Another Oreck, Anyone?

This is one of those giveaways where I feel like anything I might want to say is completely inconsequential. Because really, anyone who’s reading this post just wants me to SHUT IT, ALREADY and stop talking about the fact that even though I don’t personally own an Oreck, I do have a mother and a sister who are very! enthusiastic! about the entire Oreck product family, not to mention that they would both tell you in a heartbeat that their Oreck vacuums are convenient, powerful, and light-as-a-feather.

But y’all don’t really want to hear that. Y’all just want me to cut to the chase and tell you about the free stuff.

Specifically, you want me to tell you about how you can win a free Oreck vacuum that retails for $599.95.


Here goes.

First. Look! It’s adorable!



Second. If you’d like to win this very special vacuum that’s raising awareness for a very special cause (Clean for the Cure), here’s what you have to do:

1. Click here to visit Oreck’s site and look at all the fancy features on the Special Edition XL Gold. This is going to have to be done on the honor system, because it’s going to be next-to-impossible for me to check every single one of my outgoing clicks. However, I do know that the clicks out to this link should (roughly) match the number of comments on this post. So please do me a favor and click on the link and look around once you’re there so that I don’t have to put anyone in time out, oh thank you.

2. Come back here.

3. Leave a comment on this post (only one comment per email address, please) and briefly tell me why you’d LURVE to win an Oreck.

One catch: you have to be a resident of the continental United States in order to win (I know, Canada. I KNOW. I feel your pain. Because guess what? I can’t win, either).

This giveaway will be open until Monday, October 13th, and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, October 14th. If you win, I will contact you at the email address associated with your comment, so please be sure to type your email address correctly. You’ll have 24 hours to respond, and if I don’t hear from you within that time period, I’ll draw for another winner.

Have fun, y’all!

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. I would lurve to have an oreck because I have 3 kids, 2 dogs and a husband that live in my house… nuff said!

  2. Woohoo!! This would be so cool to win.

    Okay, why would I “lurve” to win an Oreck? Because I am a mom. A busy mom. A mom with four children who are aged five and under. Crumbs. Hair. Little bits of paper. Need I say more???

  3. I love my Oreck, and if I win it, I’ll give it to my Mom. Because she’s awesome and deserves a new toy.

  4. I used to own an Oreck, and it cleaned very well…until the dog chewed through the cord. :( We’re getting new carpet upstairs in the kids’ room, and I’d LOVE to have a wonderful new Oreck to clean it!

  5. I would love this Oreck if for no other reason than to say, “I won this off of BooMama’s blog”.

    It’s all about the story, Soph.

  6. Do you think I can still convince my husband to vaccuum even though the Oreck is pink? My mom loves her Oreck, and I’d love to continue the tradition by having one in my house too!

  7. Oooh. Pretty. And it says it self-adjusts between carpets and hard floors. Count me in for this drawing! And thanks for thinking of all of us.

  8. I’m hoping it’s powerful to get all the threads up off the carpet in my sewing room! My current vacuum doesn’t, and using masking tape to pick it all up is hard on the back.

  9. I would lurve to win an Oreck because I currently own a Eureka and it has issues. And it’s pink! I love pink!

  10. Oh, I would so love to dust less often! This is so pretty, too!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I would love to win it because I would have it shipped to the Bowery Women’s Center in Manhattan – the only faith based long term womens homeless center in NY. They are in deparate need of a lightweight vaccum – 2 actually! I have trotted up and down those 5 flights of stairs – they need something light!!!

  12. Oh my goodness!! I need a new, GOOD, vacuum!! I have gone through 3 of them in 3 years. Apparently the cheap versions just aren’t cutting it. My carpets look horrible, and the cats don’t help. Thank you for offering this to your readers!

  13. How fun!

    With a dog that sheds an insane amount of hair on every inch of my floor and furniture and a 16 month old who likes to pick it up and put it all in her mouth, I am in desperate need of this vaccuum! Thanks BooMama!

  14. I’d love to own the Oreck because…..

    I have 3 little boys – 2 of them old enough to make VERY.LARGE. messes. The 3rd little boy isn’t terribly far behind.

