Hewlett Packard Printer Review & Giveaway


Several weeks ago I got an email asking if I’d like to try to HP Photosmart C6380 All-in-One Printer, Scanner & Copier (be sure to memorize the official name because there will be a test at the end of this giveaway). Since I haven’t had a printer for about, oh, EIGHT YEARS, I quickly answered the email and said, “Yes, please.” Because I figured having a printer of my own might be a smidge more convenient than sending attachments to my husband and asking him to print them for me. Which is pretty much how I’ve run this operation from the get-go. All fancy-like, you know.

The printer arrived early last week, and while I was thrilled to try it, I wasn’t nearly as thrilled as my daddy, who happened to be visiting and COULD NOT WAIT to open the printer box. In fact, he was the one who unpacked everything and unwrapped all the manuals and whathaveyou, and I’m pretty sure that if I’d offered to give him the printer he would have done some hitchkicks in my dining room.

(Not that he’s really the hitchkicking type, you understand. But he was mighty impressed by everything the HP C6380 can do. I think it was the first time he’s ever thought this whole blogging thing just might have some merit, and that is totally fine because I know how deeply new electronics speak to the heart of every man.)

Later that night I got a chance to really put the printer to the test, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up. For some reason I still expect to have to enter some MS-DOS commands when I install new software, but the HP installation was easy breezy and over in just a few minutes. Plus, it’s a wireless printer, so I didn’t even have to fool with any pesky cords. I have the printer neatly tucked away in an area where it’s pretty much out of sight (I’m not a fan of the electronic clutter), and it works like a dream.

And the next day, that sassy new printer really made a believer out of me. I realized that I’d forgotten to pick up a birthday card for a friend, and I was just about to pull out a piece of stationery and write a note when I realized WAIT! I HAVE A PRINTER NOW! I CAN MAKE A CARD!

Sometimes it’s the little things, you know?

So I went to the HP website and found a card I liked and printed it out right then and there. IT WAS A WONDER, not to mention that it was quite a bit more professional-looking than when I used to print out cards on my daddy’s dot-matrix printer when I was in high school.

We have given our HP printer a work-out this last week, and it’s been such a treat. The wireless feature is fab, and I’m so excited about scanning in old pictures (something else I’ve never been able to do because I’ve never owned a scanner before, which pretty much makes me an embarrassment to the entire internet). It probably goes without saying that I’m tickled that we now have a piece of home-office equipment that does everything we need.

(Except it doesn’t wash windows or do laundry.)

(I imagine that it will be several years before they add those particular features.)

SO, if you’d like to win an HP Photosmart C6380 printer of your very own, leave a comment on this post and tell me how this printer would make your life easier. This contest will remain open until Sunday, February 8th at 11:59 pm.

And if you’d like additional chances to win, check out the BlogHer HP giveaway round-up page.

Have fun, everybody!

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. I too send anything I need printed to my husband… I could use a working printer…

  2. AHHH..my printer just died and this amazing printer would make my life so much easier in a zillion ways. I am teacher and need to be able to print for my darling students. Plus, it is super cute!

  3. So cool!
    I love the wireless part about it the most. I am limited on where I can place my computer so that the printer will also fit. Enjoy your blog!

  4. It would make my life easier because it would WORK…unlike my current printer. :)

  5. The fact that it is wireless would be fabulous! I received my first ever laptop for Christmas this year (which means that I think I might just top you in being an embarrassment) and this would work like a dream for that. Plus I too would love to scan pictures in (and embarrass all of my high school and college friends when I post them to Facebook).

  6. Must. have. printer. Need it because I have the cutest kids in the WORLD and the WORLD needs hard copies of said children.

    Fingers crossed…

  7. The printer sounds wonderful (my current printer has died and I can’t print anything at home).

    What I’m really curious about though is what is a hitchkick?

  8. I would like it because, honestly, who wouldn’t want to be able to print out precious pictures of their chunky baby, print a birthday card to Mom, and scan in old photos from high school to post on the blog?! Sounds great!

  9. Hmmm..new printer….easier accessible ink cartridges….would love it!

  10. I would love to win this printer…it’s wireless!!! We have a laptop that is wireless and I always need to print something and realize i’m on the wrong computer!!

