A Few Friday Favorites – 03.16.12

A Mother’s Dream in Pen and Ink – Veronica Mitchell

I want her to have the chance to throw herself into something she loves just because she loves it. I want her to know the thrill of leisure time spent lost in what fascinates, because too soon she will be grown and her leisure time will all but disappear.

I want to give her the gift of love. Not just the love I feel for her, but the love she discovers for something else.

Even though I don’t have a little girl, Veronica’s post resonated with me like crazy. And if you’re invested in a child’s life (as mama, aunt, godmother, etc.), I think it’ll resonate with you, too.

Buzz Magnets

If you know kids (or grown-ups) who are fascinated by science-y things, these magnets will delight and enthrall. The buzzing sound will also take up permanent residence in your brain, but that’s a small price to pay for the privilege of seeing people you love totally entertained by, you know, magnets.

Kandee Johnson Make-Up Tutorials

One night on the Twitter a couple of friends had a discussion about applying eye shadow. Someone mentioned Kandee Johnson tutorials, and since I have never known how to apply eye shadow (other than swiping one color all over my eyelid), I decided that a little instruction couldn’t hurt.

I don’t spend a ton of time on my make-up every single day, but I feel like I finally – FINALLY – have a better understanding of how to use eye shadow. I’m not big on lots of eyeliner or anything like that, but knowing where to apply what shades of shadow has been a big help to me – especially the How to Make Small Eyes Bigger video. And if I was feeling super-daring, I’d give the Naked Palette Eye Make-up Tutorial a whirl.

To Those Who Wait: Live EP – Bethany Dillon

I spent most of last Saturday listening to Bethany Dillon’s Waking Up CD. I adore her music, and I was tickled – TICKLED – to see her new EP in the iTunes store late last night. It was $4.99 well spent. Oh yes it was.

Red Stamp App

Source: redstamp.com via Melinda on Pinterest

Red Stamp is such a great free app, but I’d love it even if I had to pay for it. It’s a brilliant idea.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. Oh my. Thanks so much for the eye makeup link! I am going to try what looked to be pretty simple steps.

  2. Nelson's Mama says:

    Buzz Magnets are a major buzzkill to a television!! Our girls had some and their friend stuck them to our TV screen and it made a HUGE green spot! Had to do a total reboot of the TV to reset it…we thought we were going to have to replace it!!!

    Bucky Balls are totally fun too, just keep them away from little ones!!

  3. The magnets are available at the Dollar Store here!

  4. Michele T says:

    The Red Stamp app is delightful! Thanks!!

  5. Love it, love it, love it! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am a girl who LOVES some gorgeous paper stationary. No joke, I have a dresser full of it. I may need an intervention. ANYway, a friend had pinned that Red Stamp app and I downloaded it yesterday.

    Number of “notes” sent since then?

    Why, only 8 and I’m working on at least 5 more today. It’s delightful!

  7. Oh my boys love the buzz magnet, too!

  8. Boomama, I thought of you today…..I saw popcorn called “Bacon POP”. I know how you love bacon and thought of you. Hmmmmmm….Buzz Magnets may be something to check into for a couple of little guys’ Easter baskets………..then send them home with their parents :)

  9. we have had buzz magnets in our house for 10 years…my teens won’t let me throw them out…but they do get on my nerves

  10. I believe you have changed my life with showing me those eye makeup tutorials!

  11. Before we moved a few years ago, we used to help out with the youth group at our small church, and there was one 15yo on the praise and worship team with an amazing voice. It was like she was one with her guitar. LOVED listening to her sing. Now she has CDs and stuff. And goes by the name Bethany Dillon. :)

  12. So – I am a little slow – but here is what happened in my brain. Your thoughts have { }. My thoughts have *.

    {Kandee Johnson Make-Up Tutorials}

    *Wow – Kandee Johnson must get in a lot of arguments.
    *I wonder if these tutorials are for the husband and wife or just the wife?
    *How would you go about getting someone to learn how to make-up?
    *Is this step-by-step instructions on how to make-up, or just general information?

    {One night on the Twitter a couple of friends had a discussion about applying eye shadow.}

    *OH, eye shadow. That changes everything!