    I have a messy husband.

    I have the hairiest dog on the planet.


  15. We NEEEEEEED a new vacuum and I hear that this one is one of the best … that’s why i’d like to win

  16. I NEED this vac.

    Mine cost 5 bucks.

    At a garage sale.

    It smells like wet dog and vommit.

    the end.

  17. I like the fact that it’s lightweight and easy to use on stairs. It also helps that it’s CUTE!

  18. i would LURVE a new vacuum. this one even comes with a separate attachment, so i can clean my drapes? i’ve never cleaned my drapes, so i think it’s about time :)

  19. I would give this vacuum to my husband. Because he is the vacuum-er. I KNOW — SCORE, right? Anyway, we got one of those carpet cleaners, and the carpet was Filthy. Positively Filthy. Turns out our current vacuum is not so much doing its job anymore. Grosses me out that my children roll about and wrestle daddy on that floor. Plus I LURVE that they support the Susan G. Komen foundation. And I want to see my man vacuuming with such a sassy vacuum!

  20. I would lurve to win this purdy Oreck vacuum b/c of the hand-held system that goes with it and also b/c it is cute. My vacuum has been good to us over the past 7 years but the little extention arm (or whatever it is called) has a hole in it and it has no suction whatsoever. So, I’d rather be given a free “nice” vacuum instead of buy a cheap one.

    Thanks Boomama! What a great giveaway!

  21. Well mostly, I want a pink vacuum cleaner. But also, I’m tired of buying cheaper vacuums and being shocked (!) when I get cheaper quality.

  22. I would love to win this because I vacuum 846 times a day after my girls under our kitchen table. Well, not really, but this would be really cool. :)

  23. Priscilla says:

    Oh that is a sassy Sweeper! My childern would love tp make even bigger messes for me to use such a sassy sweeper

  24. My husband just looks so darn sexy when he vacuums that he really needs a pink one. It would be just so D-A-R-N sexy! At least that’s what I tell him to get him to vacuum for me-my least favorite activity.

  25. danana-banana says:

    i’ve never had an Oreck – but would love, love, love to try it. #1 – it’s super cute which would automatically make vacuuming more fun. #2 – less dusting – hello! – way to make my life easier!

  26. Loving this vacuum! My 6 month old is about to crawl any day now and I’m still in the losing my hair stage of the post pregnancy…it’s everywhere! My old vacuum is a cheapy bagless and I can’t find the replacement filters anymore! What’s a mom to do?

    This is probably the best giveaway. EVER.

  27. I would “LURVE” to win a new oreck, I have so many steps, and so little time, with a husband who thinks that ALL house work is womens work, (and does not know how to pick up after himself) with a child that he is teaching all his bad habits to. including leaving tooth picks and dental floss everywhere they sit, my current “vacuume” and i use that term lightly cuz, I still have to get down and pick all that stuff up by hand, I need a cleaner that will help me. thank you

  28. Due to some shoulder issues I’d love to have a light weight vacuum…plus I’ve heard so many good things about Oreck.
    Oh, I hope I win!

  29. I would love to win an Oreck because I want to see my manly hubby pushing around that pink vaccuum! One of his house responsibilities is the vacuuming since it is one of my least favorite chores!

  30. I would LURVE to have an Oreck because trying to vacuum while holding a 7 month old bundle of cuteness makes “light as a feather” sound heaven sent!

  31. I would lurve it because that might inspire me to clean my house.

  32. The reason that I would like to win this giveaway is because, hello, the vacuum cleaner is PINK!!!! :)

  33. Hi BooMama. I feel so badly that you don’t have an Oreck and that you can’t win this one. Seems almost cruel. I feel so bad, that I almost didn’t leave a comment. But seriously? We’re talking about a $500 vacuum here and I just can’t muster up enough empathy NOT to comment. I’m sure you’ll understand. But if it makes you feel better, odds are I won’t win and I’ll continue to use my noisy Hoover that wakes up the toddler every time I turn it on. Which is hardly ever.

