American Idol, Top 4

Now they say that tonight’s episode of “American Idol” is rock and roll night, but I’m hoping that there will be a broad interpretation of what constitutes “rock” because I’m not really much of a rock and roll fan and therefore would be very grateful if the contestants have a chance to branch out of the rock thang a little bit. However, to the AI folks’ credit, they’ve pulled in Slash as this week’s mentor, and he promises that “it’s gonna be a really good time.”

With each contestant singing two songs a piece, I reckon it will.

Adam Lambert – “Whole Lotta Love” – Y’all, I’m sure that people who know something about this kind of music would tell me that Adam’s performance was brilliant, but for me it was like fingernails on a chalkboard. There’s something about the tone of his voice that sort of makes my teeth hurt. Or maybe I just have dental issues. But regardless, this was not even a little bit enjoyable for me. Others seemed to like it, though, and I am delighted for them.

Allison Iraheta – “Cry, Baby” – I thought the verses felt a little jumbled and muddy, but the choruses were stronger. The biggest problem was that the song was boring. It didn’t give her a chance to show off her personality, and at this point in the game, we need to see that from her. Also: STOP ARGUING WITH SIMON.

Kris Allen and Danny Gokey – “Renegade” – A cappella beginning? Harmony? Duet? Band dropping out mid-way through with vocals backed only by drums? Why, it’s a perfect song! And even if it was a little uneven during the solo parts, it was great fun indeed. I wonder if Danny will let me borrow that necklace?

Kris Allen – “Come Together” – Honestly, I thought Kris might disappear in this song because it’s SO big, but in the end he held his own. And he actually made me like a Beatles song, which is nothing short of remarkable. Kris knows his strengths so well, and he found ways to play to those strengths in the middle of a genre that’s not really him at all. I liked it a lot.

[As we’re listening to the judges, I can’t help but wonder if the judges have made up their minds in terms of who they want in the finale and if they’re constructing their comments accordingly. I’m not trying to be all cynical, mind you, but what Kris did was WAY better than what Allison did, and he was even way outside his comfort zone, thankyouverymuch.]

[Bless his heart.]

Danny Gokey – “Dream On” – The first part was really engaging (and surprising, at that), but the end was a little rough around the edges. It was a bold choice for sure, and it should be enough to get him to the final three.

Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert – “Slow Ride” – They sounded good together, but at this stage in the show I was so outdone that my reaction was pretty much along the lines of Um, whatever.

Now. A brief rant.

The judges kept telling Danny and Kris that they know rock and roll isn’t what they do, but WHY PICK THAT THEME WHEN YOU KNOW THAT TWO OUT OF YOUR FOUR CONTESTANTS DON’T STEP ANYWHERE NEAR THAT GENRE AND SEMI-FINALS ARE A WEEK AWAY? Plus, with every other theme week, contestants could modify the songs to fit the genre they prefer (for example: disco week), but tonight everyone was LOCKED IN to the rock deal. I’m not so sure that’s entirely fair when you’re heading into semi-final week; let these people do what they do best by giving them some flexibility within the genre.

Also: what’s up with Adam getting to sing first and last?

Another also: what’s up with the reference to the “two seasoned rock stars” at the end? The “rock god” and “rock goddess” getting to close the show? Simon saying that Adam and Allison’s duet may give Allison “a chance to stay in the show”? And Simon not asserting who was the better of two with Adam and Allison after he totally threw Kris under the bus after his duet with Danny?


Honestly, I’m so outdone right now that I’m going to quit typing so that I can vote for Kris and Danny about 100 times a piece. A HUNDRED TIMES.

/end rant

What did y’all think?

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  1. I think Kris had the roughest setup tonight… He had to sing the duet and then straight into his solo. No other contestant had to do that and I hope he doesn’t go home because of it!

  2. LOL! LOL! Okay, srsly, I was not with you at all on Adam and Allison, but I’m TOTALLY with you on Kris and on his and Danny’s duet.

