Reason #4,782,391 Why I Love The South

Late this afternoon I settled into a chair on the balcony so that I could a) look at the water b) look at the water and c) look at the water.

I sort of enjoy looking at the water. You may have picked up on that.

Anyway, as I was preparing to do All The Looking, I noticed that there were some flags attached to a tent down below.


I mean, only in the South would someone BRING THEIR TEAM FLAGS ON VACATION and FLY THEM ON THE BEACH.

And then, as my eyes wandered down the shoreline, I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw what was only about fifty feet away from the Auburn tent:


We don’t mess around in the SEC, y’all. We jockey for position all year long.

Even on the sandy shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

Which is why I’ll obviously be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning creating some sort of life-sized sand statue of Sylvester Croom.

The gauntlet has been thrown, my friends.

The gauntlet has been thrown.

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  1. Yes – one of my favorite things about going to the gulf coast is wearing something razorback and then ribbing any Bama, LSU, Auburn, Miss St fans we see! :-) Last summer I tried to talk my friends into letting us put the hog magnets and car flags on our car as we drove to Gulf Shores but they were afraid our car would be vandalized. ha! I love SEC rivalry!
    OH………….only 46 days till our first game!!!
    P.S. Heard ya’ll were getting a fancy new TV screen in your stadium!!!!

  2. Hail State!

  3. You are right, Sophie, we here in the south take things seriously and I love that. We are as intense as we are relaxed which doesn’t seem to fit, but it just does. Can’t wait to see your sand creation! Have a great time.

  4. Easy now, LSU had a Stellar year. :) You know, with my Louisiana upbringing and all, I can’t let you go with that Croom talk. :) Have fun with the fam gettogether!

  5. That is hilarious!!


  6. War Eagle, baby. And, in your honor, Go State! You better be glad you’re a MSU fan, because this Auburn girl will NEVER utter the gross battle cry of my in-state rival. May my tongue shrivel and fall out of my head if I do.
    Oh, did you figure out if you knew Chris Sample? I’ll email you a picture of him. The picture that I have of him is recent (like last week recent) but he hasn’t changed much since college.
    Stupid boys who stay the stupid same after stupid 15 years.

  7. I just scheduled our childbirth class weekend…and then chastised myself for not checking the Vandy football schedule first. Wouldn’t want DH to be pouting all Sat afternoon!

  8. I usually lurk but had to comment on this one! Go Big Orange! :) You mean it’s not normal to plaster everything in sight with your school colors? I even have orange and white roses in my garden! We are temporarily residing in MO while my husband goes to chiropractic school. They just don’t get it up here. Can’t wait until we move back to SEC territory!

  9. War Eagle!

    A few weeks ago, my daughter wanted to choose her own clothes for dinner out. Dread filled my heart, knowing I hadn’t cleaned her closet recently and imagined the Styling Combinations she would choose.

    A long sleeved red tshirt and wrinkled white skirt was her choice. It being July in Alabama and not having time to iron the skirt, I had to think fast.

    “you look like a bama fan”

    I’ve never seen her undress faster!

  10. WAR EAGLE!

    At least you didn’t have to look at a Bama flag :-)

  11. Whooooo PIG SOOIE! Go Razorbacks!

  12. That’s hilarious!! I love it! =0) You must stike back in a glorious, knock their socks off, fashion. I have no idea how. I just know you need to. =0)

  13. We always proudly have an Ohio State flag flying on vacation. Of course we also do live in the south now :)

  14. This cracks me up. Nothing like rockin’ your colors.


  15. That’s awesome. Had I been there, there would have been “HOGS” scrawled in sand on the other side of that tent!

  16. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    (as I look around my cube at work and see all my Univ. of North Dakota Fighting Sioux items. My pen. My coaster. My flag. My pen cup. My table tent. My photos at hockey games.)

  17. I absolutely LOVE it. I am from Tennessee and my husband is from Atlanta. He has converted me into a UGA fan.(I never was a big enough Vols fan to protest the conversion too much.) Although it does kind of bite the big one for us DAWG fans to live in TN! Oh well…we hold out heads high up here in big orange territory :)

    I do love SEC fans! Next time we go to the beach we are sooo taking a flag!

  18. Oh, and on another note, we had a church function the other night where everyone brings their own lawn chairs. Yes, only in the south.

    Anyway, one of the chairs was brought by a ‘Bama fan, and had “Crimson Tide” scrawled across the back.

    The chair sat empty all night.

  19. I noticed the same thing as we were on those white sandy beaches last week. Some folks just a bit from us had their LSU tailgating cabana up, which definitely made me think “only in the South”!

  20. uh, I don’t mean to be a total goon here, but what is SEC? I have a feeling I’m going to feel sheepish.

  21. Go Dawgs!
    Hail State!

  22. Ok this made me laugh so hard because when we were in Port Aransas (nothing like Florida, but will do for kids!) there were some folks there with Aggie flags and a longhorn flag. We don’t mess around down here either.

  23. Ha Ha HA!

    Gig ’em Aggies!!

