Miss America Viewing Party 2013

Well, I am just as tickled as I can be about tonight’s big event. I’ll continue to update this same post throughout the pageant, so just be aware that between the updates and everyone’s comments, we’re all going to have to refresh our browsers in order to keep up with the conversation. I’ve changed my comment settings so that we can have more comments on the main page, so hopefully that will help.

I know that it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: let’s absolutely embrace the fun of the pageant – but without being mean-spirited. Because I’m pretty sure that we would all be about sixteen kinds of mortified if some contestant (or, heaven forbid, her MAMA) accidentally ran across this post and felt like we’d been unkind. So let’s have a blast and laugh like crazy and start a slow clap during talent and take a moment to marvel at how many squats and lunges are represented on that stage during the swimsuit competition.

I’m fairly certain that I will experience significant ab envy during that swimsuit competition.

All righty – see y’all in just a little bit. Thanks so much for being here!

By the way, some folks on Twitter were just talking about what their Miss America talent would be. Mine would either be cooking bacon (also: eating bacon) or answering Real Housewives trivia questions. SKILLS. I got ’em.
One more thing. A few days ago my friend Heather informed me that one of the girls in the pageant is an artistic rollerskater. I have very humbly asked the Lord to give her favor. SO THAT WE CAN SEE IT.
Well, it should start off with the National Anthem. IT’S BETTER THAN A FOOTBALL GAME.
I adore a Parade of States. Especially when girls are pretending to dance in a carefree fashion in the background.
Very sweet, Miss Connecticut. So sensitive and appropriate.
Oh. The puns are so delightful.
Y’all, do you think they were dancing without music? Seriously.
I love Miss North Carolina’s red hair.
I like Miss South Carolina – “y’all are the ones with the accent.” She’s my new BFF.
Miss Virginia has one of my favorite names: Rosemary. Love it.
Oh, the dancing is so delightful.
Semi-finalists: Miss Montana (AND WE’RE GETTING A CLOSER LOOK AT THE VOTING?!?!!?) (AND A SHOCKING TWIST), Miss Texas (I AM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH ANY MENTION OF “SEXINESS”), Miss Utah, Miss Oklahoma (WE HAVE A TAP DANCER), Miss Wyoming, Miss South Carolina (LOVE HER), Miss Tennessee, Miss Alabama (OH YES MA’AM!!!!!), Miss Maryland, Miss Illinois, Miss Indiana (I BELIEVE SHE TWIRLS THE BATON), Miss New York, Miss Florida, Miss Kentucky, Miss Iowa, and IN A SPECIAL SURPRISE SELECTION, Miss Washington
My friend Amie Beth’s faves so far: South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Wyoming
Swimsuit is next…I will pause from my commentary for a brief season of humbling.
Miss Alabama’s quads have convinced me that I need not ever show my legs in public again.
I am intrigued by Miss Wyoming’s decision to go with the big necklace. She’s so gorgeous that I don’t think she needed the bling.
If Mariah Cary sings “Vison of Love” for a talent, my life will be complete.
I really, really like Miss SC and Miss Wyoming (love Miss Alabama, of course).
Finalists: Miss Washington, Miss Maryland, Miss Texas, Miss Alabama (GIDDY UP), Miss New York, Miss South Carolina, Miss Indiana (BATON TWIRLER), Miss Tennessee, Miss Oklahoma, Miss Wyoming (the necklace worked), Miss Illinois, Miss Iowa
This Skechers commercial just made my whole life.
Okay. Favorites so far? I think Miss Illinois is gorgeous. Still holding on to SC, Alabama, and Wyoming. What about y’all?
I love that Miss Texas thinks that one of her best features is her back. I haven’t seen my back since 2004.
I’m a fan of Miss New York’s dress and earrings.
Miss Tennessee is stunning.
Miss Illinois said she believed she’d wear a train.
TEN PERFORMANCES – they added two!
I just said “COME ON” out loud to my TV. Is anyone else thinking of Suzanne Sugarbaker?
I clapped for that one. Spectacular.
I have received approximately seven texts in the last 30 seconds.
Interpretative ballet *and* Journey? Be still, my heart.
Tap dances delight me. And oh, MISS OKLAHOMA HAS SKILLS.
It wouldn’t be a pageant without a song from Les Mis.
Well, I am captivated by Miss New York’s tap dance routine. Bringing a little sass (and soul) to the festivities.
Well Miss South Carolina’s talent is delightful.
Y’all, we have an abundance of tap dancing blessings tonight. I believe the Lord has given the Miss America pageant His favor.
That was undoubtedly one of the finest talent competitions of my lifetime.
I feel like this pageant has just FLOWN by.
The judges got the Top 5 right, I think.
AB thinks that Wyoming or SC will win. I think it’s Wyoming or NY. SC’s judge didn’t seem to like her answer.
4th runner-up – Miss Iowa
3rd runner-up – Miss Wyoming
2nd runner-up – Miss Oklahoma
1st runner-up – Miss South Carolina (awwww – I am sad for her – she is darlin’)
Miss America 2013 – Miss New York (she’s originally from Alabama – yay!)