    AND on the part about the judges steering the voting. I actually had a whole paragraph after Kara went off on Kris’s performance about that very thing and deleted it but I am SO with you on this being rigged this year.

    I thought Kris did an excellent job at fitting into the genre when it wasn’t his norm. Now, Danny? That was NOT working for me AT ALL but kudos for trying, I suppose.

    Okay, I already wrote a post so I’ll stop here. :-)

  3. Totally agree with you…’s rigged. Stinkin unfair genre for this part in the game. Whatev. Enough with the stroking Adam’s ego. Ggrrr. Voted like mad for Danny…..the judges were kinda harsh tonite. GO DANNY!!!! :D

  4. agreed. I am so not a hard rock kind of girl, so even though Adam and Alison sang well, I so did not enjoy it. And while I did enjoy Kris’s performance, to me both he and Danny seemed strained or nervous or something tonight. Not my favorite night at allllll…

    I’m really really worried for Kris tomorrow.

  5. Jennifer says:

    You are right on, Sister!!! They appear to have an agenda to get Adam into the finals for sure and Allison(if I hear she is 17 one more time, I will scream!!!!). Mike and I voted for Kris non-stop for about 90 minutes, and we usually vote 2 or 3 times. I thought it was unfair Kris had to do the duet first, then his solo. I also didn’t like that Adam got to go FIRST AND LAST!!!! I cry foul.

  6. It’s a total conspiracy and I am nobody’s patsy, which is why I actually voted for the first time in my AI viewing history.

    I voted for Kris because I think he’s darling and I’d buy his record or CD or download him on iTunes or whatever it is the kids are doing these days.

  7. Amen and amen. Did you hear Paula say – after the first duet – something about how she didn’t know they were going to have to comment on the duets? I think they prepare their comments in advance, before the kids have even sung. Creepy and unfair.
    Tonight wasn’t a happy AI night for me, dawg…

  8. You’re not cynical, BooMama. You’re awake. Anyone watching the past couple of weeks can see that the judges have an agenda this year. No question.

    I just have to say – I loved Kris tonight. I thought it was flippin’ fantastic. (I think Revolution would have been a disaster.) No matter how hard I try, I can’t like the Beatles, either. I never did try too hard, but you know.

  9. I agree…everything about tonight was a set up! complete setup. they ‘sandwiched’ Danny and Kris to drown them out and smoosh them to pieces. i hope america realizes it.

  10. Kris and Danny are still my favorites. I’m tired of all the Adam / Allison hype. Something smells fishy to me too.

  11. I missed it tonight and didn’t record it. My favorite left last week so my heart’s not into it anymore. Sniff sniff and boo hoo.

  12. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s “rigged” but I do think it’s “manipulated.” Although the judges may think Americans are not on to their little scheme, it’s OB-VEE-US that Simon makes little comments to contestants that put the viewers in an uproar so they vote for the people the judges want them to vote for.

    I think that last sentence is confusing. And I sound like I’m taking AI way too seriously.

    I think I need a hobby. Unless watching and blogging about “reality” TV IS a hobby. Then, I’m totally in the zone. ‘Night!

  13. I totally agree with you, Sophie. I really felt like there was a bit of set up and masquerade going on with the judges and with the order of the show. Man.

    I loved Renegade! And like you, I am not a fan of the Beatles–I’m more of a Monkees fan. Ha! Dream Weaver–ah.

  14. I had to read your rant out loud to my husband, because srsly…I had just said the same exact thing. No lie! I agree with you 100%! We need to have a prayer vigil for Kris and Danny because if the judges have their way, Adam and Allison will be the top 2.

  15. Thank You! I completely agree. On every level. With your whole rant.

    Were you in my living room?? =)

  16. Okay, I am not a good rule follower. I have been linking here for a few weeks and just now noticed that we are supposed to post a comment after we’ve linked. Oops.

    On the other hand, I just realized there is a Kroger only 2 miles from my house. So see? I’m a little slow on the uptake.

