It’s Election Eve…

…and while it has absolutely nothing to do with politics, I cannot stop listening to this song.

That is some goodness right there. I mean, I know that Vince Gill could sing harmony with a billy goat and sound so good that he and the billy goat would both get nominated for some awards, but what I love the most is how easy and laid-back and SWEET, SWEET 70s the whole song is. I’m even crazy about Kelly’s dress, which looks like a 2012 take on something that Donna Fargo would have worn to the CMAs back in 1973.

I have no idea if there were CMA Awards in 1973, much less if Donna Fargo attended. Those were simply hypothetical examples. Please keep in mind that historical accuracy isn’t my strong suit.


My parents and Martha came into town yesterday (Sunday) so that they could go to Grandparents’ Day at the little guy’s school today. I took Mama and Martha to Steinmart(s), and true to their individual preferences, Mama spent the whole time looking at Christmas decorations while Martha spent the whole time looking at jackets. In fact, she had to make sure to get back to my hometown today because tomorrow she’s going to Jackson with her friend Mary Ann to pick up a jacket. She actually found the jacket when she was at a Steinmart somewhere in south Mississippi a few weeks ago, but they didn’t have her size, so the Steinmart people called their stores in Jackson and LO AND BEHOLD one of those stores had a small. And that is why Mary Ann’s daughter went to Steinmart and picked up the jacket and now it’s just waiting for Martha to take it home.



When we were in Steinmart yesterday, Martha found her size in the jacket that she’s picking up tomorrow (are you following this multi-city Steinmart tale? I realize that the details can be a bit confusing), and she tried it on for Mama and me so that we could see how perfectly darlin’ it is. Now that I think about it, she could have just bought it here and saved herself the extra trip to Jackson, but then Mary Ann’s daughter would have to return it, PLUS Martha would miss out on the chance to stop by one or possibly two Steinmart stores in Jackson, and, well, NOT AN OPTION. I mean, they may have gotten in new jackets since Mary Ann’s daughter picked up the other jacket! And you just can’t have too many jackets, you know! Especially around the holidays!


We had a great time with everybody here, and it’s always a treat to see A. with his grandpeople. He is almost as tall as Martha now, and HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? I tried to snap a picture of them together before everybody headed home, but I apparently had the camera set to “extremely blurry.” At least I have a mental image, though. So sweet.

Okay. I’d better wrap up this post. I need to read up on all the constitutional amendments that we’re voting on tomorrow so that all the fancy wording on the ballot doesn’t confuse me. I realize that I don’t write much (or, you know, any) about my political leanings and whatnot, mainly because I don’t think anybody gives a rip, but I will say that I am such a fan of the voting. My parents set such a wonderful, consistent example in that regard, and while I very rarely heard them criticize an elected official, I always saw them voice their opinion through their vote. They taught me to be grateful for the privilege of having a say, and from that perspective I am just as tickled as I can be to participate in election day. I have no idea if I’ll be happy with the outcome of the Presidential race or not, but I do know that I won’t take my vote for granted. Oh no ma’am.

This would be an excellent time for someone to step forward and sing America, the Beautiful. I’ll wave the flag.

Get out there and vote, everybody.

And if you want to make the day extra special, wear a sassy jacket, too.

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  1. You aren’t kidding about the song. It’s 1979 and my five year old self is sandwiched between my mom and dad riding down the road in my Dad’s Chevy truck. I absolutely love 70s and 80s country music. It transports me back – that is for sure:).

    And hello! Kelly is a babe right now! When did she get so hot!

  2. My parents also set a great example for voting. My mom always tells the story of how she took my brother in the booth with her to vote during the 1992 election. He was 5 at that time. When they were leaving he asked her who she voted for and she told him, and he said “Cool! I voted for Reggie Bush!!” I assume as a write-in NFL candidate. :-)

  3. I, too, CANNOT stop listening or watching that song!! Was so nice to see Vince back on the stage and their voices blended together so so well. It’s been repeat on my iphone. :)

  4. Susan berry says:

    Oh how I love the Martha Stein Mart stories!! She will be most thrilled to find not one nor two but THREE Stein Marts in Jackson! Jackets will be plentiful I am sure….

