Some Books And Some Justin Timberlake, Too


I have some announcements for the class. And an anecdote. Or maybe just something that would like to be an anecdote but probably isn’t quite there yet.

I need to stop over-explaining, don’t I?

– My friend Chrystal Hurst has a book called Kingdom Woman: Embracing Your Purpose, Power, and Possibilities coming out today, and I want to make sure to mention it because I read an early copy and really responded to the book’s tone, practicality, and encouragement. Plus, Chrystal’s co-writer and father, Tony Evans, is the pastor who is most likely to make me talk right back to the radio when I listen to him in the car. That Evans family is chock-full-o-gifted communicators. And if you buy the book between now and July 20th, you can also get an audio version of the book for free (details here).

– Speaking of books (TRANSITION!), I found out a couple of weeks ago that my book (it’s called A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet) (I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it) (feel free to roll your eyes) is Barnes and Noble’s Book of the Moment for July. This is something they do to feature books in different categories, and I’m mighty honored that they picked mine for religion. Barnes and Noble has been really, really good to my little book, and I am very grateful. I’m also fighting the urge to put an exclamation point at the end of “book of the moment” and then use jazz hands. But I think we all know that I’m weird.

Seriously. I can’t resist.

Book of the moment!

– I’ve been on the road a good bit this summer, so I’ve had plenty of time to fine-tune my road trip playlist (get it? fine-tune? talking about music? HILARIOUS). One of my favorite driving songs is “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake, a fact that I’m sure would thrill him to no end since suburban mamas in their 40s are clearly his target audience.

Here is the song if you are not familiar (and here’s a link to buy it if you like it).

Let us take a moment and sigh with contentment at the sight of a real band playing real instruments and wearing real suits.

Anyway, I have listened to this song about 50 times over the course of the summer, and here is what I’d sing when I’d get to the chorus:

“‘Cause with your hand in my hand / And a pocket full of soap / I can tell you there’s no place we couldn’t go…”

I know. A pocket full of soap. I thought it was odd, too. But I told myself that no matter where they went together, at least they’d be clean.

Last week I decided that the whole “soap” thing couldn’t possibly be right, so I looked up the lyrics on the internet, just like the kids do. And sure enough, the word there is “soul.” A pocket full of SOUL.

That sounds so much better, don’t you think? And even though the practical side of me thinks that they’d really be better off with soap instead of soul because, as I mentioned earlier, CLEAN, I’m so relieved to have some clarity on the lyrics. Thank goodness that I’ve never had any reason to sing along with a group of teenagers. Can you even imagine how low my Hip and With It quotient would plummet if a bunch of 17 year-olds heard me belting out “a pocket full of soap”?

It would be humbling. I’ll just say that. HUMBLING.

Does anybody else have some lyric blunders they’d like to share with the class? I hope so – because I sure would love to read them.

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  1. Love that song too! A friend told me that he wrote it about his grandparents’ marriage, because they have been married for ages and he is really touched by their relationship. In my mind that makes him and the song all the more sweet. :)

  2. Not so much a lyric blunder as it is just a complete lack of understanding, but I spent my entire life thinking Reba’s “Fancy” was about Reba’s momma sending her to prom. Finally listened to the words a few years ago and was APPALLED. APPALLED, I tell you!

  3. Nancy D says:

    My former boss tells the story about how for years he thought the words to that Kenny Rogers song was “You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille, with FOUR HUNDRED children and a crop in the field…” And I”m sure they were all hungry too. He just learned the real lyrics about a month ago.

  4. “Oh, Cinnamon gum….knowing how I made you feel…cinnamon gum…” (Oh Sherry)

  5. ABSOLUTELY loved your book. I laughe and cried, sometimes at the same time!

  6. ^^^^^^^^^

  7. I DID, TOO!

  8. OH YES! My special moment is when I was with my 18 year old Luke Bryan lover (a.k.a. my daughter) and we were belting out the Chorus to “Country Girl Shake It For Me” and the part that says “Shake it for the crickets, and the critters and the squirrels” I busted out with “Shake it for the crickets, and the TURTLES and the squirrels”. She screamed out IT’S CRITTERS, TURTLES SOUNDS STUPID…….. anything in that particular line of the song is questionable as far as I’m concerned. But, Luke can sing the phone book and I’d listen.

  9. “Pocket full of soap” … I just laughed and laughed.

  10. I can’t claim this as my own lyrical blunder, but I had an uncle who thought CCR’s “Bad Moon on the Rise” was “There’s a bathroom on the right.”

  11. Susan P says:

    My little sister used to sing “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus” with these lyrics: What can wash away my SKIN? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. What can make me HOLD A CAN? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

  12. Mary Lucy says:

    I used to think the Rolling Stones were singing “I’ll never be your big Suburban” instead of “your beast of burden!” It made total sense to me, because Suburbans are really big!

  13. Sorry, I got caught up in the Jazz Hands video and can’t stop laughing! May you have a Double Dream Hands day.

  14. In college my best friend swore up and down that the Hey Ya! by Outkast lyrics were “shake it like a bonafide teacher”. <— what does that even mean??! The actual lyric "shake it like a polaroid picture". Ah yes, that makes a bit more sense! :)

  15. Timmarie says:

    My favorite lyric blunder was my daughter’s. Instead of singing “Who is like the Lord? nobody,” she sang, “Who will slap the Lord? NOBODY.” I just said, “Amen.”

  16. Amy in Italy says:

    “Everytime you go…away…
    You take a piece of meat with you.”

    Can’t take the credit. It was a friend’s mom who sang along with it like that. She quickly became my favorite.

    Thanks for the giggles!!!!

