American Idol, Top 8

Tonight the contestants are singing songs from their birth years, which means that I’m going to feel about 105 by the time this particular theme night is over.

Oh, the getting older is humbling, isn’t it?

All righty. Here we go.

Danny Gokey – 1980 – “Stand By Me” – Oh, this song reminds me of Bud and Sissy dancing cheek-to-cheek at Gilley’s in “Urban Cowboy” – sweet, sweet memories. Anyway, I thought the first part of his performance wasn’t his best, but the second half was definitely better. Still, I don’t think I would’ve picked this song – something a little closer to whatever genre he’s planning to focus on when he records a CD (whether that’s contemporary Christian, country, whatever) would’ve been better. He has an incredible voice, but he’s becoming less distinctive to me with each passing week, mainly because I still don’t feel like I know where his musical interests lie. Just my opinion – which, by the way, happens to be worth a grand total of zero dollars and zero cents.

Kris Allen – 1985 – “All She Wants To Do Is Dance” – I would have NEVER thought of this song as an option for him, but I thought the arrangement was sort of interesting. HOWEVER, I think Kris made a bit of a misstep here, because I noticed the arrangement way more than I noticed his singing. He has been so distinctive the last couple of weeks, but tonight it seemed like he faded into the background a little bit. Plus, his range is incredible, and that song has approximately four notes. The whole thing was just a’ight for me.

Lil Rounds – 1984 – “What’s Love Got To Do With It” – Now in theory I would’ve thought Lil picking a Tina Turner song would have been a brilliant choice. But my problem with her performance tonight was that it felt like an imitation of Angela Bassett imitating Tina Turner – right down to her outfit, her mannerisms and her walk when she came on the stage. The first part of the song was a little flat, and when she finally hit her stride towards the end of the song, I was frustrated that she had resorted to one more karaoke-ish performance. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: she’s better than what we’re seeing each week on the show. I wonder why that is?

Anoop Desai – 1986 – “True Colors” – Anoop picked a great song this week, and I loved the arrangement. He also seemed to connect a little bit more than he has in past weeks; I didn’t get bored or feel like I was watching a wedding singer. Anoop really showed off his voice and put a nice R&B twist on a classic pop song. Bottom line: this performance reminded me why I liked Anoop so much at the very beginning of the season. Well done.

Scott McIntyre – 1985 – “The Search Is Over” – I SO knew that he would go for a power ballad, and goodness knows that the 80s is the perfect decade to mine for power ballad gold. My biggest issue with Scott is that I just don’t care very much for his voice. When he sings loudly his voice gets a little shaky, but not in a way that’s particularly pleasing. And because I don’t love his voice, just about anything he sings sounds sort of stilted and old-fashioned to me. He’s totally likeable, but I don’t think he’s nearly as talented as the other guys who are still in the running (towards becoming America’s Next Top Model).


(I couldn’t resist.)

Allison Iraheta – 1992 – “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – She sang the fire out of this song, but I had a hard time getting past the fact that the lyrics were TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE FOR A SIXTEEN YEAR-OLD. I know I shouldn’t get hung up on that, but there’s absolutely nothing believable about listening to a sixteen year-old sing all sexy-like and world weary-ish about a love affair that’s ending. However, she sounded great – one of the best of the night for sure.

Matt Giraud – 1985 – “Part-Time Lover” – I was delighted to see Matt do something a little more in the JT vibe tonight, even if I DESPISE this song. I thought this was a fine return to form, and the arrangement gave him a chance to do his bluesy / funky / jazzy / R&B-ish THANG. And also? His range was phenomenal. Loved it.

Adam Lambert – 1982 – Our DVR cut off, which means that I have no idea what he sang or how he sang it. So internets, you will have to give me the low-down in the comments.

All in all I thought tonight was a bit of a letdown. Matt was far and away the best, and Scott and Lil were the weakest – but keep in mind that I didn’t see Adam’s performance. Who did y’all think was the best? And who do you think is in danger of going home?

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  1. Adam sang “Mad World” by Tears For Fears. I am not a fan, but my husband thought he “killed” it. Which means good, as I learned.

    I think Scott will be going home. But I really wish it was Anoop, something about him drives me crazy.

  2. Boomama,
    I have read your blog forever and enjoy every minute. from Kentucky but consider myself a true southern like you. I am currently on vacation in LA (of course you know that as Lower Alabama!) Anyway, I could go on and on but about Idol tonight. I completely agree with everything you said. I did get to see Adam and he rocked. Simon gave him a standing O. He deserved it. Anyway, just thought I would give you my 2 cents worth. Beth
    P.S. I am almost over my issues with Southern Living as well. I let my mother renew my subscription for my b-day, I just couldn’t resist those summer recipes coming up!

