. It’s weird. I didn’t quite get David A’s performance either. I wish I’d seen David Cook. Oh well…

  14. Totally hear you on the Jason wanting to go home issue. I felt that all the way in Oklahoma.

  15. I’m sad to say it, but yes, Jason should and most likely will go home tomorrow. He’s a doll and I personally love him, but tonight he just did not have it goin’ on. At.All.

    I thought David A. was incredible tonight! I think it will be him and David C. in the finale.

  16. Pack your bags Jason!

  17. We agree on most everything. I’ll be sad to see Jason go, though. And even thought I thought Archie was the best of the night, I’m still not on the bandwagon.

  18. Oh, lawd if there’s any justice left in the world, Jason Castro will go. And take his…well, rhymes with “shoobie” with him. ;) Is it just me, or does he channel that type of visage?

    Agree completely with all your remarks. I feel like we’re the same person, you and me. Except that we’re not. But if we were, just think how much work and/or diet coke drinking we’d accomplish. Okay…time for me to go. Really.

  19. I’m going to be in the minority by saying that I still think Jason may get another week. I just don’t think Syesha has the votes. I agreed with most of your recap. Thanks for hosting!

  20. I think I was most surprised by Syesha tonight. I agree about Jason going home.

    I can’t believe I missed the Dancing With the Stars 100th episode.

  21. Aside from specifically asking the American people not to vote for him so that he can go home now; there was not much else that Jason Castro could do to be any worse than he was tonight. Bless his heart, I think he’s just plain old tired of it all. However, I fear that he might stay around b/c of the popularity.

    David A has an amazing voice, but he sounds the same to me all of the time.

    I’m a David Cook fan, personally…I love the raspy voice.

  22. Agree…Jason needs to go. David A. was the best last night.

  23. Hey Boo,

    Even though Jason probably should go, there is a city in Texas that has a (MOST LIKELY COUNTYWIDE BY NOW) party each week hosted by the Mayor and they said on local news was their job was to vote him into the finals. He might not make it, but I know he gets by with a hole village of friends. LOL! I truthfully think this is why he stays alive each week. It was on local news here a few weeks ago.


  24. An afterthought: Someone should have sung Elvis’, “In the Ghetto.” That would have been a good song choice.

  25. Leslie says:

    I wasn’t crazy about David C. tonight. He did well, it just wasn’t his best.

    I think Jason is sabotaging himself. How could he forget the words to Mr. Tambourine Man? I think he knows that no matter what happens, the entire state of Texas will vote for him. He’s probably safe.

    I think Syesha should go. Not that Jason shouldn’t go. They both should go. Is there a double elimination this week? There should be. Listen, dawg. The screeching Proud Mary and the ruination of a Sam Cooke song ought to send her packing. I know you disagreed about her second performance, but Randy was so right about that one! Is it possible to improve upon a Sam Cooke number? I don’t think so.

    David A. — I am not a fan. Never have been. However, his version of Love Me Tender (a song a loathe) was fabulous. A singer I don’t appreciate (David A.) and a song I cringe to hear combined to make some magic for me. Call me crazy, but I really liked it.

    I am just dumbfounded that out of the entire Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, those are the eight songs that were chosen. Whatever, y’all.

  26. Imagine my surprise after Jason’s performance my manly husband comments, “His eyes are kinda dreamy.” I asked if he’d like me to fetch him a silk robe and a Starbucks.

    He said no.

  27. David C. is our favorite hands down. But David A. blew him out of the water tonight. And yes, he definitely knows how his voting pool is and is targeting them in a big way. Can’t really blame him for that though.

    I do hope David C. wins the whole shebang but either way I am sure we will see plenty from him in the future.

  28. I would kill for Syesha’s perky boobs in that 2nd dress she wore. When I expressed this, Porter said, “Did you know you can get surgery to have those put in?”

    What are they teaching our third-graders?

    Obviously, I thought the flesh was better than the music tonight, even though I crave David Cook (and his necklaces).

  29. Last night certainly was lacking for our Idol 4. I wasn’t that impressed with anyone. I think Little David did well, but his voice and type of singing does not appeal to me. So, I think the Texting Tweens will take him to the final.

    Good bye Jason “Dred” Castro!

  30. David Cook’s version of Hungry Like the Wolf was mediocre – pretty much just an ‘ok’ for me… I liked the song when I was in the 8th grade but then after Dianne Down’s murdered her kids with that song playing in the background on a tape cassette, well… let’s just say it made the song not so likable after that, understandable. Ramble, ramble. Sorry! David’s next song was a good song for him… showed his rock-n-roll ability. I like David Cook’s voice. He’s always been one of my favorites.

    Syesha… both songs were great. I liked both of her performances.

    Jason… Uhhhhh… no big secret. I don’t like his style, nor do I think he’ll be around after tonight. I’ve said this for the past couple of weeks but man alive, after last night, he best be packing his bags like Simon said. The kid is just not with the program. Yuckarama.

    David Archaleta – My favorite. Stand by Me. Loved his performance. His voice just makes me melt. I love hearing this boy sing. I look forward to hearing him every week. His second performance “Love Me Tender” was soft and beautiful. He closed his eyes a wee bit, but that didn’t matter because he hit the notes and he sings like an angel.

    My daughters and I are counting the days till we get to see him in Murray next Friday! Yay! He’s coming home to see his fans. We cannot wait!

    BYE Jason. It’s a bit late but the time has come. Dreaded locks and all!

  31. You never know what surprises may come! Likeability goes a long way, and two of those finalists are not very likeable.

  32. Emma Kate says:

    David A — to hear someone else other than Elvis himself sing “Love me Tender” was just downright painful — granted, he did a lovely job, but– that’s messing with the King people

  33. I like Jason too but I agree I think he is over it!
    His first song made me whince – it was as you said disjointed!
    I am ready for the whole thing to be over just pick b/w David A and David C already!!

  34. Oh, BooMama, I’m so relieved that Jason’s going home. I’m actually happy for HIM, because I think he’s relieved, too. Also I sincerely hope your dishwasher does not leap into flames. At all. And that your dead fish smell goes away quickly. I’m thinking lots and lots of pizza is the way to go for you all.

  35. I definitely think Jason was ready to go home. My family and I had been talking all week about how is performances never seem as polished or put-together as everyone else’s, and we kind of attributed it to the fact that he may need to practice more. Maybe he’s just a laid-back guy and all…but seriously, dude. PRACTICE your songs. Forgetting the words to “Mr. Tambourine Man” might have something to do with this (seriously…if you’re going to sing Dylan or The Beatles like David A…you’ve GOT to remember the words!)

    Also, when they were all singing their group song last night (which was awful in a million ways, I thought)…Jason seemed totally out of it. I think I might have even caught some eye-rolling.

    He might be headed toward a successful career anyway…but it was time for him to leave Idol, definitely.

    (Ahh…super long comment. SORRY!)

  36. Rebecca says:

    I had to come leave a comment to let you know that I was at Syesha’s hometown visit this afternoon. It was awesome. She was amazing and is full of personality and life. Syesha is beautiful and the girl can sing! I was a fan before but after seeing her in real life, I have to comment to push for her. I guarantee neither of the Davids can work a crowd like she can. So if you have a finger that can dial… vote Syesha, please!