    Also, enjoy your blog!!

  11. Wireless? Did you say wireless? So there wouldn’t be another six wires pooling on the floor to catch dustbunnies? Sign me up! :-)

  12. This printer would make humiliating old friends with embarrassing photos posted on facebook much easier. Just sayin’ (cuz you know everyone wants to do that after it’s been done to them…) Also it would allow me to create cards, invitations, calendars, grocery lists, responsiblity charts because our current printer is a useless behemoth dinosaur. Also, jus’ sayin. You rock BooMama!

  13. Jamie Friedrich says:

    The printer I had in college is sitting in my closet. I’m sure the ink is dried and crusted to the cartridge. Anytime I need to print anything, I must subject myself to the torture of using my mom’s computer. I say torture because her computer is so slow, you turn it on wait 45 minutes, click an icon to open an application, clean the house, watch a few of your favorite DVR’d shows, shovel snow, punch yourself in the face, eat dinner, punch yourself in the face again, and FINALLY, it opens. And don’t even get me started on what it takes to do anything with that application. I will need a printer to print a lot of things as I prepare to leave for the mission field, and wish to keep my face bruise-less and avoid punching myself in the face. :)

  14. Our scanner bit the dust. It would be nice to have that capability again…and wireless to boot.

  15. we have a very cheap printer that does basic things we need done. this would be awesome to be able to print wirelessly since we don’t have a good place for our printer; and i could print pictures!!!

  16. Oh, this printer makes my eyes go all dreamy for the possibilities. And, I love the idea that I won’t have to (sneakily) use my printer at the office anymore.

  17. Wowza! Nice giveaway. We homeschool so a wireless printer would be so nice. Not to mention all of the time on our laptops in bed. Isn’t that romantic?

    Angie – heartchild

  18. Wow! A printer and scanner and more in one. That would be awesome! I don’t have a scanner either and the fact that it is wireless and wouldn’t have to be where my kids could destroy it to be plugged in would be AWESOME!!

  19. I have this four-year-old, you know? And we used to have this faboo printer/scanner/copier dealie (only it had cords) and I used it quite regularly, and then my darling little man discovered it and found it to be a nice little place to hide his charming little magnetic toys and, well, that was the end of that.

    A year later (my sweet child was actually only THREE at the time and would NEVER do something this silly now that he is FOUR), we still have no printer. I make my husband print stuff for me at work, too.

  20. I could have some extra room on my desk. I really like my laser printer but it takes up a TON of room!!

  21. I too, send all my printing as an attachment to my husband at work!

  22. I would love one because I don’t have one!

  23. I am SO in! Just for the mere fact that I threw my old (very cheap) HP printer away last year and haven’t had one since. I can only print things at work. It’s quite the annoying process! :) So, this would be wonderful. And, my computer is an HP. And we all know I’m all about matchy, matchy things!

  24. Oooh,how beautiful is that?! A wireless printer would be a dream come true in my household.We keep our ugly printer in an upstairs closet(yep,the closet)…so whenever we need to print anything out we have to take the laptop upstairs,pull the printer out,set it on the floor by the nearest wall outlet,plug it all in and print.Ugh,what a pain!

  25. Would love a wireless printer because after more than 10 months my hubby has not gotten my print router up and working – so my poor laptop must stay leashed to the printer instead of being able to roam freely throughout the house. It’s just not right! =)

  26. That would be a great printer to have!

  27. as a homeschooling mom, it would be so handy for me to make copies at home!

  28. I need more ink for my old printer, but that costs more than a new printer! This one would be perfect!

  29. Our all in one is old and the wireless thing we have rigged up won’t work with my fayn-cee Mac. Which means I actually have to go upstairs to print. My life is so hard.

  30. Katherine says:

    Wow! I’d love to win this. I’ll soon leave my job when we move in the next few months and my company owns our current printer. My husband writes a newsletter each month and it would be such a hassle to go to fedex/kinkos each and every month!

  31. I’m desperate for a new printer, and a wireless one would be a dream come true!

  32. Tracy Jerome says:

    I’d love to have a fancy dancy printer like this beaut! I am working out the details to begin homeschooling my two boys, and having a printer would make that so much easier.

