American Idol – Finals

Aside from the fact that the whole championship angle is kind of silly (it’s a singing competition, and we don’t have to couch it as some sort of prizefight, m’kay, nice Fox people?), I am curious to see what the guys are going to sing tonight.

And I’m also crossing my fingers that no one has to sing a ballad about soaring on angels’ wings to the mountaintop of love so that you can find the heart of who you are in your crystal-clear reflection and seize your dreams while reaching for the stars.

Or something like that.

David Cook – “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – You would have to pay me large sums of cash money to convince me to tackle a song that’s even remotely connected to Bono. Because not only do you have to bring the voice, you have to bring major quantities of cool. I think David Cook brought plenty of the former but not so much of the latter. It was a little overdone for my taste…but I still think he’s just great.

“Dream Big” – The arrangement of this song seemed totally in his comfort zone. And while the lyrics were a little on the cheesy side, he sounded great. It wasn’t necessarily a memorable performance, but it was a really good one.

“The World I Know” – In my opinion, this is the kind of song that needs to go on his CD. Great song, great vocals – but maybe not the best choice for his final performance on the Idol stage because it’s got a little bit of a dark sound to it. Then again, maybe it was a stroke of brilliance – because it made me pick up the phone and vote so that the grown-ups might just have a say in the outcome of this deal.

And I’ve now voted three four times. And counting.

David Archuleta – “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” – This is one of my favorite songs in the whole wide world. And the first thing I noticed is that David A. seemed to be making a concerted effort to make eye contact, which did wonders for his performance, NO KIDDING. And I have to say that this was one of the few instances this season where I felt like we’ve seen some emotion from the young Archuleta. Really good job.

“In This Moment” – Okay. This is sort of that Olympic theme song genre that I struggle with. So while I thought the vocal side of this was pretty strong, I didn’t like the song AT ALL. There’s no question that young David is gifted, though – he just needs some confidence. Maybe we need to send him some encouraging text messages. Or perhaps a balloon bouquet. I’m just thinking out loud here.

“Imagine” – I’m pretty sure he won it with this one. DID Y’ALL HEAR ALL THE SCREAMING? Sweet mercy. That was a lot of screaming.

All in all, it was a pretty even night-o-singing, and though I’m partial to David the Elder, I thought that David the Younger did a remarkable job. I’d be really, REALLY surprised if he isn’t the winner tomorrow night.

(p.s. – LOVED seeing Reuben perform. I pretty much adore him.)

(I don’t in fact know him. I just adore him.)

(That’s all.)

It’s been a fun season, y’all – thanks for reading and / or playing along!

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  1. Of COURSE you adore Ruben! He’s a 205 man!

    Didn’t watch AI tonight. Was at my daughter’s All-Star practice. 5 nights a week. Until the end of June. My flip-flop tan is pretty remarkable, lemme tell you.

  2. *giggle* Even though I personally can’t stand it when one of the SUPERCILIOUS judges says that someone “shouldn’t have sung Whitney,” or Mariah, or whomever, I TOTALLY agree with you that tackling a Bono song was risky, very risky for D.C.! – Double standards are okay because I’m just a lowly blogger and it’s not like my opinions or standards affect the nation or anything. ;) – But I did think D.C.’s voice was great tonight, his delivery is always impeccable, but D.A. is just pure vocal HONEY. And yeah, I really like honey. (thanks for the Mr. Linky thing).

  3. the boxing theme was too much…bored me to tears!! the davids did great tonight…can’t wait to see who wins!

  4. Loved David the Younger & and David the Elder. It reminded me of Robert the Bruce, straight out of Braveheart. :)
    I agree with you on all counts – thanks for letting us play along! It’s been great fun to read everyone’s thoughts.

  5. Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess here for this AI season. It has been tremendous fun! I am still puzzled as to what I will be doing next Tuesday night at this time?! *shrug*

    Now back to voting for David Cook. I’d like to send Little David packing his bags. He’s better suited for singing atop glittery floats in Disney World. :-)

  6. I think if anyone is going to be able to remotely pull off a Bono song, it would be David Cook. He is so confident! Can you even imagine if David A. had attempted it?

    Thanks so much for hosting the Idol Recaps! It’s been fun! :)

  7. Yes, the boxing theme was very annoying. Though I think the younger David has a fantastic voice, DAVID COOK is my guy!! I will be first on line when he releases an album. For me, he’s got the whole package. I’ve already purchased my AI tour tickets for Jersey…can’t wait to see them all perform live!

  8. My favorite of the night was David Cook’s Collective Soul. GOOD STUFF.

  9. David C is just all that and a bag of chips. Both will do amazing, but I am pulling for the big David C win. He deserves it. I’ve only gotten through twice. I hope that is a good sign.

  10. I managed 5 votes for David C. before the busy signals started. I totally agreed with him on his reasoning for not redoing a song and was a bit peeved with Archuleta for doing it. Bad form!