    Anyhoo- there is really nothing left to say after posting my AI post. I think I said it all there, so feel free to sneak a peek. But let me close this comment by saying these 17 words:

    Adam. His pants. His tight pants. Oh my. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    Thank you and good night.

  17. Amen Sister! Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeach it! (pretend you are in an African American congregation…)

    I couldn’t have said it better and I am in 100% in agreement with you.

    I HATE Adam’s voice… all that screeching! YUCK! I do enjoy watching his cocky performances, but I hate his voice!


  18. Shoot. I meant Daydream Believer for The Monkees.

    Sorry Gary Wright. I like your song, too.

  19. Boodaddy says:

    Let me tell you right now that if Adam and Allison are the final 2, we will NOT be watching it in the Boo household. Kris messed up their plan for the season by getting better every week so they do Rock n Roll?!? Tonight made me furious.

  20. I so agree with you! I was not in the mood for seafood tonight, but idol was serving a boatload of fishiness. It just was not fair!

  21. i’m hoping the fact that after a half hour of trying i could only get a busy signal for both kris and danny shows that america agrees with you. i’m not one for conspiracy theories, but your “rant” was right on.

  22. We voted tonight for the first time since we voted for Carrie Underwood several years ago. It seems like Simon, who I usually agree with, is certainly lining up Adam to be the winner. It seems very blatant to me.

    I thought Kris and Danny’s duet was great…what a great sound!
    I also loved Kris’ solo. I love Danny but didn’t care for his song tonight. BUT they are not rock singers.

    Why don’t they have Christian music night since they do all “kinds” of music. It has a great following and is a multi-million dollar industry with great artists.

    Can you imagine Adam sing “Praise You in the Storm”?? It’s not his “thing” but neither is rock Kris or Danny’ “thing”!
    Now that would be an interesting show!!!

  23. Southern Gal says:

    Same here. Something fishy is going on here.

    And I really don’t like the Beatles at all.

  24. Amen! Rant on BooMama! It has been clear for many weeks now that the judges love Adam. What I have loved about AI is that America is DISCOVERING a fresh new talent. Adam has already had his foot in the door performing on Broadway.
    I want Danny to win but I smell a rat with the way things are going.

  25. Hmmm. One thing I’ve noticed is that, whenever Simon trashes someone, they usually end up getting a LOT of votes. Sometimes, I think he tries to use reverse psychology on the audience. If he’s nasty, they hit the phones hard for their favs (see end of your post and several comments above about voting a bajillion times for Danny/Kris). Simon’s crazy like a fox (and, since he has to produce a record out of this, I suppose he needs to be); I have to wonder who he REALLY wants to win? (Paula? she’s just plain crazy).

  26. I can’t listen to their comments, I always fast forward. I have now voted for Danny about 546 times tonight :)

  27. It’s like we share the same brain!

    I really thought Kris rocked the Beatles tune. Like I was going to go download it tonight.

    I’m over the judges. I really liked Kara (is that her name?) telling Danny that he should do earlier Aerosmith like “Crying”, etc… Ummm, “Dream On” was earlier Aerosmith, like the first single from their debut album.

    Whatever people.

  28. agreed.

  29. Gah! I’m so with you on the rant. I can’t stand Adam but this was his genre. Yes, they totally threw Kris under the bus. We’re voting Danny and Kris too. I also agree on the genre-swaying thing. Not really fair and I give props to Kris for killing it, and to Danny for giving it the old college try.

    I hope that more people like us actually vote. That’ll show ’em.

  30. I totally hear what you’re saying….I think they’re trying to sway the audience also. I mean come on….at the end of the show, why did they show the clip of Danny screaming at the end of his song? I mean seriously that was the worst part of his song! Hmm, something a little fishy going on.

    I loved the harmonies between Danny and Kris tonight. I felt the same way as you did about Adam’s performance, but I did like Allison in the duet!

  31. I totally wish I could vote! I had the same thoughts as you.

  32. I couldn’t have said that better myself. Fingernails on a chalkboard, and not fair. Where’s Simon and Garfunkel night, eh?