  34. A great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity. I can’t believe that Oreck has donated so much money to fight cancer already!! Lovin’ the cute pinkness of this particular model…

  35. I would love to win an Oreck. Let’s see…because it’s cute? (Oh, and because I would LOVE to keep a vacuum upstairs. Since right now I have to drag my vacuum up the stairs, which means I’m vacuuming upstairs roughly twice a year….

  36. Because my son, my daughter, our dog and me think my beautiful wife deserves this awesome vacuum. Thank you!

  37. My DH blesses me by taking on the vacuuming every week. He HATES the cheap vacuum we currently have. I would love to bless him with a new (amazing!!) vacuum cleaner (even if it is pink =)

  38. I’d love to win an Oreck because I’ve heard how wonderful they are, but would never be able to spend that much on a vaccum… the hubs just wouldn’t understand $600 for a vaccum!

  39. I would like to win this!! My vacuum is missing all the extra parts (boys lost them when they were fighting the monsters) and it won’t even stand still anymore (due to the fact that the boys used it to puch each other and broke it in the process)

  40. I LOVE how light this thing is! Our current vacuum works pretty well, but it weighs a ton – I know for sure it’s more than 25 pounds. The sheer weight of the thing makes me not vacuum as often – but with the Oreck, I’d whip that thing out all the time!

  41. I should be interested because my son has asthma and it has the great filtration.
    I am secretly interested because I have a split level home and currently lug a vacuum that weighs more than my children up and down all those stairs. Llama Mama, I am with you.
    And realize, for those of us who click over from Google Reader, our clicks may or may not show on your blog. Sorry about that!

  42. I went to the oreck site from my bloglines and then came here, so I don’t know if it will show up. I did go though! 102 mph? Good grief.

    I would lurve this vacuum because we’re currently on our sixth one in twelve years. I think this one would last much longer!

  43. I would love to win this vaccuum! One because I have an aunt that is currently battling breast cancer and we are praying for her like mad as she faces this difficult time.

    Two, I have a husband, a teenager and a cat that sheds like mad. Despite my best efforts there is still enough cat hair in this house to make another cat!

  44. Am I dreaming??? Are you really giving away a vacuum???

    I still have the vacuum we bought 11 years ago when we got married. The deciding factor in purchasing it was it was the cheapest vacuum available at the Wal-Mart(s).

    Ours is terrible. It spews out more than it sucks up.

    My mother-in-law hinted to me, my husband, and my daughter that she was buying me a Dyson for my birthday, then didn’t. Which is fine. But I still have a really horrible vacuum.

    My entire family suffers from severe allergies to dust, dander, pollens and molds, so this would be an amazing blessing!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win it!

  45. Now that would be fantastic, as my vacuum is on its last leg!

  46. I would lurve it because my current vacuum is starting to smell like it will ignite at any time. And while clean carpets would be great, disintegrated ones… not so much.

  47. I would lurve an Orveck because it’s pink!

  48. I’ve never owned an expensive vacuum. I would love to have one that cost more then $49.95. It would probably work a lot better huh?

  49. I wanna win so my 3 year-old can pick up a choir. With as light weight as the Oreck is, it shouldn’t be a problem, right? I’m kidding. I just like the pink. And I like clean – not TO clean, but I prefer things that ARE clean. This will be almost as good as having a maid, ALMOST.

  50. I would love this vacuum because I am now having to vacuum everyday (new dog, 4 boys). I love that its light – it should be easier to get out and use than the one I have now.

  51. For the record, I meant chore, not choir – so much for being funny.

  52. Kim Miller says:

    I love to Vacuum. I have had the same vacuum for over 15 years. I need a new Vacuum.

  53. I would most definitely “lurve” this vacuum because well…it says it’s agile enough to clean under things. This girl hasn’t been agile enough to clean under things since before her first pregnancy. A machine in my life like that? Now that’s love.


  54. I would love to have such a lightweight vacuum! Mine weighs a ton!

  55. why I want the Oreck- one word: stairs.
    I have 2 sets of carpeted stairs in my house and lugging my vacuum up and down them may be the death of me. To have a lightweight vacuum would be a dream!

