Now I’m Pretty Much Forced To Retaliate


No self-respecting Bulldog could let such a bold proclamation go unanswered.

If only I could embed a YouTube clip of last year’s Egg Bowl into the sand.

That would be perfection.

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  2. I LOVE IT!! I am an Auburn girl and there is NOTHING like the SEC!! Bring it girl!

  3. GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another SEC fan here, I’ll let you guess which team, Ha Ha!

  4. That says it all!!! Unbelievable!!

    From one Bulldog fan to another (mine are from Georgia, though!

    How ’bout them dawgs!!!

  5. I KNEW that was comin’.

  6. Geaux Tigers!

  7. You should make a big circle with a line through it and then do your Miss. State beside it!

  8. BooMama! This is Melissa that you met at Market with my cutie pie friend Faith! Remember? How could you forget our stalking tactics? GIRL! I CAN NOT believe that I forgot to tell you that my father-in-law went to MISSISSIPPI STATE! HOW in the world I forgot…it is just beyond me! SO I am writing to represent!! GO DAWGS! He was actually a prof. there and we still have friends that teach there to this day! :) So nice to meet you! You were precious to let us take a pic and chat a while! Hope the beach is a blast! :)

  9. I was really going to come see you last weekend, but then I realized that I don’t have a business license. Oh well, someday I will get to meet you. Anywho..I am glad you are having fun at the beach. My question is Where’s the Georgia Bulldog fans? Do I need to come down there and fly our flag?

  10. Ok that is hilarious and getting a bit out of control – LOL
    We are leaving for Destin on Thursday I am wondering if I need to bring my AU flags – hehe

  11. Yes, goodness, we do love our football down here in the South.

    I’m at the Redneck Riviera this week and somehow haven’t seen SEC flags flying. Weird. But goodness knows I’ve seen plenty of tattoos and mullets! WOOT!

  12. Yes, we love our football in the South, but it doesn’t have to be SEC. I am a Big Ten transplant happily cheering for my OHIO STATE BUCKEYES in the South.

  13. Oh, simma down now, simma down.
    I’d also like a picture of your response back to the Ole Miss dude. Because I know the response is coming. Only 9 more and y’all will have the whole SEC!

  14. Y’all are gonna come back with black eyes and swollen lips. Be careful!

    That’s some purty sand.

  15. Hey Sophie, new to your blog here–enjoying it very much! I’m also an MSU fan–graduated in ’01 from State. I think you should do a giant molded MS logo (you know, the M & S kinda on top of each other), but wait…that’s more baseball-ish. Maybe the cascading MSU would be more appropriate for football.

    Bring it girl! Go Dawgs!

  16. Dear Boo Mama,
    I am so glad you are enjoying your time on the beach. I have been reading your blog for quite sometime – and especially loved following you during your trip to Africa! Although I don’t know you personally, today you popped into my head when I received an e-mail from XM radio about my regular subscription. It had your name written all over it! Announcement: XM radio will begin airing SEC Football/Basketball on XM channels 199-201. Now, I don’t know if you have XM – but I think you might just want to look into it! Happy Beach Days. Tracy

  17. Oh, how I love this place. It is so good to be back in all this crazy.

  18. You crack me up!

  19. I wish I were there to write


    The REAL bulldogs!!!!!!


  20. Will you send someone down there to write FLORIDA in the sand for me?

  21. As someone else said, “I knew that was coming.”

    : )

  22. These posts are cracking me up. Hook ’em.

  23. I’ll have to agree with Mimi and Cheryl: Go Dawgs! (and I’m a transplant!)

    Do you listen to wdjc 93.7? You’ve inherited my favorite DJ, Russell P. Wall a.k.a “Husky Love”! Take care of him. It’s not the same without him on my morning commute to work.

  24. friday, my parents will be on their way to Fort Walton/Destin, where they will spend their umpteenth summer vacation there. i haven’t been down with them in a decade, but seeing your pics and stories about the flag-flyin’ fans REALLY brings back memories!!!

  25. This just makes me smile.


  26. Only in the South.

    Hotty Toddy!!

  27. Girl, I hope you get Bravo at the beach house….

  28. Oh, you got it bad girl. :o)

  29. You might want to let those poor Rebel fans know that they just inherited a coach who will run their program into the ground and all of us in Arkansas are sitting back and waiting to laugh.
    GO DOGS!

  30. Oh, just go ahead and rent one of those banners behind the plane. You could offer two for one Diet Coke shooters. :>)

  31. Now, BooMama….That’s the most beautiful thing I ever did see. In the sand.

    Ole Miss by durn!!

  32. Can you run out there and write VOLS in the sand for me??????????? Go Big Orange!

  33. I have a girl from Athens staying with me this week… we have am Auburn/Bama fued going on right here under my roof. All the way in California.

  34. What a beautiful sandy beach (except the dirty words). Is is too hot or does the ocean keep you cool. I need to get to the beach to celebrate a big anniversary.

  35. OK, so I finally pushed myself a little bit, getting out of my comfort zone on, “This is what I did today,” sort of blogging. If you have a moment, you might like reading my thoughts on “Pray-paring for 20 somethings.”



    PS: I LOVE THE SOUTH! I love your passion, I love your energy, I love your charm. I have relatives who used to live in GA and had a blast when I visited. Mostly what I love about the flags/sand is it’s like “blogging on the beach.” Communication of thoughts lives on! Right on!

  36. Despite all the heckling from those on all 14 floors. This is for you BooMama:

  37. I’m not even a sports fan, but these beach wars are funny!!! ROTFL

  38. You guys are sure huge sports fans down there! Even on the beach. Now that is the south for you!

  39. Boo Mama – you are a funny girl!

  40. And to think that we witnessed that Egg Bowl Miracle in person. It makes me smile every time I think about it. :)

    And the writing in the sand? Did our cuz do it?

    Oh, it is ON!

  41. University of Texas at the burnt orange sunset…..

  42. I was just on Myspace and read that Monk and Neagle are now just Monk. Neagle had a baby and is staying home to be a daddy. Great for the kid, bad for all of us. *Weep.*


  43. Two words…GIG EM!


    GO DAWGS!!!!!!

  45. Wait, who were the National Champs again??

    Oh, that’s right!


    Team pride aside, I love pretty much all SEC teams. You are guaranteed a good game when any SEC team plays another.

    Although I can’t say I’m not looking forward to our Alabama game this year. Welcome back, Nick Saban.

  46. I am ringing my cowbell in your honor, and hoping you added “SUCKS” to the bottom, as it so plainly calls for! No one has to know!

  47. GO DAWGS!!!!!!! Don’t tell my Mama that I said this, but I think you should have just changed the “M” in “Ole Miss” to a “P.” That’s what my college buddies used to call it. Ah, the memories. Glad you had a wonderful vacation! And thanks for the Egg Bowl clip!

  48. so what did you do about it?

    What would you do if your boy decided to attend, say… LSU? True, not as bad as Ole Miss but WHOA! LSU?

    I come from a die-hard State family & my 1st born will be majoring in forestry @ LSU. I’ll have to enter witness protection. I see it coming.