Linky Interwebby Awesomeness 1.21.09

– I’ve been working behind-the-scenes with the people at Praise Baby on their new blog, basically just helping to round up contributors and organize giveaways and whathaveyou. I’m going to be writing there every once in awhile, too, as are many of our sweet bloggy friends.


The new Praise Baby blog launched yesterday, and guess what? There’s already a giveaway. And if you’d like to win, click on over.

– I know I mentioned it last week. I know I did. But Chris Harrison’s blog about “The Bachelor” is a DELIGHT if you’re a “Bachelor” fan.

– I saw a link to this article on Brant’s blog last week. So I read it. And then I cried.

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  1. The Bachelor link just takes us the to the Praise Baby site….

  2. What an awesome story! I cried too. What an outpouring of love and encouragement. My post is about encouragement today too.

    My girls and I got to encourage President Bush yesterday. It was God’s idea from the beginning and it was so cool! We’ll never forget it!

  3. Link fixed.

    Thanks, Kate!

  4. Oh Sophie, I do love me an encouraging sports story. Especially when it is about kids. And Jesus.

    I’m off to do my own post about this.

    Just so awesome.

  5. Thanks for sharing the sports story. I live in Grapevine, too and we are considering going the private school route and Faith is one of the main ones here. Definitely puts another “pro” in their column! It made all the news up here and was really nice to see some positives in the media! What a witness.

  6. I never heard anything else from you about blogging for Praise Baby. I was really looking forward to doing that, too. :(

  7. My sister in law went to Faith. Such a great story…thanks for sharing!

  8. Ok…After bible study this morning we went straight into “the Bachelor” girls. We can go from deep Esther stuff to the Bachelor. It was kinda funny.

  9. I cried too. Thx for the linky awesomeness.

  10. Totally teary over that football article. Oh man.

  11. Oh -that was a GREAT football story -thank you thank you thank you!

  12. Thanks for the link to the article. I wish stuff like that would make the 6:00 national news. And yes, I cried too.

  13. Wow, way to make us cry! What an amazing man of God to think of that for those kids. Yay God!

  14. Sitting here this morning with big HUGE tears streaming down my face. What an awesome God! What amazing people he brings together for amazing happenings.

  15. Mary Helen says:

    That is one of the most amazing articles that I have ever read. I am sitting here wiping away my tears. Thanks so much for sharing!