    The judges sounded more like the ones on “America’s Got Talent,” tonight, where it all felt too over-the-top and scripted and frankly I have grown quite weary of the show. But I won’t stop watching, of course.

    Allison’s hair was great; I’m tired of hearing Adam scream, and I feel bad for Gokey and Kris (tonight).

    I had the TV volume about as low as it could go tonight because of all the s.c.r.e.a.m.i.n.g.

    Long live the ballad.

  33. Ok, I usually lurk more than post, but I have to put my prediction in stone somewhere!

    It’s the final 4. This is when the shake up usually occurs. The Adam people think he’s safe. The Danny & Kris people (like me) voted their little behinds off tonight.

    If I’m wrong please delete this comment! But if I’m right, I want it written on a blog as cool as this one! =)

    I think maybe, just maybe we may say bye bye to Adam tomorrow. He’s was too over the top for anyone who doesn’t love pretty hard rock. And let’s be honest,the classic rock headbangers are probably the minority of the diehard AI fans.

    As for the commenter who suggested a Contemporary Christian night…I totally said exactly that to my husband tonight!

    Thanks for hosting this party! I love reading these on Tuesdays!

  34. cindi says:

    i’m TOTALLY with you…hated this theme…couldn’t watch. and voted.for.kris.non-stop. until my phone battery went dead.

    let’s hope it is enough!!

  35. You know, it’s interesting that I have to disagree with you about the Kris vs. Allison debate because I love Kris & I am not really an Allison fan, but I actually thought she did better tonight than he did. He was kind of pitchy & just didn’t seem to be himself in that song…almost like he was sick or something. Anyway, I think Allison will go home tonight, but I think Allison & Kris will be the bottom two.

  36. I so agree! I also thought trashing Kris and Danny’s duet moments before Kris had to do his solo was a bit unfair, too. Also, I think Adam is just a one trick pony – it’s an impressive trick, but it’s still just one trick. I think Kris is the total package.

  37. Why is it that the judges nitpick about EVERYTHING that the others do,or DON’T do, but NEVER comment on Adam’s every week, high pitched, only the dogs can hear him, YOWLING? Pick a new note already.
    So he’s Mr. Showman, but I’m sorry, he sounds like a revving chainsaw.

  38. I agree. I must say that I was proud of the Danny/Kris duet. They did a great job. I enjoyed their duet way better than the other one. Why did Simon have to say who was better in their duet? What difference did it make? Was it just me or was the music just creepy and dark last night?!

  39. Trish says:

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times… I can’t stand Adam! And who picked out those atrocious pants and boots?! (not that I’m surprised, since he is a crossdresser on YouTube). He’s so devilish. All the guyliner, all the howling, all the evil eyes, etc. I’m so over it, and I felt dirty just watching him perform. And they sing his praises every week! “Oh Adam, we like that you stayed true to yourself, but Kris, we don’t like that you did the same thing.” I’m so with whoever suggested Contemporary Christian week! I think Adam needs to be annointed with oil though before his performance, or else the rafters will cave in.

    I voted by behind off for Kris tonight.

    But I will say in closing, that I saw on a magazine cover (Us Weekly maybe? I’m not sure) at The Local Walmarts checkout line, that had an interview with Simon in it. He predicts the final two will be Adam and Danny. And he predicts Danny to win. It will be the showdown of Good vs. Evil if that’s the case.

    My head hurts.

  40. rebecca says:

    I. agree. completely.

  41. Trish says:

    And by the YouTube / outfit reference, I just mean that if he were singing songs from the rock genre this week, then “Dude Looks Like a Lady” would’ve been a more appropriate song for him. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  42. I put vote for Kris on my Facebook status. And I agree with those who said Simon uses reverse psychology.

  43. Bravo!!!! Well written and I totally agree with you!!! Simons’ first comment upset me “No One Can Top This” after Adam sang. He didn’t know that no one could top it,,,give them a chance. I usually agree with 95% of what Simon says, he does know his music,,but this really seems like a setup.

