Pretend This Title Is Witty And Also Original

Right this very second I’m sitting down and waiting for the latest installment of “24.” And I’m waiting for it, of course, because our social calendar is jam-packed with a whole lot of absolutely nothing and because last week’s episode ended with Jack being chased by a hitman and then saving himself at the last minute by tricking the hitman into thinking that he was hiding in an abandoned shed and then demolishing the shed with a bulldozer that happened to be parked nearby.

It was all utterly believable. I mean, I don’t know about y’all, but the using-nearby-bulldozers-for-shed-demolition thing happens to me ALL THE TIME.

However, the “24” stuff is really neither here nor there because I have to tell you a far more inspirational story, one that will leave you so fraught with emotion that it may require some tissues. Or, at the very least, a Deeply Sincere Single Tear.

This afternoon I ran in the Walmarts to pick up a few things, and as I was walking over to the grocery section a sale rack caught my eye. Now you need to realize that at the beginning of the year I decided that my theme for 2009 was being faithful in the small things, so I haven’t done any clothes shopping in the last couple of months. Our budget is pretty tight right now, so back in January Melanie and I decided that we would hold each other accountable in terms of impulse purchases. If either of us has a Shopping Moment of Weakness, we call the other one and explain what’s going on, and that is why as recently as two weeks ago you might have seen me in the Targets talking to Mel on my phone while longingly resting my head against some colorful long tunics.

Sadly, there was no room for a sassy tunic in my budget. I had to say good-bye. And I may have whispered “I love you” as I walked away.

Don’t even get me started about the remarkable restraint I showed in the Steinmarts when they had baskets of sunglasses marked down to $9.99 a pair.

So today I saw the Walmarts sales rack, and it was filled with all manner of cute empire-waist cotton dresses. You could wear a long-sleeved or a short-sleeved shirt underneath, and I’ve had my eye on that particular style of dress since I first saw them in another store last spring. The sale dresses were a little below knee-length, so I pulled one off the rack to check out the price.

(For some reason this whole dress thing makes me think of Martha because I know that if she were here right now she’d say, “Is it a thin cotton? Or a thicker cotton? I think that thin cotton is darlin’, just darlin’, but I just freeze every time I wear it because you know they keep the church so cold that you can’t possibly sit there without a light sweater, at the very least a light sweater, and even then the thin cotton just isn’t enough and I need a thicker cotton, you know like on the Susan Bristol separates? The Susan Bristol separates are a thicker cotton and sometimes I don’t even need a sweater when I wear them, I don’t even need a sweater! Now did you happen to go to Goody’s?”)

Anyway. I looked at the price, and do y’all know how much those dresses were? DO YOU KNOW?




I immediately threw a purple one and a brown one into my shopping cart, and I called Mel to make sure that spending four dollars on two dresses still fell under the category of being faithful in the small things. In addition to giving me her purchase seal of approval (“WHY, YOU COULD BUY THOSE WITH THE CHANGE IN YOUR WALLET,” she said excitedly), she proceeded to rattle off a list of all the different colors of jewelry I could wear with them. And then she said she might have to run over to her Walmarts, too. The $2 dresses don’t come along every day, you know?

It is perfectly fine if you feel compelled to bask in their $2 cuteness.

And I will wear the fire out of that $2 cuteness this summer, by the way.

Plus, I think the dresses will be extraordinarily comfortable when I hop in all the bulldozers to demolish all the sheds.

Jack Bauer would be so proud.

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  1. For real??? I’m heading to the Walmarts now. And, I was just there and totally didn’t look for anything cute and Springy to wear. Thanks for the headsup!

  2. ooh, boomama!

    i was just having the same conversation with my friends this morning at work, and we all came to the same conclusion, which was the fact that we only look at the “clearance” or “sale” racks any longer, what with the prices of things, and how we feel after we’ve bought something at full price.

    makes me wonder if i could possibly barter with the mortgage company on offering some sort of coupon deal…

  3. Two dollars?! And to think I paid full price for two of those dresses last year! If I had only waited…..Wal-Mart, here I come!

  4. I have a couple of those too! I think I paid ‘full price’ which I’m pretty sure was in the $14.99 vicinity! I’ve worn them around the house with tank tops, at the beach over swimsuits – they’re very handy just to throw on! Congrats!