  33. The scanner on my printer doesn’t work. I would love to have a new one! Thank you!

  34. Our scanner is broken! Oh how we need one! With all the new and hard things we have going on (blog designing and bankruptcy), we could certainly use a new scanner.

    Have a blessed week, Sophie!
    Praying for you!

  35. I’m about to get married, and neither my fiance nor I have a printer. I use my parents’ right now, but that’s a luxury I won’t have come April 18. This would make the transition to our life together so easy!

  36. Oh, we have gone through so many “cheap” printers and I would love, love, love a yummy good one to print photos, invites, my journal, etc.

  37. I would love to own such a great printer!!

  38. I’ve been sending things to my husband to print also! Glad to know I’m not the only one doing that! A new printer (especially) a wireless one would let me save money by printing out picture at home and get my digital picture collection up to date. It would also come in really handy for making baby-to-be’s new scrapbook!

  39. Oh, I am just dying to have a wireless printer at home! This would be perfect!

  40. I could definitely use this printer. I finally got a new laptop, but I need a printer to go with it!!!! :)

  41. My printer is so old, and I’ve had my eye on this very printer for some time now. And this is NOT the first time I’ve tried to win one! No luck so far! I HATE having to drag my laptop to my printer and hooking it up to print. I do LOTS of printing, so it is a major pain. Then I forget to unhook it and roll my chair over the cord, or my daugter (or me) will trip over the cord and almost pull the laptop crashing to the floor! Um, yeah, this would make my life easier! I really hope I win!

  42. W I R E L E S S

    nuf said.

  43. I like to print pictures as gifts. My father is a photographer… which means they never have any printed pictures at their house. For Christmas I printed out pictures of my kids… they all looked green. After some fiddling and a reprint… they are still green.

    I print monthly calendars for bills, menus, and our daily schedule. This new fangled thang sounds much nicer than the hunk of junk I have sitting next to me now.
    (Note to my hunk of junk. If I don’t win I will still use your green printing abilities. You could really try harder though)

  44. Ohh…we could use that in our house!!! Our lappy is printer-less. I know, sad. =(

  45. I have a little wi-fi deal here and it would be great to have a wireless printer. My kids and their laptops would appreciate it, too, as would I (I could print from my laptop and not have to get up from my recliner and walk the 4′ to my desktop to print something).

  46. I would love to win that!! So handy!!

  47. I need a printer, so, so badly. Starving graduate student with very limited funds. Please?

  48. Our daughter Princess has one and her bedroom is in the basement and so getting another one would save my knees from going up and down the stairs all the time. :-)

  49. My husband is a computer and printer hog at home. I want one of my own!!!!

  50. Oh most definitely the wireless capability is what draws me to this printer! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks.

  51. It would make my life much easier to have a printer of my own!! The only one we have is for hubby’s work, so it’s tied up a lot of the time.

  52. jenny friend says:

    oh! our printer is terrible. So my hubs does some printing for me too. A new one would be fabulous!

  53. My scanning ability could definitely use something “user friendly”!

  54. We don’t have a printer at home. Or anywhere for that matter…

  55. This would be great. The printer that we have now and old and often doesn’t work so I find myself handwriting recipes and such instead of just being able to print them.

  56. I so need that! I’m really quite tired of carrying my laptop from the house out to the office to print things!

  57. I would love this, esp. for our homeschooling room. Also my hubby would be grateful to never have to copy/print for me again.

  58. Somehow I end up printing a lot – but my current printer leaves big smudges all over and then I have to go to Kinko’s or somewhere to print. I also know, unfortunately, that Kinko’s has a pretty good scanner, for only $5 for up to 40 pictures, but take your own CD to burn them too. Obviously my own printer/scanner would be very convenient and awesome!

  59. I would LOVE this printer! We bought the Canon MultiPass80 in 2003 and it’s been a workhorse, but it is tired. I’ve replaced the printhead once, and I just don’t think it can make many more passes. Between school, church, and Cub Scouts, I’d give the HP Photosmart C6380 All-in-One Printer, Scanner & Copier (did I pass the test?) a run for it’s money. Which wouldn’t be MY money, because it would be free. Which, in my eyes, makes it absolutely the perfect printer for me. Thankyouverymuch.

