The Week That Was

Well, I haven’t been very bloggity this week. I’ve been wading through deadlines-o-plenty, and then of course I’ve had to carve out some time to re-watch the Miss America talents. Because the thing about a Miss America talent is that even when it’s bad, it’s good, because OH, THE EFFORT. I especially like very dramatic, very choreographed gestures while singing, and if we were all in the same place right now I would totally illustrate what I’m talking about by performing an off-key rendition of “Memory.”

Anyway, since I’ve done since a bad job of blogging this week, I thought I’d make a quick list-o-highlights. Not that anybody really cares, of course. But maybe it’ll make me feel productive and convince me that I haven’t completely wasted my bloggy week.

1. I ordered some cute white pants from Gap that ended up costing about $15. Here’s the link if you’re interested, but the pants are only available in 12, 14, 16, and 18. Use the coupon code GAPDEAL at checkout and get an extra 30% off. DELIGHTFUL.

2. Episode 2 of Downton Abbey – Edith has never been more like Jan Brady. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

3. I decided not to watch American Idol this year. We’ve had a good run, but I think it’s time to move on.

4. Talked to Martha Monday night, my aunt Tuesday night, and my mama Wednesday night. So grateful that they’re all still active and upbeat and loving life.

5. Pinterest has been my friend this week. I love this print (it’s not a free download, but it’s a reasonably-priced one for sure).

6. Last night we celebrated a certain little guy’s report card by going out to eat. The restaurant wasn’t crowded at all, and it was so nice to just hang out and visit and laugh with my people.

7. At a high school basketball game Tuesday night, I found myself wondering if I secretly harbor some deep-down desire to be a coach. Because MY WORD I am vocal when I watch the basketball.

8. We survived today’s WINTER WEATHER EVENT. In Alabama that means that there were approximately 1 1/2 inches of snow that fell over the course of two hours and then melted by late afternoon. IT WAS HARROWING.

9. Earlier tonight I was getting the Amazon link for Melanie’s book (comes out in three weeks!) (you’re going to love it!), and when I scrolled down the page, I saw this:

That’s the two of us. Side by side.

And listen. All of this book stuff scares the fire out of me. But somehow being next to Melanie makes me feel better. And kind of makes me want to cry.

You may be picking up on the fact that I’m feeling a little tenderhearted right now.

10. Let’s bring this whole thing full circle, why don’t we?

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. Edith = Jan Brady is spot on. I’ve been thinking that for a while!

  2. Sophie!! I love that your books are together!! And I LOVE the cover!! It’s beautiful!! So so thrilled for you!! And bacon made the subtitle!! I knew you could do it!! xoxoxoxoxo!!

  3. Sophie, I decided not to watch AI also. It was hard not to tune in and witness the crazy but I held firm. My 17 yr old daughter is my accountability partner for this and she talked me down from just tuning in to see what color Nicki Minaji’s hair color was or what Mariah Carey was wearing. ( That is the singer not the Miss America contestant.) So, I picked up a book Wednesday night by my one of my favorite authors. Speaking of books, I saw your & Melanie’s books side by side the other night and preordered both! Super excited for you both! I’m glad you survived your huge snowstorm. My Mom’s sister & family live in Hoover and posted all their snow pictures on FB which made us laugh. We live in Ohio and we had a blizzard the day after Christmas. There is still some of it in the high school parking lot from 3 weeks ago. Have a great weekend and get your tea & biscuits ready for Sunday night!

  4. Jennifer Tucker says:

    Ok, the “tenderhearted” comment almost had me falling outta my chair and I just found myself wanting to cover my eyes and peep through my fingers watching that clip. lol

  5. Seeing those books together made my heart smile!!!! :)

  6. PS!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) XOXOXO

  7. I pre-ordered those side-by-side books last week! Super excited for both!

  8. Chris of the Woodwork says:

    I must hasten to point out that the pants in Item 1 are also available in a size 2 for a limited time only.

    Because, as you are probably aware, SO MANY OF US HAVE TO SUFFER THE INDIGNITY OF THE SIZE 2.