  3. This is such an awesome recap I think I might skip watching it on TiVO! It’s amazingly concise :)

  4. I looked up the Greatest Hits from 1972 and it just made me feel ‘huh. Lots of Neil Young”. I don’t think that made me feel any better.

    I once heard a blip on NPR about the “Can’t Make You Love Me”…song. The story is pretty entertaining…I will send it to you….

  5. Adam Lambert: Sang like a girl. I don’t get it. Simon LIKED it. I’m so confused! I’m mean, for an artsy interpretation, it was good, but wow – he really is a soprano. :-)

    Thought Matt ROCKED it! And I totally hear ya on Allison singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. I thought the SAME thing! But the girl has mad skillz when it comes to vocals – MY WORD!

  6. My TiVo cut off, too. I’m still recovering. I may be writing Pauler a love note thanking her for her incessant babbling which led to me missing the Simon Standing Ovation Caliber Adam performance.

    I’m not bitter, though.

    I may have a touch of the rage, but I’m not bitter at all.

  7. Oh, BAD DVR! I have mine set to record five minutes after it ends just in case. Anyway, they were running out of time, so no one spoke about Adam’s performance, Simon just stood up and clapped and said that that spoke for them all. So he was pretty much amazing!

  8. Gonna guess that the bottom three will be Kris, Lil and Scott and Scott will go home.

    Excellent recap!!!

  9. Always add extra time to the shows that matter most. Learned that lesson the hard way during college football season. Keep posting! You are one of the funniest people I know and I have never met you.


  10. Oh I love that you blog about Idol! I had the same feelings as you did — I love Allison, LOVE HER, but the song was wayyy too mature! I thought Adam was amazing, but I just don’t see him fitting into mainstream music really. He’s a great performer, but I see Allison as the one with real “package appeal”. Anoop got my attention again which is good, while, as you mentioned, Kris faded away from view. I am SO ready for Scott to go home, and I just don’t get Danny or Lil. As for Matt, I think he did a great job but he has so many ups and downs.

    I’m excited to see what next week’s theme will be!

    I might start doing my own AI post just to link to your’s!! Do you ever read Michael Slezak’s review on Entertainment Weekly? He is really funny and I almost always agree with him!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  11. Our Tivo cut off too, so I hunted the video down and posted it on my blog. You can check it out here if you want:

    Simon gave him a standing ovation, but I really wasn’t as impressed by it as the judges.

  12. I love Kris, but I’m worried he’ll go home this week. I’m not a fan of Adam, but his version of “Mad World” was pretty awesome, I thought (although he really does sound like a soprano at times). I couldn’t believe Simon actually gave someone a standing ovation. I don’t know that we’ve seen that before, but maybe I’m wrong.

  13. Thank you Jeannie…your link has saved my divr from being flung out the window. I have now bumped my “extended time” from five to thirty minutes…take that “PaulaIdon’tknowwhentostoptalkingAbdul”. BooMama as always I agree 100%, you just have a kinder way of saying it. :) If Scott stays I may just boycott. Not that it would matter and not that I really would, but I’m just sayin’.

  14. I remember these songs. Some good memories and some not so good.

    I feel old.

    Thank you very much.

    Off to slather on the wrinkle cream.

  15. Boo Mama – Google Adam – the video of “Mad World” orginally by Tears for Fears is already up. HE WAS TERRIFIC! Simon gave him a standing ovation!!!

  16. Great recap! Adam did great, he’s a little weird, but I like him. Scott so needs to go! I was so happy Meagan finally went, who all her songs sounded the same. Lil needs to step it up, & Kris just had a bad week.

  17. I knew I could count on one of ya’ll to have Adam’s performance posted. Thanks!!! Matt had the best performance although I am a huge Danny fan and I think Scott will go this week.

  18. Eew. I’m not an Adam fan and he ruined that song. I’m sorry that I don’t agree, but eew.

  19. I love reading the reviews:) I can’t wait to see what the finals bring:)


  20. Southern Gal says:

    I didn’t recognize Adam’s song, Mad World, at all. From other commenters I see it’s a Tears for Fears song? No clue. Since they ran over(can you say Paula, please hush!) none of the judges critiqued him. SIMON did say all he could do was give him a standing ovation which was what they all did. Has that happened before this early in the season? One thing about Adam, he is unique. Sings like a girl, but he’s unique.