  5. If it makes your purchase sound any better, I found a dress that I absolutely loved at the thrift store last night for 3.50. Now, that is normally more than I would spend for something at the thrift, but it seems brand new and it is a decent label. You? You bought two BRAND NEW WITH TAGS dresses for what I basically bought one brand newish dress for at the thrift.

    Good for you, B-Mama. You and your pocket change! :)

  6. That’s some serious frugality, girlfriend….you go, BooMama.


  7. Two dollars??? That’s a steal in todays economy! I may have to run to the Walmarts here and check it out! Hubs might even be proud if I could find enought cash in my wallet to purchase them. I usually use my debit card for EVERYTHING!! Congrats to you Boo Mama!!

  8. Two dollars?! No! It can’t be!

  9. I pretty much dislike all things WalMart (I know, I’m ducking from all the things being thrown at me right now…) but girl. Those are super cute. I’m pretty sure I need them (not want, NEED) and will make a trip to the dreaded WalMart today.

    Gotta gear up for that one, though. Oof.

  10. Southern Gal says:

    I’m having trouble staying away (online and in person) from those super cute maxi dresses. I’m TALL and those kinds of styles just don’t come along every day. But right now the cheapest I can find is $25. Pray for me, Boo Mama. Please pray.

  11. I have had an ongoing affair with the Walmarts clearance rack for the past year, since my hubby is in real estate and we’ve been budgeting for a while now. But somehow, I missed the $2 dresses, and I am sad that my Walmart clearance rack could hide something so special from me. I thought we had a thing goin’ on.. I guess it was just me. Those are really cute..

  12. Way to save! I can never find anything good in my walmart. It doesn’t help that they are completely remodeling right now and there are holes in the floor, whole sections are separated and in completely different places.

  13. I am in fashion and finance awe of you right now.

  14. “longingly resting my head against some colorful long tunics.” (LOL) I’m there with you, sister and I can totally appreciate your $2 dress victory! Give Him some praise, girl! If that’s not a reward for your commitment to being faithful in the small things, I don’t know what is!! :)

  15. Here’s another way to look at this great shopping jackpot find… can wear great shoes guilt free with either of them.

    I likey good shoes! And those cost ya!
    Spreading the wealth (or lack of).

  16. Oh my!! I have to run out now and look today. It is funny talking about using change. My husband alwasy puts his change from his pockets in a case on his night stand. Lately I have been raiding it for lunch money for myself. there must be like 30 bucks in there!

  17. Why do you have the friends who celebrate the success of finding a $2 dress (I’m with you!), and I have the ones who make me feel guilty that someone in China is getting paid 5 cents a day making it? I’m so calling you or Melanie next time I’m in Walmart. The Chinese need jobs too.

  18. Two bucks!!! That’s awesome. This is exactly what I was talking about in my very last post. How you can buy brandnew clothes for less than what they charge you at consignment shops. Madness!

  19. Well, I think it would have been a sin to leave those two dollar dresses on the rack. You just can’t beat that!

    I must run to my Walmarts today to see if I can find me some two dollar goodies =)

  20. Well now, I think it would have been a sin to leave those two dollar dresses on the rack. You just can’t beat that!

    I must run to Walmarts today to see if I can find me some two dollar goodies!

  21. I have been trying to spread the good news of Wal- mart fashion for a while. However I have never found a $2 dress. Good tidings to you!!!!

  22. well done good and faithful – shopper. terrific and practical purchase for less than one of those fancy schmancy coffees you were consuming last week! I recently bought hooded sweatshirts for $.79 each – yes one penny less than eighty cents! A clearout at CVS – I don’t normally wear a hoodie – but I’m yer hoodie gal now! Fun isn’t it? and I still would like to see a throw down match between Jack Bauer and MacGyver – you know – just for the ingenuity of it all.

  23. Dang, I was just at “the Walmarts” last night and didn’t even go to the clothes section. Just grabbed some deodorant and toothpaste real quick and was out in a flash. Now I may have to make a special trip back!

  24. I had to laugh at you wearing the fire out of those dresses. My mama used to threaten to slap the fire out of me. Fortunately, she never had to follow through, because I’m thinking that would have left a mark.

  25. But why were the dresses so cheap? I had to broaden out my definition of what it means to be faithful in the small things a few years ago when I realized that if something’s that inexpensive, it probably means that it was made by someone working in horrible conditions. And often that someone is a child.

    Not to rain on your happy parade about cute, cheap dresses. But it gets a lot harder to shop when you think about all these other things, too.