  9. 3 things…1) I pre-ordered both of the books. How happy this made me! Can’t wait!
    2) I completely agree about the oh so goodness of the talent this year in the Miss America pageant. Whenever multiple tap dancers, a baton twirler, and a lyrical dance to a Journey song appear on a stage on the same night…Well, hello happiness! I’m still a little sad, though, that the roller skating contestant didn’t get to perform.
    3) As a fellow southerner and Mississippian, let me just join you in the fanfare of the snow’s arrival and quick departure. We got 3 inches in my little corner of east MS. All chaos ensued. There were over 30 wrecks before 9 am, including the town police chief who had to be rescued from a ditch. Schools closed and most businesses were late opening. There were lots of muddy, leaf covered snowmen and plenty of happy children and no injuries from the wrecks. Most of the snow had melted by 2 p.m. yesterday, so all is well in the world again.

  10. Kimberly/OKC says:

    Sophie, are you going to dotMOM? And if so, which breakout session are you doing? First line to day made me snicker…”bloggity” Ha!

  11. HURRAY!!!!! I now have TWO, count ’em TWO books on pre-order!!!

    Can. Not. WAIT!!!!!!

    It like Christmas and my birthday all rolled up and wrapped in bacon. All held together with a pretty little toothpick.


  12. Christine says:

    Just pre-ordered them both! Absolutely adore that they’re being marketed together…those Amazon folks are pretty whiz-bang when it comes to that kind of thing! It only seems right that the two of you are side-by-side on the Amazon!

    Our weather event was last week when the temperatures at the beach here in SoCal dipped dangerously low. Into the fifties! Hold on to your hats and glasses ladies and gentlemen – time to take off the flip flops and put on a sweater! Fortunately, life as we know it has returned and we’re happily back into the 70s today. Praise the Lord for small (VERY small!) mercies! ;-)

  13. Can’t wait to read them both!
    Y’all are side by side on my blog favs too!
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Oh, Edith. I have to say, I thought for sure he was going to die on the honeymoon instead. I mean, we all knew it wasn’t going to happen somehow.

    I, too, have decided to eliminate American Idol from my TV diet. I’ve watched every episode, every year, except for the first one. But I’m just not interested in a diva-off. And by the end of the season, it always seems like a job to watch all the episodes. I feel so free!!

  15. I CANNOT wait to read your book!!! Or Melanie’s. So happy for you both.

  16. Edith = Jan Brady = Genius

  17. I LOVE that your books are together on Amazon. I pre-bought them both (albeit at different times) and cannot wait for the mini-vacations I will take on the day(s) they arrive. May have some bacon appetizers in your honor at the ready. I’ve sworn off Idol this time, too. Nicki Minaj is just a wee bit jarring in HD.

  18. I am tickled about the book! Can’t wait to read them both!

  19. Oh my stars that’s the first time I’ve seen your cover!

    So excited and proud for you!!

    Can’t wait to read them both!

  20. My word! I’m emotional, too! Why on earth did I just cry at her tap dancing routine because of pride for someone I don’t even know?! She rocks!
    Can’t wait to read both books! SQUEAL!

  21. i just ordered both books!!!

  22. Okay, big sister, I ordered my copy of your book! How in the world can I wait until summer?! YOU KNOW I’m going to ask you to autograph it, right?! I’m so happy for and proud of you! C’mon, June!

  23. So I preordered both of y’alls’ (that’s a word right?) books . . . I cannot even wait to read them :-)

    Also, glad you survived the winter weather event. I just realized it is supposed to be below freezing here tomorrow and I feel a little panicked because I dont even know where our winter coats are currently located. Sigh. Story of our lives.

  24. Kimberly/OKC says:

    What are you busy doing?! I bet it’s something good! Waitin’ for the bloggity girl to pop back up….;)

  25. Elizabeth says:

    As a basketball coach’s wife, I have to tell you that there are some signs that you are a coach or a coach’s wife:

    1. You have an awesome yelling voice (it sounds like you’ve got this one down already!) or, perhaps, the ability to whistle with your fingers.
    2. You clap for things before they happen because you see the plays developing (you know, from too much time spent watching games and even game film at home).
    3. You get more excited about great passes than shots made.
    4. You don’t exist to anyone outside work from November-March because you are always at the gym (otherwise known as basketball season).
    5. You entire seasonal wardrobe consists of things (jewelry, coats, shoes, jackets, sweaters, dresses…everything!) in your team’s colors.

    If these sound great, then coaching is for you! :-)