    Bottom three? Lil, Scott and I have no clue. It’s time to send Scott home.

  21. I live in the UK so we don’t get the show until Thursday and Friday every week and I’m going out of town so will miss it and was feeling twitchy. Love your recaps pretty much more than the show.

    Thanks to whoever posted the Adam link…I loved it and would totally download to my ipod. His style isn’t mainstream for sure but his voice is amazingly amazing (I miss your Bachelor recaps).

    I can’t comment on the others since I didn’t see the show…but I will anyway…Scott should go home now, seems like a nice guy but not the American Idol.

  22. JustBetty says:

    Adam creeps me out.
    [sorry A. nothing personal.]

    And, tonight? ~*~shudder~*~
    He hit an all-time high on my CreepO’Matic scale.

  23. Everyone loved Adam–even Simon gives him a standing ovation. Me? Meh…it was retarded. I don’t like his girly-high voice anymore. Go home. (but he won’t).

    As for Danny? I want his jacket. Scratch that–I WILL have his jacket.
    Because. I. Like. Jackets.

  24. Bottom 2 for me: Scott and Lil
    Top Dogs for me: Danny, Matt, Allison and Anoop! I still like Kris, but I just didn’t like the arrangement of his song tonight. Adam definately has great voice control and not many guys can sing a whole song in their high register, like he can, but the song really did nothing for me tonight. He may be different to some, but I do have to acknowledge his vocal ability. I think Scott needs to go this time and next week Lil should go home.

  25. TN Mama says:

    You’ve seen Adam perform before. Last night was more of the same. He definitely has talent, but please… take the drama to Broadway. I can’t take it!

  26. Oh BooMama. You would have loved Adam’s performance. He has the whole “artist” thing figured out!

  27. adam is just weird with the elvis colored black hair especially when you see his natural color is light blondish/brown in his little kid pics. i didn’t care for song – to artsy

  28. I was SO TICKED that AI went over their allotted time and my DVR didn’t catch Adam’s performance. I was counting on your wrap up to fill me in. I wonder if I can find it on YouTube.

    As for the rest of it, I agree pretty much. I love Allison. I think she’s my fave at the moment. I’m losing that lovin’ feelin’ for Danny, although I’m still a fan. He’s just not living up to the expectations I had of him at the beginning of the season.

    And I thought Matt was awesome tonight, once he got into the song.

    Enjoyed your recap thing, as ALWAYS.

  29. I was disappointed last night in the songs…however, Matt Giraud ROCKED IT OUT!
    Enjoy your recap each week!

  30. Well, first I have to say that I am totally devoted to Matt, and think he was great last night. And usually, I cringe watching Adam’s performances. But last night? Adam was incredible. I hate to admit it, but he was SO good.

  31. My link didn’t work the first time… delete it if you have the time and desire. :)

    Letdown for me this week, too. Actually, each week has been, really. Where is the Kelly Pickler or the Mandisa??

  32. Funny, I totally agreed with you on Allison….love her but YIKES on the song choice, inappropriate. I really really liked Matt, he was by far the best of the night…and Danny has been my fav but I know what you’re saying about him. Step it up baby! As far as Adam goes……it was a strange song for me but once again he slayed it. I have a feeling he will be around in the end. Thanks!!! :)

  33. As always, right on cue.

    To Erin, who is worried Kris will go home this week, don’t worry. He just had an “off” week. Even Carrie Underwood had one when she did the show (the one where Simon said her performance reminded him of a 1950’s “washing powder” commercial). Kris has too big of a fan base, including me! But I don’t vote, so I don’t really count.

    Boomama, do you watch LOST? If you did, I’d like to see your recap on THAT!

  34. All I have to say is that the judges need to stop yapping so my DVR doesn’t cut off the best performance of the night ever again. And by “judges” I just mean Kara and Paula. Dang, those girls LOVE to hear themselves yammer.

  35. ADAM WAS AWESOME!!! And I am not his fan at all but he worked it out dawg

  36. We caught the last half of Adam’s song. My husband hasn’t watch this season at all, and when he finally looked up to the screen he said, “Whoa, wait, that’s a guy?!”. So I will echo the previous comment that said he sounded soprano :) And yes, his voice and range are great. However, I just can’t get past the dramatic actor in his performances. Love your run-down as always!

  37. I look forward weekly to your recap,,you do an excellent job! I could not even figure out what song Adam was singing, of course he makes every song “his own” so they say and is unidentifiable in this instance for me. I am afraid he will be the winner,,,,I just don’t care for the guy. Some of the song choices were just off last night for me, esp. Kris, wish he had made a better selection.