  44. I agree that it didn’t seem right for Adam to be in the coveted first and last spots. We already knew he was going to do well with the rock theme; why give him more advantage?

    Danny & Kris’s duet was my favorite part of the night; great harmonizing!

  45. Totally agree with your rant!

  46. TOTALLY AGREE with your rant and am IRATE at the judges for the blatant attempt to control the outcome. I really and truly hope it comes back to bite them.
    OOOHH….I am SO MAD!!!

  47. I totally agree that something is fishy. It seems to have become very politically correct to let Adam steal the show. They are WAAAAY too biased at this point. I didn’t enjoy the show this week either, but thought Chris and Danny did way better than the other contestants.

  48. We are so over Adam. I don’t know if we can take one more week of hearing him suck and being praised for it.

    We kind of fell off the AI wagon when Norman Gentle left. I think I’m getting too old for this show.

  49. Let me tell you something about American Idol. I love it. I love it at the beginning. At the end it’s kind of like a 3 car pile up and I can’t turn away but I don’t like to look either.

    But do you know why I am SO EXCITED for the finale? Because it means So You Think You Can Dance is almost here. If you know nothing about dance (like me), if you have never been a dancer (like me), if you don’t even really get it (like me), you will still love that show. It’s so much better than idol.

    The best difference between the two is last night. It was rock. You don’t really like rock. I didn’t like country night. On SYTYCD, there is no theme. Dancers draw a genre, and each pair performs a different one. So you see a waltz after some hip hop followed by contemporary. Plus, the judges have more control, so you don’t have “America” keeping in people who aren’t good (hello? Sanjaya?) just for sport.

    Also? The judges offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Work on this specific thing. No “the song was a copycat of the original” one week followed by, “don’t mess with the melody of a great song” the next.

    I am begging you to watch this show.

  50. Now….I usually agree with your television sentiments…..but not this time! Looks like I’m the only one too!

    I am SO ready for both Kris and Danny to be gone. Simon was so right about eating ice for lunch LOL! In my opinion, they are both about as exciting as melted, low-fat vanilla ice cream….not to mention Danny gives me horrible Taylor Hicks flashbacks.

    As far as the whole “genre swaying” thing…I don’t buy into that because what about country week? That is no one’s comfort zone but everybody had to do it.

    Either way, it’s just a matter of opinion and I can’t believe how upset some people get over AI.

    Rock on Glambert!

  51. It was totally set up last night, which I hate, but which also doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    I know Adam’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I happen to be a fan; it was enjoyable for me. However, at this point, the only one who would upset me with a win is Allison. I really love all three guys, and feel relatively confident that they all have successful careers ahead of them.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  52. I agree!! I think they set Danny & Kris up for failure. I’m usually an optimist and not a conspiracy theory person, but I admit – I’m suspicious. My husband, who really doesn’t admit to watching AI, was beside himself with the pairings and so forth. I voted for Danny and everytime I called, I got through, so I am worried. Allison needs to go. Adam needs to but won’t. By the way, yesterday was my 1st on the Shred – I have a cramp in my thigh as we speak. Ugh.

  53. You said it, Boomama!

  54. Yes!!! Completely agree with your rant! I couldn’t even watch the entire show.

  55. I’m so glad to get these idol recaps on the bloggy world because I miss the performance nights because of school :o(

  56. I love that Boodaddy got so fired up that he threw in a comment.

    And that is what I love about reality TV.

    I don’t care if it is the Bachelor, AI, the Real Wives, or Survivor, at some point a vow will be made to “never watch that stinkin’ show again” OR ” I am not watching the finals if so and so is going to be the winner!”

    Of course like any addiction, we always go back. Someday there may be a reality show rehab.

  57. Not my favorite style of music, either. I spent most of Adam’s and Allison’s songs (individually and the duet) clicked over to The Biggest Loser.

    Simon could not have been more obvious if he had put a neon sign over Kris’s head saying “Don’t vote for him.” Made me so mad. Loved Kris and Danny’s duet though I’m not fond of the song.

