Interrupting Our Road Trip To Bring You Some Funny

We’re almost home. The little guy is watching Star Wars, the husband guy is listening to a podcast, and I am trying to keep myself from drooling over the new Macbooks by spending way too much time on Twitter.

But the Twitter time has not been in vain, because I ran across a link to a blog post about this seemingly endless election that made me laugh out loud.

I love to laugh out loud.

Hope it makes you laugh, too.

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  1. A. M. E. N.
    I will begin praying now that my husband will have no interest in watching the final debate tomorrow night.
    If he does, then I’m sure I will be blogging, or anything else to be able to NOT look at the tv.

  2. Thank you for the entertainment! I totally agree, I was ready for the election to be over months ago! And I sure hope they don’t start campaigning for the next one 2 years out again. UGH!

  3. Oh, sweet mercy…

    THAT is balm to my soul.

    Laughter IS divine and I just had a sweet, sweet come to Jesus meeting.

    Thank you and amen.

  4. Leanne from Canada says:

    Speaking of elections…..the Canadian election is today so you could all pray for us here….bet you didn’t even know we were having one!!! It was called just 6 weeks ago (we have a much different political system than you do obviously), and will end tonight with probably not much change in the government structure when all is said and done. But, you never know. Pray for Canadians to think clearly and get out and vote!! I do not envy the long process you all have to go through (and we do follow it fairly closely here by the way). I’ve had enough of it all after just 6 weeks!!!

  5. I laughed out loud myself!

    Old Yeller wanting to go on out back and get it over with…
    right on.

    My 7 yr old said 3 weeks ago (when we went to vote on a school system agenda at the polls) as we turned into the voting parking lot:
    “Thank you JESUS this is finally going to be over with!”

    She was very dismayed to hear it wasn’t for the presidential election.
    And I’m not watching too much tv on it. Just a teeny bit of FoxNews.
    Imagine if I were glued to it like some people…
    she’d probably be pulling out her Barbie’s hair.

  6. Not only did I laugh out loud, I snorted too. I never snort!

  7. It was funny but YOUR blog is way more funnier.

  8. i’m on the other end…i wish every year were election year! i can’t get enough politics…then again, it was my trade before babies. :0)

  9. Priceless.

    Simply brilliant and sadly, true.

  10. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Hilarious!! Thanks for the much needed laugh today. Loved the line about Old Yeller….I think I may actually have snorted out loud!

  11. OK, if I wasn’t already, I’m ruined. Footloose “Almost Paradise” duet by the VP noms?! That mental image will not leave my head now. When one of them finally takes office, I’ll expect that at the inagural ball. What a hoot!

  12. Yes. I laughed. Just want to keep laughing once it is over. Oh, let us keep laughing.

  13. That IS funny. i just really laughed out very loud!!!

  14. Oh, my goodness. I just wrecked the keyboard on my MacBook drooling over those new laptops. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. PSSSSSSTTTTTT (that’s a really loud whisper ya’ll) It’s the 14th. Oreck (al la the Office) you dyin to know the winner?

  16. I am soooo ready for this be over! Can you believe people are already talking about 2012? One of our radio guys was saying today anyone who wants to run in the next election needs to start getting fundraisers together early next year?

    What???? The next President will have only been seated in the oval office for just a few months. Arrrggghhhhh

  17. When I saw it was I was a bit nervous, but you didn’t let me down. That was VERY funny and much needed and sadly true. I even read it to my husband who slightly chuckled and who has NEVER chuckled at anything from CNN so that really says something. Ok, now I’m rambling all the way to nowhere… Hope you are all having a safe trip home. I loved your trip photos :)

  18. I’m with Kathleen.

    And BooMama, you crack me up and put a big ol’ smile on my face.

  19. That was hilarious!!! Thanks BooMama!

  20. I just checked the article’s comments to see if you made one. :)

  21. Oh my – even the eastern liberal media elite (golly our culture has a lot of labels for “people whose opinions we don’t like”) are sick of the political races – it has gone on forever! Early voting starts on the 20th here in Texas – DH and I will be there – make our mark for God and country and be DONE with it (other than praying a lot). Somehow a duet with Biden and Palin just sounds ugly – but funny blog and thanks for sharing!

  22. That. Is. Awesome.

  23. “Kind of like Kim Kardashian’s fifteen minutes of fame”…..that is enough to make me laugh. But the whole thing was hilarious!!!

  24. I had to share a photo that I made some adjustments to:

    This is totally how I wish the debates and such would have been decided…

    xo ~ K