  38. I’m going to do a “Debbie Downer” here: does anyone really think any of these contestants are going to make it big in music? Would you buy their stuff? I think this year’s field is just INCREDIBLY WEAK. Maybe it’s time for Idol to fade away into the footnotes of music archives.

  39. OH the DVR!!! For the love of the TV addicted!!! It’s got to be Paula’s fault they ran over – do you not LOVE Simon’s “stink eye” when she speaks? That alone is worth not ff’ing thru her. Loved Matt & Allison, Anoop, too – he’s so dang likable! Scott has GOT T’GO!!!

  40. Great recap!!

    I do have to say that I almost wept for joy that Kara only said artist/artistry ONE time. It was like an early Christmas present. And Paula, well, she’s just Paula.

    As for Allison’s song choice, my Mom and I said “I can’t make you love me…which is okay because it would be ILLEGAL.” Very strange choice, in spite of her amazing voice.

    I’m ready for Scott to go…the kid is so sweet, but is way out of his league!!

  41. Adam got a standing ovation from Simon. I don’t care much for Scott’s singing, but when we were watching it my daughter told me look mom that’s the guy they were talking about on the radio. We listened to KLove Christian in the morning and his aunt was on there talking about his blindness and kidney transplant, so I have a soft spot for him. Love Danny and Adam! Don’t care for Anoop.

  42. Adam’s song choice is the song from the video game “God of War” that was originally Tears for Fears.

    He is amazing – to get Simon to give him a standing o is something.

  43. E-Dub from your comments had the Youtube video on her site, so I did get to see Adam’s performance. I’m sorry to all the Adam fans, but he gives me the creeps! And not just because there were some out-of-the-closet-photos floating around this week (I didn’t seem them, but my husband that doesn’t follow AI, told me about them), I haven’t liked him from the beginning. Just not my cup of tea. Way too over the over the top for my taste. I’m with Danny all the way!!!

  44. BooMama! Let me just say… you are hands-down one of my favorite places to visit. You CRACK me up! Your blog was especially beneficial one day last summer when I was so frustrated with our adoption that I wanted to slit my wrist. Then, I read the post about the monkey alarm when you were in Africa… I was reading it on my iphone at the pool. I am pretty sure they were plotting to restrain me and check me into some sort of funny farm… laughing so hard I was crying while starring at my phone. Anyway, instead of slitting my wrists, I was filled with an all new sense of hope. I decided I could in fact go on with the hope and prayer that someday I would live next door to you.

    Seeing how I have not lived outside of this county… it’s not likely to happen… so don’t worry. But, the point is… I had hope!

    All of that nonsense up there to say this….I am perplexed every single time you say you are unsure of what kind of artist Danny Goekey would be. HELLO!! He is a worship arts pastor. He would be a contemporary christian artist (who I am sure somehow you would get to hang out with). He CAN NOT however sing a “christian” song every time he is up there or he would be kicked to the curb instantly! He would alienate a multitude of people

    Excuse me for my correction… I just had to help you out there!

    Said with lots of love, admiration and respect!

  45. Adam rocked–I was putty in his hands for the entire song. He’s got it, whatever “it” is.

  46. Made my predictions, but I’m wishy washy about who will actually go home. I’ll be sad if it’s anybody but Scott or Lil.

  47. Heather says:

    Please note I am not a big fam of the Adam Lambert. Although is talented he is a bit over the top for me. But last night’s performance was AMAZING! I had to rewind the DVR and watched it 3 (THREE) times! It was really really good. So in case you couldn’t tell, I liked Adam’s performance.
    I am still loving Go-Go-Gokey and Kris the best though. Oh and Matt is good too!

  48. Why do I always have trouble seeing my comments show up here? AHH!

  49. THANK YOU JEANNIE for the video link! I did see the show, but it ran over like 7 minutes or more, and I had only set the video for 5 minutes past. I like to rewatch some of the performances ad I was bummed about not getting to see Adam’s again.

    I take exception to the comments that he “sings like a girl.” So he has a high voice. Is that any reason to put him down?

    He is “different,” but he has total control of his voice and rarely misses a note.

    I don’t think I have ever seen Simon give a standing ovation before.

    The judges have been doing that the last several shows — talking way too much the first several contestants and then just having one sentence critiques the last few. I wish they’d understand that we don’t watch the show to see the judges interact with or fuss with each other.