    Regardless of how it ends, I know David Cook is destined for great things.

  11. We agree on just about everything tonight.

    Thanks for this carnival! So fun!

    And, I’m totally taking credit for Ryan calling DA ‘Archie’ tonight.

  12. Both of the David’s did amazing performances. Their both so talented and will become very famous regardless of how this program ends up this evening.

    I have to admit though, it will be truly a wonderful if David A. becomes the next AI. A home town kid, from Murray, UT with so much talent and so very humble, what more could America ask for in an idol?!

    Sherry Marie

  13. Hope elder gets it. He seems way more in his element on stage. David A. looked liked he was going to crumble into a million little pieces between songs. I think it’s all too much for him.

  14. Yay, you voted!! :) I am with you…the ELDER David should totally win! We shall see tonite…thanks for letting us play along! :) Have a wonderful day!

  15. I am such a David Cook fan, and am kinda bummed about last night. Archuleta ruled the night. And that first song he sang gave me goosebumps. Which I’ve never gotten from him before.

  16. I knew David C. was in trouble when I was able to get through to vote for him so many times. I probably got through about 10 times in about half an hour. David A. really did good last night much to my dismay. But if David C. sings songs like “The World I Know”, I will most definitely be buying his album.

  17. Loved the comment about giving the grown-ups a say – I think these last few seasons have been that kind of a split. I fear for David the Younger if he should win – can he handle the pressure? Will he faint on stage? Hope the paramedics are on stand-by tonight.

    I am a huge DC fan, loved all three of his vocals last night. Loved that he didn’t play it safe AT ALL, from song choice to arrangement to honest commentary on why he chose what he sang. He’s the first-ever contestant that actually moved me to VOTE with my own hard-earned money!!!!!

  18. David the younger will win, but David the older will have the better career.

  19. I happened to catch the last performances of this (while waiting for my Dancing for the Stars to start). I admit I haven’t been watching this season, but that little David A., does he always seem that… sad? Nervous? Do they give these people counselling included in the record deal? Is there some back story I missed? Because while I don’t really have a strong opinion about who won, someone needs to take that boy out for a coke and a twinkie.

  20. I copped out on my post and called it a draw. I want DC to win, but DA was stellar last night.

  21. I agree……I think David A has taken this one with all those screaming crazy girly’s!!! They just love him! But he does need some “stage presence” help! I’ve loved reading your reviews! It was great! Can’t wait to see what happens!

  22. Perhaps winning AI will give David the Younger the confidence he needs. I will be happy with the outcome either way, but I’m guessing that David A. will win.

  23. I still haven’t ever watched even one episode of American Idol. I’ve got to get my act together so I can join in on the fun!

  24. Does ANYONE have the same suspicions I have???

    Please tell me if my question has any merit! (Or tell me if I’m just plain crazy!)


  25. Boo Reuben.

    There are far more 14 year-olds than 22 year-olds that watch the show and vote endlessly and secretly with their pre-paid (emergency-only) cell phones late into the night.
    Of course David A will win…

  26. I liked David A better. His voice gives me chills.

  27. Sorry, I’m just not a David C. fan. Can’t stand the rocker screaming. David A. got many votes from my house last night.

  28. My theories and thoughts…

  29. Cook for president!

  30. I voted for three hours for Mr. Cook! I prefer men to boys! ;)

  31. “Okay. This is sort of that Olympic theme song genre that I struggle with. So while I thought the vocal side of this was pretty strong, I didn’t like the song AT ALL”

    My thoughts exactly!! But it is to be expected on American Idol. I felt bad for Blake last year. He wasn’t my favorite, but there is a sense of cruelty in making a beat boxer sing a pop ballad circa 1982ish.

  32. I feel guilty pulling for Cook, because I think that Archuleta is just lovely and that’s a HUGE amount of pressure for a kid. But when I watch Archuleta, I feel exactly the way I feel when I watch my 10 year old in the school play: nervous and stressed that he’ll do well. And my maternal heart just cannot handle that kind of pressure. So…go, Cook.

  33. So…I’ve read several AI blogs today and I’ve come to this conclusion- and it will come as no shock to you- all the grown-ups voted for DC. All the 14-year-olds and younger voted for DA. And texted. And sent smoke signal votes. My prediction is that Li’l David will win tonight, but the Cookster will be wildly successful in his own right.

  34. I read somewhere that both will go on to be winners but said if David (the younger as you put) doesn’t win it would be like kicking a puppy.

    For some reason that made me laugh. You might have to start some AI recovery hotline or something.

  35. I love David the elder and I voted like a maniac with nothing else to do last night only because Simon kept declaring David the younger the winner and I was afraid people might actually listen to him!

  36. BooMama, I do hope you will share your thoughts on tonight’s show. My, it’s been very strange.