  56. I would love to win this! The one I have right now, sucks. Well, actually, it doesn’t suck…that’s what is wrong with it!! :)

  57. I’d love to have a pink Oreck vaccuum to see if that would induce my 15 y.o. DD to, you know, clean up after herself. Maybe?

  58. I NEED a new vac! My handle pops off of the one I’ve had for nine years every time I push outward while I’m using it. It’s fun times. I love the Oreck and have heard great things about it but let’s be honest…I’d be happy to have anything that stays together while I use it :)

  59. I would love to have an Oreck because of having a dog inside my home, meaning dog hair and Orecks 102 mph direct suction straight to the bag sounds great to me. I am certian that the Oreck would pick more than my current one.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  60. To have a pink vacuum that goes from carpet to bare floors sounds heavenly! Plus the attachments to get cat hair off the sofa!! Need I say more. Also, my best friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s only 41! We need a cure.

  61. I need something pink and sassy to clean with!

  62. Well Sophie, I’d lurve to win an Oreck because I am a clean freak and a germophobe! Knowing my floors were as clean as possible would reduce my anxiety!! :o)

  63. I would love this sweet little vacuum! Our tiny little church (dh is the pastor) just bought a decrepit old building and we could use this to clean up 50 years of nastiness. My husband’s grandfather, a crotchety old sailor, will be the “property manager,” and how cute would he be with a pink vacuum???

  64. Uhhh, HELLO, Saniseal bags!!! You know a woman thought of that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had vacuum after changing the stinkin bag.

  65. I’d lurve a vacuum that weighs less than a small child like my current one. (And do you really normally check the outclicks to make sure people really go to the sites??? That is amazing.) (I would be even more astounded if you actually are able to READ all the comments you get on this and that you got on Travis’s CD giveaway. Amazing again!)

  66. I’d love to win b/c maybe with a lighter vacuum, my kidlets wouldn’t complain so much about having to vacuum.

  67. I would love a lighter one like this! We have lots of stairs and it would be great!

  68. That IS a cute vacuum!
    I happen to be in need of a new one at this very moment :)

  69. I would love to win an Oreck because I have a cat, who sheds bunches. And because I am woman, who also sheds bunches myself. :-)

  70. Lurve me the 9-lb. lightness of this baby, along with the “furniture friendly design.”

    I hate, hate, HATE hauling all 5,000 lbs. of my Kirby around!

  71. It says that if you use the Oreck you dust less often. That “sucked” me in right there. Get it? Get my silly little pun? No? Here, let me explain…..

  72. Brittany D. says:

    Well I would love a new Oreck because my Husband and I just bought our first house a week ago – we have a 4 year old lab who is SPOILED rotten, sleeps inside and loves to scratch her back on our carpet – and I am 6 months prego with our first Baby – gotta have the floors looking good for the little one. Oh yeah – and the fact that the vacuum we currently own “died” after about 6 months of use!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  73. jennifer says:

    I love the fact that it’s bagless AND also that it traps dust and allergens! That would improve my quality of life =)

  74. Oooo…it IS sassy. Why do I want one? Because I live in a very old house and the dust is just horrible. My attachments keep falling apart when I’m trying to suck up all the crud from all the molding around the windows, doors and floors. This vacuum would help me bunches!

  75. Personally I would love a *GOOD* vacuum cleaner. When my hubby and I were first married, I actually bought a vacuum cleaner for $2,000 – yes, you read that correctly. The sales people were that good and I was that naive. I returned it the next day, and have had to live with the common folk vacuum cleaner for the last 4 1/2 years while secretly wishing for a *golden* one. My hubby is a youth pastor, so I don’t think I’ll be getting a *golden* one anytime soon – other than if I win this *golden *pink* (my favorite color, duh) one!!!

  76. I would LOVE a lightweight, pink vacuum!!! Plus, I am sneezing at the moment… the allergen reduction would be a great bonus!

  77. I would lurve to win this vacuum because:
    -2 toddlers
    -1 husband
    -all of us with allergies
    -no vacuum b/c it broke a year ago and i can’t bring myself to spend that much money on one.