    You ought to see my Chris when he meets a stranger with an Aggie ring. He’s all ready to begin a conversation and ask all sorts of questions like what is your middle name, place of birth and phone number? (I hope you got that one…if not, it’s a call back to your market post.)

    Enjoy the beach for me, Sister! Post a picture of that water, too!!

  24. WAR EAGLE HEY!!!!

    Love it. SEC Football, gotta love it!

  25. War Eagle! Auburn fans know how to relax on the prettiest beaches in the south and know how to proudly show their colors wherever they are! Glad you got to see that! I am enjoying reading your blog!

  26. I’m totally jealous you’re on a beach, just staring at ocean.

    I find on the beach, I get closer to God. You know He’ll help you with that gauntlet! :)

    Good luck!

  27. I am so out of place. Born and raised in the south, I have never cared for football. My college doesn’t even have a team. sigh. But my daughter is a big Auburn fan because she plans to go there to become a vet. She has a few years to go, as she is only eight, but she thinks the Tigers rock.

  28. WAR EAGLE!!

  29. Rachel Manchester says:

    GO DAWGS!!! Make us proud, Boomama!
    I am so jealous……..wish I was on the beach!
    Rachel in Columbus, MS

  30. Laughing at Alexis. We’re VT fans living within the city limits of Columbus, OH!

    Go ACC!

  31. That is hilarious. You should make a sand sculture or something.

  32. GO GATORS!!

  33. When we took our youth group to the beach the words in the sand were not team related but relationship related…as in DM & BM = ?
    We all had a good laugh!

  34. Oh, ain’t the truth, chil’? Ain’t it the truth?

    And you know what? I made an allusion in blogworld to the fact that while I lived up here in the Midwest, I was teaching these people a thing or two about college football. And not a single soul raised an eyebrow at the comment.

    Can you imagine if I’d said something like that about Southerners?

    Civil Wa-wuh II would ensue, don’tcha think?

  35. Dawn Rene says:

    SEC is Southeastern Conference. I am also a HUGE Georgia fan living amongst the ugliest shade of orange ever known to man. Just you wait – this year is going to be fantastic! Oh I can’t wait for football season!!

  36. I LOVE SEC football. A little SEC humor for you. (These are meant in fun and not to offend.)

    Why was O.J. trying to escape to Tuscaloosa, Alabama?
    Police would never look for a Heisman Trophy winner there.

    Why do Michigan State football players go to movies in groups of 18 or more?
    17 and under not admitted.

    What do you call an Auburn football player with a National Championship ring?

    What do you call a genius sitting in the Arkansas student section?

    How did the Georgia football player die from drinking milk?
    The cow fell on him.

    What’s the difference between a litter of puppies and Steve Spurrier?
    Puppies stop whining after 8 weeks.

    How many Mississippi State freshmen football players does it take to change a light bulb?
    None. That’s a sophomore course.

    If three LSU football players are in a car, who is driving?
    The police officer.

    Go Dogs. Sic em. (Georgia, that is)

  37. War Damn Eagle!

    What a beautiful site to behold on your beach.

  38. Oh, Dawn Rene, I can so relate. I’m a Georgia girl living in Gator country and married to a Gator fan. Oh, how I’ve grown to hate orange & blue.

    And Boo, while you’re out erecting sand sculptures, how about just a small memorial for the late, great Uga VI?

  39. Now, let’s see—is that BASKETBALL or HOCKEY?

  40. Love it! Love it! My Husband had his own yard sign custom-made for our Mean Green. And my youngest son thinks “Go Mean Green” is an actual color. Enjoy your looking, marred as it is by the opposing team decorations.

  41. Marian Lindsey Richards says:

    Hey, BooMama!

    Will be more than happy to FedEx you — same day, of course — the biggest maroon and white tent, flags, megaphones, and perhaps a couple of real bulldogs for the little man to play with! :) Oh, and then there is the MSU ice cream. Yes, indeed, HAIL STATE!

    Enjoy your vacation with All The Water!

  42. I’m a Yankee but I do love it in the South!

  43. Water is cool..

  44. I confess I don’t get it, but then I’m not that big a football fan. I always lose interest after one or two innings.


  45. Too funny. I agree with the sand sculpture idea. :)

  46. Love this!
    Go tigers!!

  47. I said it’s great to be a TENNESSEE VOL !!

  48. War Eagle! These Texas folks (I’m living in Houston) think that they have school rivalries, and I always tell them that it’s not a real rivalry unless guns are involved. Went to high school in Mississippi (Ocean Springs), but never did learn much about Mississippi football.

  49. Hey, BooMama! I’m an avid fan of the blog, but a first-time commenter.

    Hope you’re enjoying your trip! This is such a common sight around L.A. (Lower Alabama, of course), I probably wouldn’t even have noticed the humor in it.


  50. Pig Sooie!

  51. Sarah N says:

    All I can say is – GO GATORS!!

    Living in Auburn, this is not a very popular saying!

  52. 1 month left until football season begins!!! GO GATORS!

  53. Geaux Tigers!

  54. Just walk out on the balcony and ring your cowbell. My part of the Gulf doesn’t look quite so white and lovely–but it’s ocean, so who’s to complain.