Well, y’all – that was just the most fun. And I think it was a great pageant! It was fast-paced, fun, and we got to see ten talents again.

Can’t wait to do this again next year!

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  1. Carolyn F says:

    Loving the 20/20 on Miss America as I wait for the pageant to start! Hi Sophie!

  2. I’m so excited! My favorite night of the year! Go Miss Texas! She’s my sister’s grand-little sorority sister! That’s a lot of exclamation points!

  3. Hey, everyone! Let the crowning begin!

  4. Hi everybody! I am so looking forward to watching the pageant with y’all!

  5. Jennifer W. in Florida says:

    SO stinkin’ excited!!!!

  6. Team Texas!!

  7. Can’t wait! I’ve absolutely never been a pageant watcher, I only watch the last few minutes to see who gets crowned. This year I’m watching the whole thing as my friend of two years is Miss Alabama!!! Woo hoo! Love having a Phi Mu sister from Samford University represent. :)

  8. Ginny Swindoll says:

    My oldest and I are at home with the flu, so thanks for hosting a party we can attend!! :)

  9. Courtney Sloane says:

    The Thunderbirds and New Direction to kick it off. Sounds about right.

  10. I think the roller is DC

  11. So proud to cheer on Miss South Carolina – a Clemson friend of my daughter!

  12. Carolyn F says:

    I understand including them, but does anyone else find 53 contestants a little weird?

  13. With Chris Harrison hosting it’s sure to be the most DRAMATIC Miss America pageant EVER!

  14. There is some awkward dancing going on, but I would probably look pretty weird dancing in a neon sign graveyard, too.

  15. Jennifer W. in Florida says:

    Did Honey Boo Boo REALLY make the Miss America pageant???? Seriously???

  16. Courtney Sloane says:

    I’m so confused by the introduction settings.

  17. Jennifer W. in Florida says:

    I hate all this weird dancing. What the heck is going on??

  18. Miss KY classy! Miss MD classy! Miss LA and Miss DC…um….not a fan of whoever wrote their little speeches.

  19. Mariah Carey!!

  20. Y’all, I could watch these girls dancing like Robert Palmer back-up dancers all night!!

  21. 2 girls named Sloan already. That’s interesting.

  22. Gold Lame Dresses. ‘Nuff said

  23. And if anyone is a twirler…I am so on that team!!

  24. Funny girls!

  25. that is some strange dancing

  26. The background dancing is wonderful.

  27. Okay the fake horses in the pool…I’m a little weirded out.

  28. So far, I’m going to go on the record saying it wasn’t difficult for the judges to pare this group down. My state is OUT.

  29. These are some really tall girls!

  30. Gold Lame!!!!!

  31. Oh the DANCING!!

  32. Miss NC’s was cute! Miss SC “Ya’ll are the ones with the accent!” I love it!

  33. So far I’m loving Miss Alabama, Miss Kentucky, and Miss North Carolina! This dancing is making me uncomfortable for the girls…

  34. Wow…SC was in pants. What’s up with that?

  35. The heel heights. I’m in awe. NC is adorable. OK so cute!
    “From the state where we use sushi as bait and no, Y’ALL are the ones with the accents….” adorable Miss SC!
    And thank you, Sophie, for hosting this fun time! My husband has gone to bed and it’s so nice not to watch alone!

  36. I love Miss Virginia! She is delightful!

  37. Arlie Honeycutt. Gracie Lou Freebush. Same thing.

  38. oh the dancing! crazy!!!!

  39. Who writes these introductions? I mean really?!? What an interesting job.

    Did y’all see Miss Arkansas red jumpsuit!? Stellar.

  40. I’m praying Miss Wisconsin wins, simply because someone just made her say “cut the cheese” on national television.

  41. I’m going to be rewinding it to the opening on stage because there are some adorable outfits that I am so going to copy!

  42. Jennifer W. in Florida says:

    Cutting the cheese…HAHAHAHA!!!! I can’t get enough of this!!