  26. SO, first of all, while I do not refer to WM in my own blog posts b/c of my deep lingering resentment of said store, I do find that a $2.00 dress MORE than makes up for the fact that the sandals I want from there are $15. $15!!! For barely-shoes. AT WALMART!! WM is getting to big for it’s corporate britches, methinks.

    Secondly, GIRL, you should do some personal shopping for the poor souls with no access to $2 dresses. For a nominal fee for your time, you could spread the love. And probably make, like, 10 whole dollars.

  27. I am so jealous. :o) I was headed to Walmart (for diapers, not dresses) earlier and stopped to check my blogs. I read yours and was outta here so fast, B-line for those clearance racks. No dresses to be found here… well, a couple in the juniors section for $5, but seriously? I have kids, I can’t chase them around in something that short! Congrats on a great find!

  28. I love it when you channel Martha.

    And Susan Bristol? Also love {her}.

  29. sooo cute! wish my walmart had those on sale. (it doesn’t. it’s new.)

  30. I know WalMart does a lot of demographics study-stuff and sells merchandise according to store location and what will sell there. Apparently over sized character t-shirts and elastic waisted pants are what sell here. NOT cute, inexpensive dresses. Congrats on the great find!

  31. I’m loving the new dresses this season with the empire waist – gotta help a girl out! I just checked and online they’re $5, but out of stock. Guess I’ll be checking this week if I go out again. I know exactly what you’re talking about by being faithful in the small things. It’s just too easy to buy and think we have to have things and then feel guilty later on. I don’t want to be known necessarily by the the clothes I wear, but how well I love on others! But $2 I’m just in awe. YOU GO GIRL!

  32. You go with your 2$ dresses, Boomama!

    I only recently started reading your blog, and I’ve been giggling. A lot.


  33. That’s it. Violent spring thunderstorm or no, when C is up from his nap I’m loading him into the car and we are going to Wal-Mart!

  34. I might just have to hit my Walmarts to see if they have those groovy $2.00 dresses!

    UBER cute!

  35. I am sad to report that my Walmarts does not have the $2.00 dresses, further confirming my theory that my Walmarts is subpar.

  36. I TOTALLY have a tear. I’m checking the website to see if they’re on it. Nearest WalMarts=45 miles away. Not just a hop skip or jump out here in the boonies. How did I become exiled here?

  37. I was just thinking a few days ago about how much I miss Martha. Glad to see her name.

  38. I got my change and I am heading to the Wal-Marts!!! Too cute!

  39. LOVE the way you spin a yarn. You’re keeping me smiling all week — and it’s only Tuesday.

  40. This is the reason I love Sam. The man was a genius.

  41. Those dresses are adorable… and for just $2! I am going to head over to the Walmarts and see if I can find a bargain.

  42. I have that brown dress and it is great. It has washed well and saw me through the end of last summer and this past winter.

    I think spending $4 on two outfits is a great purchase…I spend more on that each time I stop at Sonic!

  43. Your commitment to rein in the spending is something I can relate to! What is it about ‘stuff’ that makes me feel better? I even wrote a post today on my blog (http// about that very thing. Thanks so much for being real – I love it!

  44. Boomama,

    your comment about Martha and thin cotton was hilarious!!! :) That is so funny!

  45. ahhh – stopped at our WM and the exact same (purple) dress was $5 – yes more than twice the cost of your extreme bargain. I still believe I’ll wear the “fire” out of that comfy (admittedly thin) cotton knit garment! Thanks for the heads up – otherwise – I’d just bought cat food and a new red lightbulb (don’t ask)

  46. Okay, I have to go to “Walmarts” (love how you say that…makes me think of a particular one of my relatives) today! Yes, I think if you can buy it with your spare change, you can go ahead and do so. Love it!

  47. I would totally support you on those dress purchases, and since we *most likely* shop at the same Walmarts, I may even run by there tomorrow.

    Did I mention that you and my husband really should meet? We are just down the road, and friend, he knows any and every tiny detail about 24….in fact, he is downright obsessed. His FACEBOOK profile is a picture of Jack…seriously, he goes on Rick and Bubba almost weekly to give and update, and he has purchased actual merchandise from the 24 website. To say he is a bit out of control is an understatement. Sorry, I just had to share.

  48. $2.00? We are on a tight budget this year and I didn’t think I would be getting anything new for summer, but I think we can swing $2.00. Walmart(s) here I come. Thanks for sharing that wonderful find (hope my Walmart(s) still has some…).