  78. treehousemomma says:

    My current vacuum cleaner is neither light nor powerful, and I need some power suction to get all those Barbie shoes up off the playroom floor!

    Thanks for doing this again! I didn’t win last time :(

  79. Mom of four boys ages seven and under needs as much suction to clean dirt as she can get.

    Think it can clean faces?

  80. maxine bryant says:

    How appropo, my cleaner died Saturday and I can’t afford another one right now. I’m one of these people (75 years old) who does not charge things and I’m a little short in the cash dept. until my SS check comes next month.

  81. Ooo…I would love to win an Oreck…they have such a great reputation for quality.

  82. Cause I’m a stay-home Dad and need all the help I can get!

  83. I would love to win an Oreck. I am a working mother (teacher) and have 3 rowdy, mess making precious little boys, and a husband in the agriculture business who all keep my house in a mess most of the time. I would eispecially like that oreck because it is so gosh darn cute. Also my mom is a breast cancer survivor, so we are “gay” for anything pink. Also, my current vacuum is a piece of junk, but who really wants to spend money on a vacuum?

  84. Very cute – love this pink Oreck! I would love to have one because we have hair – lots of dog hair – everywhere! I know a great vacuum would definitely help!

  85. I would love the Oreck. I need a good vacume and have heard so many good things about them, but could never afford one. I like the Breat Cancer awaremenss too. Thanks for doing this!!

  86. I want to win the Oreck because I have a thing for Vacuums. I lurv them so much! Okay not really but it would totally beat my garage sell steal of a vacuum that seems to throw as much dust and debris as it sucks up.

  87. I would love the Oreck because I just vacuumed this morning and while I was doing it I developed a shoulder ache just from how heavy that darn thing is.

  88. it’s gorgeous! I would love to have it to help me actually WANT to vacuum? Maybe? Does it have that nifty effect also?

  89. I would love to replace the vacum that I use because it is only 20 yrs old but I can’t get my hubby to get me a new one since this one works. He calls it a want not a need.

  90. I have a dog I love dearly, but I do NOT love her hair. I also have three daughters–all with long hair. I know that only Mr. Oreck could design a vacuum that could handle all that hair!

  91. I would love to replace the vacum that I use because it is only 20 yrs old but I can’t get my hubby to get me a new one since this one works. He calls it a want not a need. Thanks for doing this. My mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer so I am all about doing all you can.

  92. What a great vacuum! I’d love to win this because my old Kirby (that weighs a ton) is smelling a lot like something is burning inside right now. With 2 dogs in the house, I really need a good sturdy reliable vacuum.

  93. I love the sassy pink vacuums! Maybe I’ll win this time!!!

  94. I’d love to win one to see if their claim to fame is worth it. :0)

  95. I would love to win this fancy-schmancy vacuum cleaner! With a puppy in the house it would come in very handy!

    Hope this works through Bloglines. =)

  96. I have always loved oreck vacuums! Have never been able to get one. They use them at the school my DS goes to and when I have been there to help out got to use them. L.O.V.E it!!!

  97. I would LURVE to win an Oreck because I’ve used them before when I worked as a maid – and I LURVE them! They work great, they’re SO light!

  98. 1. It’s sassy and who doesn’t need some sass when battling the dirt, um, devil. hee hee

    2. I just love a picture that shows a flow chart of dirt. Suddenly I have this urge to write the tale of the speck of dirt as it flies through the maze of tubes.

    3. I, um, can’t remember what I was going to put but I’ll give a shout out to mr random person to give me some sweet lurv.

  99. Lisa Ault says:

    I would love to have a new Oreck. The clean for the cure is a great cause.


  100. I would LOVE to win this vacuum! I will be having my very first baby in 86 days (not that I am counting) and I am already freaking out about the condition of my carpets. I have a very sweet, though very shed-prone chocolate lab who has managed to get hair EVERYWHERE in my house! My current vacuum just doesn’t do the job that I need and the super suction on this cute Oreck will do just the trick!!

    Not to mention the fact that I am having a baby boy, the dog is a boy, and with my husband too I need as much pink girliness as I can get!