  43. Oh no – someone is on crutches already!

  44. Way to go Miss Montana!!!

  45. I love Miss Montana’s story! So great!

  46. I am pulling for the roller skater for sure!

  47. Go Alabama!!!!!

  48. Can we just all agree to pause and rewind I want to see that again.

  49. Anyone know where I can catch it live-stream? I don’t have a tv.

  50. Shocking twists! can’t wait…

  51. Calling it early…Miss South Carolina. She’s adorable. And y’all are the ones with the accents!

  52. 1. So, do you think they came up with their intros or The Pageant did? Do you think they had any say in it?

    2. The dancing. Oh. THE DANCING.

  53. Courtney Sloane says:

    Apparently, Miss DC is going to have a double mastectomy after the contest. How did I not know this?!

  54. South Carolina won a prelim so I’m guessing that makes her a frontrunner. So did OK, MD, ND, WA, and IL (yes, I’ve been doing my research.)

  55. 3. I, too, hope that the Good Lord gives that girl a favor. Because I MUST SEE THE ROLLER SKATING ROUTINE.

  56. Love Miss South Carolina’s sassy comment about accents!! Love it!

  57. Michelle O says:

    Mary Hart’s red dress is so pretty!

  58. Judges! Walk in front not behind!!! Oh Cheryl got it.

  59. Oh, how I love the Parade of the Awkward Accountants in Formal Wear!!

  60. Found the dancing weird. All I could see was “Elaine” on Seinfeld!

  61. Yes! Miss TX in top 15!


  63. Yay Texas!

  64. Thoughts on judges:

    I hope McKeyla gives us her “not impressed” look.

    Love Cheryl’s dress.

  65. Really loved Miss Texas’ comments…

  66. Did Miss Washington say that the Seahawks quarterback threw the game-winning INTERCEPTION? Maybe she meant reception.

  67. yeah OK!!!!

  68. Courtney Sloane says:

    “Classic and poised and presentable at all times” I like it, Utah. I like it.

  69. LOVE that Miss Utah doesn’t use the word SEXY to describe a Classy lady!!!!

  70. Miss Oklahoma should also hold the world record for the world’s whitest teeth. Mercy.

  71. Wyoming so cute Goat showing!!! fainting goats, too!

  72. YES!!!!!! SC!!!

  73. Courtney Sloane says:

    SC has three chickens. I love it!

  74. A pirouette world record? Oh, please let OK make it to talent tonight!

  75. Jennifer W. in Florida says:

    YAY Miss SC…my ADPi sorority sister!!!

  76. Yay Oklahoma! (Still feeling torn!)

  77. way to go Miss Alabama!

  78. Michelle O says:

    It looks so strange to see jeans on the girls!

  79. I have never felt like I HAD to hold my laptop while watching Miss America – until tonight!!!!! Thanks, BooMama! You put so much laughter in our lives :)

  80. Go Miss Alabama Anna Laura!!! And I love whoever was just called that’s so tiny (as in not tall). Too cute!

  81. a baton twirler is coming our way!

  82. Miss Indiana…..baton twirler! (Please let there be fire!)

  83. IN = scholarship in baton twirling!

  84. Oh Miss Sophie you are in for a treat, Alicia was a four time World Tap finalist by the time she was like 12! She is amazing!

  85. Oh, dear – why would we not have our roots touched up before our interview?

  86. I’m liking all this casual wear. Lets us see some personalities!

  87. Fun fact–Miss NY is from Opelika, AL

  88. A cousin of mine was Miss Mississippi/Miss America back in the day, and I can’t fathom what she must think hearing these girls being asked to talk about sexiness. Whaaaa????

  89. Mariah Cary made it!!! Miss Iowa

  90. My early predictions:

    Miss South Carolina
    Miss Kentucky

    Oh my. I’ve been cooped up in the house too long with a son and husband sick with the flu. I’m having TOO MUCH fun with this!

    • I really, really like Miss South Carolina.

      • My sister-in-law and niece are in the audience to cheer on Miss South Carolina! She goes to their church and from what they say, she is a total sweetheart…very grounded girl! I”m rooting for her!

  91. This is an interesting twist.

  92. Time for the judges to have a powwow!! HUDDLE HUDDLE HUDDLE

  93. Please let the judges give the 16th finalist a rose, please!

  94. We have a twirler in the finalist!

  95. ChristinaDinMD says:

    Go Maryland!!!!!!!

  96. McKayla Maroney is not impressed.
    Also, Mary Hart?! Love me a parade of judges.

  97. Talking about sexiness and wearing blue jeans on stage, oh my! Bring on the baton twirlers.

  98. Where are these girls stomachs?!?!?!

  99. I might feel a little bad eating chips as the girls are getting ready to walk out in suits the size of a hankie.

  100. Those are some itty-bitty swimsuits. I think I shall go make bread.