  49. Oh Boomama, you are making my life very difficult:) I DO NOT GO TO WALMART(S)….but this might put me over the edge and make me go.
    At the end of every year I can tell anyone how many times that year I went…last year it was 3, the third really not counting, since it was only to the garden section:)
    Oh the things we do for the love of $2 clothing. How cute are those dresses!
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  50. Wowzers, girlfriend!

  51. I wish that my upper arms would allow me to wear those darling dresses, but alas, I will have to spend my four dollars elsewhere! Way to rock a bargain, Boo!

  52. go’n to the walmarts…

  53. I must confess my bargain envy.

  54. Jennifer says:

    Do you ship? I want one! :)

  55. Karen H. says:

    Love that story. My budget is tight as well. I found some great, cute summer T’s at Target. Love it! Okay, from a west coast gal, our Walmarts and Targets are called Walmart and Target (sans the “s”). Are yours really Walmarts and Targets, or is that a cute Boo Mama thing?

    Love your blog!

    Karen in California

  56. Oh, Boomama. . .you put me to shame, so I shall not tell you EXACTLY how much money I spent at TWO different Dollar Trees last weekend. It’s an embarassment. . .of course I DID completely outfit my tables (cloths, plates, and napkins) for my annual luncheon AND complete the Easter baskets but I need to be WAY more faithful in the small things.

    And I think your $2 dresses are a fragrant offering of faithfulness.

  57. Love it, BigMama…what lovely $2 dresses…heading to WalMart to get me some, too. Faithful in the small things, indeed. The Lord has been working on this theme in my own life…well done, sister…well done…

  58. $2?? $2?? Are you serious? I thought I was totally out of the running for a cute summer dress, but I find $2 in the washing machine on a regular basis so I’m off to Walmart.

    And honestly? I don’t even care that empire waist dresses are the Kiss Of Death on me. Not flattering AT ALL. But for $2, I could use it as a bathing suit cover up so all is not lost!

  59. Woo Hoo!!!! I do loves me a sale!

  60. And I usually make fun of my hubby for buying clothes at the Walmarts! :) Really, $2 is a steal…I might even have to go lookin’ for one of those. Love the brown, got more brown in my closet. So, 280 store or Chelsea?!

  61. I went last night and those SAME dresses are $14.00 in my store :(

  62. I am in tears right now!! I just started following you and bigmama’s blogs and I just love yall! Keep it up girlfriend! :)

  63. I love your blog and you are just delightful!

  64. Thanks for admitting to the Walmart purchase. Now I can tell the world I just bought some shiny hot pink ballerina flats there for $10. Made me happy, therefore made my whole office staff happy.

  65. I am basking in your $2.00 thriftdom, Boomama.

    About a month or 2 ago, I was thrifting and found the perfect pair of silver sandals to wear on my trip to Maui–try finding any sandals what-so-ever in dark Western WA in winter. But I digress.

    The sandals, never worn, had an actual retail value of $5.00, but it was Super Saturday Surprise time at the thrift store, making everything over $1 50% off. Even I could do that math. We call it latte money around here. I have a darling pair of silver shoes for less than the price of my favorite hot beverage. cha-ching.

  66. Heather says:

    Now that is a Walmart Stimulus Plan if I ever heard of one! Awesome deal and fab dresses!

  67. I am so disappointed I can’t find those. I went to two stores so far. I will keep trying though. THose are too cute

  68. Those are ADORABLE!!

    My thrifty and walmarty personality commends you :)

  69. Awesome deal! I just followed SturgMom over here, and I have to say I love your blog. Can I come back and play again :)

  70. Sigh. I love those dresses, but I’m a tad too busty for them not to look like maternity wear . . . not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you are in fact pregnant. But it’s not a look I’m going for right now. :o)

  71. kimberly says:

    Oh Boo Mama….why do you tease us with such as this. You know all those dresses were swipped from every rack around once your post went up. For $2 you should have bought all they had in each color and size and let us pay you to ship them around!!!! :)

    Love the blog….keeps me laughing, and informed!! :)

  72. I’ve been reading for a while, but this post brought me out of lurkerdom. $2 dresses are the epitome of faithfulness in small things. It would have been less faithful to pass them up! God put them on that rack just for you. The same thing happened to me today with a $7 pair of ON jeans :)

  73. Now that’s what I’m talking about.