  60. I would most appreciate the wireless aspect of this printer. It would save me from running up and down stairs everytime I need to print!

  61. Why, yes. I could use one of these. Especially since my printer just died. It was following in the footsteps of Hoopty Laptop, may she rest in peace.

  62. Okay, so I totally have a printer but how I would LOVE a scanner/copier! I have TONS of old pics to scan onto the computer and I homeschool so a copier would be AWESOME.

  63. Rebecca Tyndall says:

    I would LOVE this printer!!! You know why? MINE JUST DIED!!! AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!

    Thank ya!


  64. we are in serious need of a new printer. Mine will not print anything that uses adobe…which is everything you download and need to print. And we’re getting a new laptop soon so the wireless feature would be awesome!

  65. My father recently passed away, and i have been wanting to print pictures of my son and my dad to help create a picture collage in his memory. Since my printer is upstairs and everything to do with taking care of my son is downstairs…the task does not get done. This wireless printer would help!

  66. I run a nonprofit that has projects in Uganda and we are always in need of printing for thank you cards, donation cards, etc… but have to use a printer. It’s so costly sometimes this would really be great to have! :)

  67. Well, I could finally replace my $19 ghetto printer that uses $45 ink cartridges that it seems like have to be replaced more often than my children eat!

  68. I would love this printer because my current printer is slower than Christmas and drives.me.crazy. And, I don’t have a scanner, enough said! Oh, and, HELLO wireless…something that I consider to be a priceless feature!

  69. yes, yes yes, i could use a printer!!!! My hp printer that just died (complete with leaking ink cartridge—terrible mess!) was very old. It was great!!

  70. How could it not make my life easier?!?! My scanner is broken and my printer is almost gone too!

  71. trixiefan says:

    This would be so great for me to print out pictures. I hardly ever do and I’m afraid some day the computer will crash and all will be lost. Of course, it could be used for my son’s homework too!

  72. Can you say wireless!?

    Thanks for the chance!

  73. I would LOVE to win this printer! We haven’t had a printer since our old one died, and I just KNOW that having my very own printer in my very own house would finally turn me into one of THOSE scrapbookers. You know, the kind that actually stay caught up on their bajillions of pictures and do all sorts of fancy things that involve more than cardstock and a glue stick? Yep, one of those.

  74. The wireless feature thrills my soul! How wonderful to not have those annoying cords everywhere. Very cool!!

  75. I would love to have it, especially for the scanner! Well, and our printer is about the saddest little thing. Really, it has been through enough, so it would be nice to put it out of its misery and bring in this guy!

  76. This product would make my life soooo much easier! WIRELESS! Mainly b/c I have just started a new business!

  77. I could really use one of those… our printers are all falling apart and I’m in the market for a new one… a free one would be the best. price. ever. :)

  78. Oh, this would be a dream! When I upgraded my computer my old HP print,copy, scan, fax printer wasn’t compatible anymore. Because my work is all based on new technology, which is constantly being upgraded, I’m sometimes left in the dark. Plus, being self-employed and working from home, I don’t have a huge budget to get the latest and greatest every time I need it. This would be awesome!!

  79. If I had this printer…I wouldn’t have to drive all the way back to the office…just to print out the WONDERFUL Mississippi Sin Dip recipe…which I made yesterday! It was a ‘touchdown’!

  80. That is so awesome you have the opportunity to do this! I just stumbled upon your blog today, and what a great day to do that!

    I recently moved into an apartment by myself. I only have a laptop… no room for a desk with a desktop! I am a registered nurse in the neonatal intensive care- Love my job! The HP Photosmart C6380 All-in-One Printer, Scanner & Copier (sorry… don’t have it memorized yet… I copied and pasted!) would make my life easier because first off I don’t have a desktop to hook a regular printer in so I currently don’t even have a printer. Plus I am planning on going back to school and I would really need a printer!! And also, I am horrible about taking pictures and leaving them on my digital camera and never doing anything with them it would be awesome to print them off at home. Thanks so much for sharing a printer with someone!!