    Normally I like Danny, but the high notes at the end of his solo made me cringe.

    I think it’s past time for Allison to go. She’s cute and I like her, but I am tired of the screaming/belting out monotonous style.

  58. Amen, Sister! I wholeheartedly agree!

    I tried to vote again and again for Danny, while my friend voted for Kris, but it was busy forever.

    Love your blog. :)

  59. I AGREE 100%

  60. I couldn’t agree more lady! I actually covered my ears when Danny tried that last note! I was so so bummed for him. Everything you said was right on!!!!! ROCK ON BOOMAMA!!!!!

  61. Were you sitting in MY livingroom last night? LOL I want to give you a great big hug!! you’re thoughts are IDENTICAL to what was being said in our house last night!!

    I’m NOT going to say any more – because I’m likely to not shut up about it! LOL – you said it all so well!
    I’m REALLY upset with AI this year –

    I voted for Kris, I didn’t count but probably 50-100 times!!


  62. Ditto – Ditto – Ditto on EVERYTHING. You spoke it just exactly right – and I meant that thang!

    Thank you girlfriend…

    Love ya,
    Georgia Jan

  63. I will be very very sad if Kris or Danny go home. Thanks for voting (i did too) — I cannot even stand Adam but clearly Simon wants him to win. He even said so on some talk show. lame.

    i agree that this theme was so unfair!!

  64. I was so frustrated last night I had to wait until this morning to make a comment. You are so right, Sophie. I think the judges are trying to throw this Adam’s way–they’ve been doing it all season. They patronize Kris all the time while spouting EVERY WEEK that Alison is only 17. Good grief!

    I loved Kara as a judge early in the competition. I thought she was fair and helpful to the singers. But last night! What happened to her last night?! It was like she jumped on the AI-let’s-see-if-we-can-throw-this-comptetition bandwagon. She was completely and utterly A-NOY-ING! And don’t even get me started on that hair.

    Truth be told (because I’m trying to be objective and all) I thought Danny was terrible last night, but that’s because, as everyone has pointed out, rock is not his genre. He did the best he could. But I couldn’t handle it.

    Finally, I loved Boodaddy’s comment! That just made my day. :)

  65. Oh boy! OH man! Fired up, yes! Kris was my FAVE of the night! I was SHOCKED the judges didn’t like it. Never been an Adam fan but you’ve got to give him some props for that performance. I am really surprised at the way Kris got thrown under the bus. Shaking fist toward Hollywood! By the by, just did day #1 of the Shred – couldn’t even use the weights. It was beyond sad but I shall not give up! Thanks for the motivation, Boomama!

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  67. I 100% agree with you on all counts.

    You summed up my thoughts completely.

  68. You took the words right outta my mouth.

    Adam gives me the creeps when he sings. Sorry, no offense.

    Kris got juked when Simon “threw him under the bus.” I mean seriously.

    I think the judges decided this was the night for Kris to go and scripted or not, they made their intentions known.

    It made me BURNIN SLAP UP mad. (I’m pretty sure I just used that incorrectly, but if you remember, I just love to say it.)

    Now to sit and wait for tonights show.

    PLEASE AMERICA…I’m begging you….not Kris!

  69. Hey! I’m a lurker that finally decided to post today. I totally agree with your American Idol review!! The judges totally are trying to put Adam and Alison in the top 2. I feel the Whole “teeth hurt” thing with Adam. I fast foward through his performances.


  70. I 100% agree with everything you just said! I pray Adam is gone tonight. He does not deserve to win, especially after what he did last week and chose sides. That was just rude!

  71. amyinmn says:

    Boomama- I agree with you completely… on every single thing you said!
    My teeth hurt, people got ripped off, some people didn’t have to do disco (but sang something *really scary* instead), all contestants- no matter how they sound from here on out- will hear the same thing from the “judges”
    Though, I like Danny, I didn’t send him any of my votes, because I think he has a huge fan base.
    Though I have not voted yet this season, I sent about a bazillion text votes for Kris. I sure hope it is not him tonight. I would NEVER buy a CD of Adam or Allison- but I sure would support Kris and Danny. Worried about results tonight. Never heard your take on last weeks final 3… It sure was weird to me- the final 3 seemed to be messed with by Idol (wouldn’t be the first time in my opinion!) or does the voting public not care for Adam as much it seemed to?