    I love Danny, but I feel like he is just coasting at times. But I think the finale will come down to him and Adam.

    Love Kris, didn’t care for the song, and I feel claustrophobic whenever they sing surrounded that closely with people.

    Lil is so great, it’s just a shame she hasn’t found her stride yet. I hope she stays in and WOWS us next time.

    Love Scott as a person, but you’re right, his voice just isn’t as strong nor his performance as consistent as others. I definitely think he’s more of a piano man type of singer.

    I agree about the lyrics to Allison’s song being too adult for her. I thought it was funny that her mom thought there was something wrong with her because she talked so much. My youngest was a chatterbox, too.

  50. Amy in TN says:

    I’d love to hear your critique of the judges. They are getting stale to me. ALWAYS saying the same thing. I know it must be a tough job to come up with something different to say each time, but with the 4th one added, it’s a little too much of the same for me.

  51. JustBetty says:

    BooMama : Did you watch Adam’s performance yet? I’m *dying* here ~ need to know what you thought.

    [I don’t really dislike the guy and know he’s super talented so I’m feeling such remorse about saying he creeped me out.]

    [ but he did! ]

  52. Love everyones take on the show last night.

    I thought Adam’s performance was interesting, I’m not familiar with this song so have no idea how it’s supposed to sound.

    Allison has a great great voice and you know I love Anoop. I thought he did a great job last night but he’s never good enough to be an idol in the end. The more I think about it the happier I am about that. I really don’t wish fame on any of these kids that tried out on a fluke and never dreamed they would make it this far.

    How many of them are caught up in the moment and never gave it a thorough look see before they found themselves where they are now.

  53. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more of an uproar in the news today that Adam’s performace got cut off. (I mean, that’s right up there with global economic collapse, isn’t it?) If I were a big Adam fan, I’d not be happy about that.

    I think it’s interesting that this is the second season in a row where the male performers are so much stronger than the female ones, don’t you?

  54. Adam’s performance is up on the the AI website as is all the performances.

  55. i see a lot of people didn’t really like adam’s performance. if you aren’t familiar with the tears for fears song “mad world,” then his performance probably didn’t mean much to you. he did a phenomenal job. and, really, who does simon ever stand up for? no one. i have not always been a big adam fan, but every performance since his (devil-inducing) “ring of fire” fiasco, i have been endeared to him. anyway… it was brilliant. next week, girl, record american idol and the show after it. (i learned that the hard way, too.) have a blessed Easter.

  56. I need Danny’s jacket. I’m completely obsessed with it.


  57. I caught the end of Adam’s song and didn’t see what the big deal was. But in 1982 I was more interested in toys than music, so what do I know. I saw that someone in the comments joked about Adam being a soprano, so I’ve decided that Adam’s oddities are due to the fact that he is secretly a countertenor on loan from the King’s Singers. A very modern, “look at me I’m so punk” version of the King’s Singers.

  58. I agree with your comment about the 16 year old singing that particular song. She sang it well but it was a little too “old” for her. I’m a little old-fashioned about some of those things, too.

  59. Our DVD cut off, too! I’m hoping they reply his song tonight! I look forward to reading your thoughts every Wednesday!

  60. I can’t tell you how frustrated we were when we got to the end of our DVR recording, cut off, no Adam Lambert, then checked Dial Idol only to find that he was far and away #1. SOOO annoying. I’ve been checking Hulu like a left eye twitch ever since.

    It’s amazing how something like DVR can so revolutionize your life, then bring you crashing down to the pits of despair. It’s kind of like Wal-Mart does to little towns. . .puts all of the mom and pop’s out of business with their fancy cheapness, then raises the prices and quits mopping the floors.

    Ahh, life.

  61. Well. I can see that having no DVR has actually gotten me AHEAD of the crowd this week, so HARDY HAR HAR, take that you technologically advanced people!

    And after watching the results show, let me say just one thing:


    I will no longer have to plug my ears (NOT. EXAGGERATING.) during a Scott performance. And you know what? I didn’t like how he talked back to the judges.

    Anoop seems to be losing his likability factor.

    Adam, Danny, and That Guy You Like With The Thing On His Forehead are front-runners when it comes to professionalism when they speak.

    And I’m still a fan of Allison’s voice.

    And Megan’s hair, though that was voted off last week.

  62. kIMBERLY H ~CJ'S MOMMY says:

    I am not a fan of Adam’s. I mean period.To me Matt was the best!!

    Ok you makin me wanna watch Urban Cowboy.I love that movie and Bud & Sissy.