  81. It would make my life so much easier, because my poor printer right now is only halfway working.. the scanner is broken, the print quality is poor, and the thing is just huge :) Plus, my hubby has a laptop, so this way he can use the printer without hogging my computer!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win :)

  82. I was sitting here, reading my morning blogs, eating left-over chicken wings when I saw the hp printer-copier-scanner pop up on your blog.
    My canon printer-copier-scanner is lit up like a Christmas tree and blinking all it’s lights at me from across the desk because it IS BROKEN AGAIN and it has been broken for FOUR days.
    I have customers from our small business that have politely asked for me to scan and copy and email their invoices to them.
    No can do, muchacha.
    Maybe….we’ll win this pretty, pretty home office machine.
    And, if I do, I promise not to eat left-over fried snack foods while I’m working EVER again.
    (That is not a legally binding statement unless it is signed with witnesses present. Just so you know.)

  83. Katherine says:

    Oh we would love one of these!!
    We haven’t had a printer since we got married! I always have to email my husband things so he can print them out at work.. I would love to be able to print coupons off websites, scan pictures to send to our families back home, i would love the copier part since we want to become more organized and be able to copy our receipt and store them



  84. Wow – thanks for sharing. I have heard great things about this printer. Have a great day!

  85. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    We really need this at our house and I and my 16 year old would put it to good use! It is really a cute printer, scanner, copier, isn’t it? Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. i would like one especially for the scanning ability. hubby has one and will not share.

  87. Wow. Our printer went “kaput” a few weeks ago, and we haven’t broken down and bought a new one yet. This would be great for us!

  88. The wireless option on this printer is what I like…that way, I wouldn’t have to start-up my husband’s computer everytime I need to print something.

  89. Cassie J. says:

    Ok, so I send stuff to my church and my husband to get them to print it for me. Or I have my husband’s portable printer when he’s in-town. But when he’s traveling, well, I’m without a printer. Such a hassle. I NEED THIS PRINTER!

  90. Need. Need. Need. Because I haven’t printed pictures of my kids in at LEAST 2 years because our printer is so darn bad.

    Pick me! Pick me! =)

  91. This would make my life easier in many ways! Every time I use my ancient ink jet printer it jams first. Every.single.time. I kid you not! That and the fact that it’s getting nigh unto impossible to find ink cartridges for the poor old thing. Please pick me!! Thanks!

  92. Since my printer currently refuses to connect to my computer… this would definitely make life easier.

  93. At any given time we have up to 3 computers going on our wireless, so needless to say, a wireless printer would sure be handy!!

  94. Indeed you could interest me!! I need wireless!!!! This room is SO cluttered up with cords and cables and the need for outlets… And I need the scanning ability, too! Thanks!

  95. I have a disagreement with my printer daily. I new one (a cordless one at that) would be a beautiful thing. Thanks!

  96. I most certainly WOULD be interested in winning this fabulous piece of electronic wonder.
    I currently have an hp all-in-one, but it’s NOT cordless(plus it’s about 8 yrs old), and we can’t seem to get the fax to work anymore. And with my Hubby being self employeed and having his “office” at home, it would be wonderful, not to mention, maybe even profitable, to have a working fax again! Plus, I get a little tired of the phone ringing repeatedly when someone, unknowingly, tries to fax him something. Yeah, the price I pay to be a SAHM! ;)
    Anyhow, so glad your Blogging gig is working out for you. ;) I wonder what you can get next to impress your Dad? Maybe he’ll really do a hitchkick then, and you could post a picture! Yeah, wouldn’t that be the post of the century??

  97. Oh this would be SO great. My husband purchased a flatbed scanner about a month ago, but after searching (unsuccessfully) for my scanned file for 30 minutes and repeating the process 4 more times, I QUIT!

  98. I am the Technology Coordinator for a school system and I love all things TECH!!!! I would love to have a wireless printer at home, since my home computer is a laptop and I am wireless there. Love the blog!!!! I read every post. I just found you about two weeks ago.

    Thanks for all your wonderful posts.

  99. Please pretty please!!! I have had a HP printer for over 8 years and it WILL NOT DIE!! I really need something new since I am in school to become a teacher and I could do some REALLY GROOVY things with this one!!! I just can’t justify a purchase of one right now, so winning it would be FABOO!!!!

  100. We’re about to print our programs, labels etc for our wedding and a new printer would be AWESOME.