  72. I thought Kris was awesome, Adam was not as good as usual, Alison was weak, and Danny was off. I think Ali is out. I really hope it isn’t Kris; I totally wanted to cry for him during his bashing. I thought he was wonderful.

  73. I agree with you on the judges–once they are “done” with someone and want them to leave the show, I don’t think they say anything really good about them from then on. Actually, I agreed with every point you made. ;)

    I felt so bad for Kris…he looked absolutely defeated after his bashing from Simon. I hope he’s back (along wtih Danny) for next week!!

  74. I am in full agreement :)! I am team Danny all the way…

  75. I agree with you, the only difference is that I thought that Adam did a good job on Whole lotta love, albeit over the top a tad…Robert Plant he is not…but I really am hoping (and praying) that Kris makes it through…he really has an understated talent and a place there…but with Adam and Allison (who can also sing) overshadowing him with their big vocals…its tough…bigger is not always better…and I love Danny…and think he is more a natural “pop star” than the others…

  76. 100% Dead On. I couldn’t agree more. During the judges’ worshipfest of Adam & Allison (moreso Adam) I kept wondering, does voting America really enjoy this music? Does the AI audience really go out and buy screechy screaming rock CDs? I think not. I’m predicting (and hoping) for a backlash against the judges’ foregone conclusions that Adam is going to win the whole stinkin’ thing. I think the voters feel differently.

  77. Add me to the list of those who agree with you. I think there was a reason Adam was in the bottom two last week – I think people are “getting over” him. Even my 16-year-old rock-loving daughter had a lot of criticism for his style of performance last night. Poor Danny & Kris, they just want to be themselves – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

  78. Debbie says:

    Totally agree with you!!!!!!!!How many weeks has Adam gone last….. and the one week where he goes first they “figure out” a way for him to still go last. Something is smelly around here. Have watched the show for 4 years now, must say I am so disappointed with the judges slant to who they want to win. All I can say is that we still get to vote. Hope enough of us do to keep Chris and Danny around.

  79. BooMama, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for giving me this place to vent! Honestly, I had pledged not to read any online comments about last night, because I knew the Danny-hating Adam-lovers would be out in full force, trashing Danny and making fun of that unfortunate scream at the end of his song.

    I have been a Danny fan since I saw his audition–not because he lost his wife (which the Danny-haters all claim is what keeps him on the show!), but because I LOVE the sound of his voice and the spirit he communicates in his songs.

    I’ve gotten furious week after week when bloggers, online entertainment writers and commenters have joined the unanimous chorus of praise for Adam and truly vitriolic sneering at and bashing of Danny.

    I just want him to make it into the top 3. If Kris does too, so much the better…he’s extremely talented and also a great kid.

    Giving Adam the first and last spots was blatant, all-out favoritism. Simon thinks Adam can make more money for him, so he’s railroading him through.

    My daughter and I voted like crazy for Danny last night. Like many of the others here, I would love to see the judges proven wrong. Adam will stay, though. He has a big, vocal fan base who were so scared by his bottom 3 appearance last week, they all vowed to vote nonstop.

  80. Oh, and one more thing. Slash was a terrible mentor. He should have advised Danny NOT to try to go for the scream, for one thing.

  81. It takes a brave person to admit that she’s not so hot on Beatles’ music. I’m in your camp.

  82. Terri says:

    I totally agree with you. I think they have made up their minds that they want Adam to win it. I think he is very good but they have given Kris a hard time for several weeks now. I think you are right on, Boomama!!

