Winners Winners Fried Chicken Dinners

Well, I drew for the five winners…

…and then I felt like there needed to be more winners because, well, did you see all those comments?

So I drew for three more winners.

See? I really am slightly codependent. But it really is one of those books that you want all of your girlfriends to read so that you can talk about it and quote your favorite lines and tell your own versions of similar stories.

And truth be told, I probably would’ve done a drawing for three more copies if I weren’t afraid that Tyndale (Melanie’s publisher) (mine, too) would put me on giveaway lockdown for the rest of my earthly days.

(They really wouldn’t do that.)

(But I didn’t want to push my luck.)

Here are our winners.

657 – Sharon Edge
514 – kaki
512 – Beth
203 – Tonya
158 – Cherry
68 – Aubrey Williams
405 – Kathie
496 – Leslie Mertz

I’ll be sending y’all an email very shortly, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Thanks so much, everybody, for making today such a fun bloggy day. And if you didn’t win, you certainly don’t have to miss the Sparkly fun; you can order a copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, LifeWay, or any of your favorite online or local retailers.

You may have picked up on the fact that I highly recommend it.

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  1. I dare you to give away 10 more. Nobody puts Sophie on give-away lockdown.

  2. Sharon Edge says:

    Thank you again! I am thrilled and will be watching my mailbox :)

  3. Thanks SO much Sophie! I am so excited!

  4. OH MY GOSH I AM BETH BUT AM I BETH #512 ????????????? I didn’t pay attention yesterday to what # my comment was, the suspense is KILLING ME SOFTLY.

  5. Let’s have a list of movies you DO like and have watched. There were a lot of comments on your never watched movie list. I would be interested to know what kind you actually do like. I go for older movies for I do not like the language and violence in some of the newer ones.

    So here’s my list of favorite movies – well a few of them.
    Titanic – I can watch this movie in bit and pieces and then sit through it all many times. I also have watched the documentaries and really it’s quite authentic. I also have the BIG books on Titanic. But then again I watch Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers on tv. I guess I am a bit of a tomboy at heart.
    Ice Castles – I just bought this one from the Pawn Shop – the original with Robbie Benson.
    Terms of Endearment
    A Few Good Men – I have watched this one many times even though I am not a huge Tom Cruise fan. But it’s one of his earlier ones and he’s good in it as is Jack Nicholson.
    Also Top Gun with Tom Cruise – we watched this one as a family one Sunday afternoon and we all liked it. The boys were little. I have since watched it a couple more times.
    The Bucket List
    The Other Side of the Mountain – oldie and I’d like to find it in DVD
    Gone With the Wind – every time it’s on I watch it
    The Blindside – I love, love, love Sandra Bullock and so I also watched
    The Proposal
    and Crash
    Steel Magnolias – The original with Dolly Parton. I don’t like the remake and have only watched bits of it. No one should change a good movie and make it more modern.
    People mentioned Les Miserables but I saw it on Broadway in NYC and don’t watch to watch the movie.
    Any and all Pioneer stories and in book form also.
    I am sure I have a hundred others but these are ones I have watched over and over. I like watching movies I have already seen.

    And now my request – give us a list of movies you DID watch and DID like.

    Hugs from Minnesota

  6. Congrats, Melanie!! Bill told me all about your book and it sounds amazing! Looking forward to reading it. Much love. XOXO

  7. Oh my goodness, Sophie, you have to delete that comment (LOL). I don’t know why I wrote that like I was on Melanie’s blog. Clearly, I’m moving too fast. But I am excited to read Sparkly Green Earrings! And your book!!

  8. Hi! I’m new to your blog and would love to get acquainted. Do you have some favorite posts I could start with? Thanks :)

  9. I just ordered mine on Friday & I can’t wait to get it from Amazon this week! I read just the sample online and it was great! I am also going to Dot mom in Dallas in 2 weeks with my best friend & I can’t wait to hear ya’ll! It is going to be so fun! :-)