  55. WAR EAGLE!!!!!!! Dang straight up! Kind of like carrying a picture of your children in your wallet.

  56. I am so ready for September.

    Hook ’em Horns and Glory to God.

  57. Auburn?! Yuck! Gators? Yuck! I hate the color orange. ;0) Go Dawgs! The UGA ones. I’m in the midwest now, so I don’t see much about UGA.

    In high school, one of my friends was dumped by a guy who was going to Auburn after graduation. Four of us went to his house and teepeed the trees in his front yard and spelled out Roll Tide with toilet paper. He NEVER knew it was us!

  58. lol. up here in NE it’s apparel- you don’t go far without seeing Boston garb. But team flags and sand alters at the beach…well that’s a sight.

  59. Please go down there and draw me up a big ole beautiful “Hog” and I’ll feel so much better! Thanks! :)

  60. I DARE you to go X out the LSU!!!! GO DAWGS!!!

  61. Represent us well, BooMama! GO Dawgs!
    1995 MSU graduate

  62. jerry and susan says:

    we just had a family vacation in destin a few weeks ago and Peyton and I were walking to the beach and their were purple and gold flags flying on the beach. I told him the sign said danger rip tides and he said you mean like LSU did to Alabama HAHA not really but I am ready for some sec football. I believe even the Bulldogs are going to do a little barking this. GO TIGERS not to be confused with that team that dont know if they are an eagle or a tiger

  63. So, who decides what is normal? : ) Here in the Sooner State we wear the crimson and cream with pride — bumper stickers, Jerseys, hats, flip flops, blankets, and more. I haven’t carried a flag to the beach, but I certainly have carried my OU blanket. : )

    Go Sooners!

  64. Nothing like a little thrown down at the beach! Good luck Sophie. Make sure to post some pics.

  65. If I were there are would dance to ROCKY TOP in my bathing suit for all the world to see. Go VOLS!!

  66. Get this. My daughter goes to preschool with a set of sisters named Crimson and Auburn.

    For real. That is dedication my friends.

  67. I don’t even watch football & I still own multiple UT shirts. My baby daughter is decked out down to the pacifier with it. I’m from Tennessee, I love Tennessee & I want everyone to know it!!

  68. That looks like the perfect vacation spot to me!
    War Eagle!

  69. Girl, you better throw out your colors! Mark your territory in a big way, I say!

    But for the love of all that is collegiate, I guess I may need to jump in the car & take an impromptu vacation myself…that beach is beggin’ for some crimson & white ;)


    Love it. Never a truer post. We are at the beach ourselves, but no SEC flags in sight.

    Might need to go etch LSU in the sand to make myself feel better.

  71. That is too funny! We had some neighbors that actually planted grass seed that grew in a different type of grass/color to say “LSU.” Those are some die-hards right there!

  72. Love this post!!!
    Bleed purple and gold!!!!
    Geaux Tigers!!!!!!
    A Mighty LSU Fan!!!!!

  73. Um, Sophie, don’t forget that the beach sand you will be using to sculpt your homage to Coach Croom is FLORIDA sand, and Florida is home to the GATORS!!!!! Who will once again be quarterbacked this year by the current Heisman trophy winner(and all around great guy) Tim Tebow! And Percy Harvin will be healthy. Just sayin’

    And for the commenter above who asked, the SEC is the Southeastern Conference. The best collegiate athletic conference in the land (no offense to my friends in the Big 12) made up of 12 schools:
    University of Florida
    University of Georgia
    University of Tennessee
    University of Alabama
    Auburn Uuniversity
    University of South Carolina
    Mississippi State university
    University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)
    University of Arkansas
    Louisiana State university
    Vanderbilt University
    University of Kentucky

    GO GATORS!!!

  74. oh i promise we know that we are TIGERS and i’ll give everyone a big

    WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Just got back from my LONG month in NY with hubby’s side of the family. Yes, I crossed over and married a yankee! There is just something so different about the south and the north. Words can’t express, but obviously pictures do! It’s good to be home.

  76. You seriously make me want to visit The South.

  77. ChristyB in AL says:

    Oh, you poor soul–having to gaze upon the horrid orange and blue flag.

    My mama and daddy raised me right….RRROOOLLLL TIDE!!! ;)

    I skimmed through the comments and laughed quite a bit. I wonder if the girls in other conferences take such pride in their teams as we do in the SEC??

    And for the record, Auburn Gal Always, no one in our house wears orange and blue together,either! ;)

  78. Hi! Just thought I’d drop in for a big WAR EAGLE. I’m so proud and a little embarrassed of that picture. Loving all your posts about Deeper Still. I was with JMom and met you briefly.

  79. Hahahahaha… GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya, boomama.

  80. BooMama, this is my first time to the site but I have heard much good things about you from Toddled Dredge and you were mentioned on the SCL blog today, so I had to finally come check you out. I was pleased to see this post and so many HOGS fans! WOOOOOOOOOO, PIG SOOIE!!! RAZORBACKS!