  83. I totally agree. I’m all kinds of mad. And Danny’s scream was…so unfortunate. But I stick with my claim that he is THE BEST VOCALIST. Kris was maybe my favorite of the night because it wasn’t exactly what everyone expected. Psh. Also, hello, happy harmonies for their duet. Love it. Okay I just had to say my piece. My peace? You know.

  84. I am SO glad someone else notices the favoritism! I was SO mad at the judges. Adam was scary and they totally set it up for Adam and Allison to look good, when in reality Danny and Kris are much more talented and marketable. I’m nervous about tonight, but I voted a million times for Danny and Kris. Hopefully, it’s time for Allison to go home tonight.

  85. AMEN. To everything you had to say. REaLlY.
    It IS quite “fishy” indeed!!

  86. You are EXACTLY right! I’d also like to add that I’d rather look at Kris or Danny over Adam *shudder* or Allison any day!

    Who is going home??? Allison or Kris??

    probabaly Kris :-(

  87. I completely agree. Oh my goodness. I hope Kris doesn’t go home. He has major talent, and – even though I normally like Simon – I could have thrown a shoe at him. Or more. And said LOTS of ugly things. IT MADE ME SO MAD!

  88. Carolyn says:

    I totally agree with everything you said. And WHY, WHY, WHY would they put 2 “non-rockers” doing a duet together, and put the 2 “rockers” together. So unfair and obviously manipulated. I am a Kris fan and do agree that he was totally thrown under the bus last night. I’m worried for him tonight.

  89. Lauren says:

    I’m a new follower of your blog and haven’t replied yet, but I just had to after this! I’m so over Adam, I totally agree with you with all the fishy stuff you talked about! I just adore Kris and Danny and would love for a family man (and Christian) to win the competition! I hope your voting worked! By the way, I was more than a bit excited to see that you went to MSU. Go dawgs!

  90. THANK. YOU. for saying exactly what I felt? What is up with making R & R the theme this late in the game??? Totally unfair. Does AI feel they have had a lot of POP idols and now are trying to fashion it their way? PLEASE…we have enough fishy fixing in other reality shows. American Idol has always been a viewer-driven show…I think… It made me made they did this now. I am so totally glad Allison is gone. Not that I hated her, but I hope it shows the BIG WIGS what America…or at least their audience…wants~!!!!!!

  91. I’m glad Allison went home. I think next week should be “High School Musical 3” theme and they should all sing “The Boys are Back”.

    You know…cause…it’s…all….boys…….nevermind.

  92. Not sure if I’m getting old or what, but it all sounded like a bunch of screaming to me. I tivo, so I watched last night and Kris was the only one I could watch through. And the duets were both eh for me.

  93. I completely agree. I have wondered why Adam got to sing last so many times before this, but I really do think they are trying to get him into the finals. I totally agree with the nails on the chalkboard comment. I am not sure why the judges think his screaming is good singing, but I am so tired of all the “rock god” comments. I think it needs to be a Danny/Kris finale. We also votes so many times we lost count for those two.

  94. Someone may have already said this in the comments, but what got me was the clips they played at the end to remind us of the numbers to call. They play great clips from each of them except for Danny. For his clip, they play the SCREAM at the end. Totally threw him under the bus!

    I’m so glad Alison was voted off last night.

  95. Hmmm…I may get rotten tomatoes, but I like Glambert. Of course I think Kris is cute as a bug’s ear, too. And very talented. And Danny…so soulful. Don’t miss Allison. She’ll be fine. Actually, as a speech therapist, I’d lurve to have her as a patient. And then retire because I’d be wealthy. ;)

    Lurved both duets.

  96. I just wanted to say that I am so darn excited about the top 3 including Kris and Danny. Now if only they would kick Adam off next (yeah right) :-)

  97. i definitely agree with your ‘rant’ about the rock & roll night: the order of singers, genre this far in, etc. and i do think the judges are making their comments to sway the voting for adam to win.

  98. I agree! Adam is always last or first singing AND when it comes to elimination they save him until the last. They build him up SO much. I don’t get it. I think Danny and Kris are just precious, but I’m very afraid that Adam is going to win. He is so cocky already too….