    Thank you for ending my day with a giggle!

  5. After hearing a” local “here (who was out campaigning for her husband who is running for city council ) say that one person she talk to didn’t even know tomorrow was the election, Hubs and I had a huge discussion that it is the parents responsibility to instill in their children the value of the vote! It’s just like showing our children the value of an education. Voting is necessary to insure our freedom! So excited about tomorrow. We are voting on Election Day….call us traditionalists !

    i never go by Steinmart that I don’t think of Martha and her jackets!

  6. I don’t even have words that are good enough to tell you how funny you are. I mean it. Vince Gill and a billy goat was plenty, but you just didn’t stop. You are a very fine storyteller, Boo. Very fine.
    And I will be voting tomorrow. :)

  7. I always love to stop by your blog! You make me laugh and I think I can actually hear you talking sometimes!
    Love the jackets (though I live in Hawaii so I don’t get to wear them. :)

  8. I Love your stories about Martha and jackets. They are just darlin’ plus. Thank you for sharing with us, you make me smile. I stayed up late last night reading the voters guide, trying to make sense of it all. Thankful my parents that instilled in me the importance of voting. I hope to do the same with my kids.

  9. I am so hoping there is a whole “Martha” section in your book!
    Thanks for sharing the link to the Kelly & Vince song. I’ve listened to it 3 times already this morning! That Vince Gill is one smooth dude.

  10. You said, “My parents set such a wonderful, consistent example in that regard, and while I very rarely heard them criticize an elected official, I always saw them voice their opinion through their vote.”

    Yes, yes, yes. That is exactly what I want my children to say when I am a grandparent and they are all grown up and writing the funniest, most poignant blogs on the planet (will we still have blogs?). Thanks for putting that into words for me!

  11. You wave the flag to America The Beautiful, and I will do the interpretive dance. I have been waiting for this moment all my life.

  12. Does it mean I’m old that I remember Vince Gill without glasses?


  14. We voted last week at early voting. I went by two voting places this morning and the parking lots were full and people were going in and out. If you don’t vote, you have no voice either now or when you don’t like the way things are going. Now, I’ll get off my stump and hum God, Bless America.

  15. Becky in 'Bama says:

    I am in favor of “Reader’s Digest” versions of any and all constitutional amendments. Trying to plow through the tiny print in the newspaper AND understand all the therefores and wherewiths is way too time consuming.

  16. Why, of course there were CMA Awards in 1973, but Donna Fargo’s signature hit, “The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A.” won an award in 1972. :) Here’s the dress (good call, Sis):

  17. love, love your post today. voting is so important. the media is making it out to be important for just a few states. makes me so dadgum mad—-I’m in Alaska and we’re the last polls to close, but by golly, our vote counts too!

    • also—our polling place was the local elementary school and the PTA had a bakesale going—-wonderful American-ness.

  18. First time I heard that song I was like Woah who is that!? Kelly and Vince sound sweet together. Why tho do they film on the CMAs from such an angle? I felt like I was lookin up Kelly’s skirt.

  19. Donna Fargo – I thought I was the only Girl in the USA that remembered her!

    Wonder what happened to her? Reckon she’s in the Steinmarts buying jackets in Jackson? I like to think so.

  20. I can’t wait to tell my friend, Natalie, that you love that song because……she WROTE IT!!!! I hope it does well, her latest hit that she wrote was “Pontoon”!!! She’s a talented girl!!!!!!
    I love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing your funny stories with us!

  21. Laura Stultz says:

    Martha stories are my favorite!

  22. LOVED LOVED LOVED that song!!! Can’t believe I opened your blog just now and here you are talking about that song :) I heard it at the CMA’s and immediately told my husband that is the best song I’ve heard all night. I’ve never been much of a Kelly Clarkson fan but I have loved Vince Gill for a long time. That was one sexy 70’s song and boy did it remind me of a long ago simpler time….. and Kelly’s dress was awesome :)

  23. Love those Martha stories! Every now and again, I find myself referring
    to something as being “darlin plus”! Haha!

  24. I was so happy to see Vince on that stage! He is my fave and has been for a long time. That song is awesome. It just rocks along. Love it!