  17. Sallie Belle Howell says:

    Ok Thank you for my stroll down memory lane with some Hal Leonard. I have been known to step touch while doing the travel hands, rain hands, jazz hands combo. I must say quite a professional I was back in the late 80’s. while wearing sequins!

  18. Have you ever watched Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon’s History of Rap on YouTube?!
    I LOVE IT! I think you would not just love it, but LERVE it.

  19. My little brother was in the car with a good friend years ago and Alanis Morissette came on the radio. And to my brother’s horror and eventual hysterical laughter, his friend sang AT THE TOP of her lungs (over and over, mind you), “Before Eddie ran me over!” Close. So close. You already won me over, before Eddie ran me over. I’m sure Ms. Morissette was fine with either option.

  20. Yes. My brother and I were driving in the car when we were both in high school and the Beetles song, “Paperback Writer” came on, only my brother was instead singing, “Take the back right turn…” I still smile every single time I hear the song! :)

  21. Oh. My. My lyrics blunders are too many to list, but definately epic. For now, I’ll just laugh along with yours! Love you, Boo!

  22. Laughing so hard that I’m crying here at my desk! Pocket full of soap!! Tickles me to no end.

  23. Bwahaha! That’s awesome. I love JT and especially love that song. Soap rocks, too, ya know? :)

    I still need to get my hands on your book! Soon, I promise!

  24. “Rock the Cashba” = Rock the Cash bar.

    I think what we have here is an example of NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE in regards to the “cashba” so my brain automatically assumed…

  25. When my sister was in the 2nd grade, she came home from practicing Christmas carols for the school’s PTA performance. Daddy asked her what they were singing, and she busted out at the top of her voice with “Chester’s NUTS roasting on an open fire!” I thought my daddy was going to pee his pants, he laughed so hard. We still sing that to her every year and laugh our heads off.

  26. Debbie in Tennessee says:

    Back in the day… “I’ve got a never ending love for you”, became, I’ve got another Indian love for you. Go figure.

  27. BaaaHaHa!!!! :-) :-) :-) I’m still laughing at the jazz hands video. Thanks for making my day just a little bit better.

  28. Well, in my quest to relate to my kids and stay “up” on some of the current songs, I mess up lyrics all the time! Fortunately for me, I live with the 4 smartest kids in the entire world, and they are always ready to correct me (insert eye-rolling) (theirs and mine).

    My husband would die if he knew I shared this, but when he was younger, he thought the words in the song, “Dream Weaver,” (REO Speedwagon) were actually “Green Beaver.”


    And, on a cute note…when one of our boys was little, he sang a song he’d been taught in Sunday School…”the joy of the Lord is my string (strength).”

  29. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head personally, but a friend’s sister growing up thought it was “white winged duck” instead of “dove.” She got the bird part right, at least.

    All I know is that once you do actually learn the correct lyrics, it’s next to impossible to actually re-learn to sing it correctly!

  30. This was my son’s “blunder” too. Every time that song came on he would sing that line at the top of his lungs! Guess it made sense to a 10 year old boy who was always hungry!!

  31. I’m sure there have been many, but the one I still laugh about is Clay Walker’s song “Days that end in y”. I sang the chorus as “Daisy, Indian, Whhhhhhhyyyyyyy”. It didn’t make sense AT ALL, but I LOVED the song and sang it all the time. Learning the real words, AND that they’re the song title, just made me laugh and laugh!

  32. Good grief, this post made me laugh out loud. My favorite lyric blunder was my son, who belted out “I’m SHAVING!” along with Garth Brooks, who was actually singing “Shameless”. He was about 5 and I guess he figured that a song completely dedicated to shaving was exactly how life was supposed to be.

  33. Not a lyric blunder but definitely a pop culture blunder… and I made it in front of my English 101 class of 18- and 19-year-olds.

    I called Naomi Campbell, Beyonce.
    I later called Alice Cooper, Alice in Chains.
    All in the same class period.

    It was months later before I realized what I had done. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

  34. My mom thought the same thing!

  35. Oh, oh! I almost forgot. When I was very little, I thought “Stop in the name of love” was “Stop in my neighborhood.”

  36. The next time you sing the hymn “Lead on, Oh King Eternal,” remember that my friend sang it in college as “Lead on, Oh Kinky Turtle.” It was on purpose. And it totally ruined the hymn for me.

  37. Cindy L. says:

    I thought it was “casba”, whatever that is!

  38. Brookles says:

    I always thought “Secret Agent Man” was “Secret ASIAN Man”
    I could even argue about. Someone said Secret AGENT… a SPY. and I said “NO! Secret ASIAN like a NINJA!
    I now know the difference and I still say ASIAN because I just can’t help myself.

  39. Cindy L. says:

    My favorite Christmas CD has a version of “Go Tell it the Mountain” that puts a lot os emphasis on “GO”. When my daughter was 4 years old she sang. “Yo! Tell it on the Mountain!” With so much enthusiasm I just could not tell her it was “Go”. She sang it that way for years, even in church.
    The jazz hands video cracked me up! I have laughed so hard. My kids think I am crazy. It made me think of the episode of Friends when Joey pretends he is a dancer and has to teach the dance routine and they do the jazz hands at the end. So funny!

  40. You know that line in “Bennie and the Jets” that says “she’s got electric boots”? My older sister, for YEARS, thought it was “electric boobs”….very different meaning!

  41. My best friend had a pretty hilarious one for the song “Loser” by Beck. She thought the chorus was “soiled nude pantyhose, I’m a loser baby so why don’t you kill me.” In her defense she has the second half right and the first half is “Soy un perdedor” so really how would you get that right?? :) Was still pretty hilarious the first time we heard her shout/sing along and say “soiled nude pantyhose” – ha!

  42. That is wrong on so many levels, but I’m in tears at me desk reading this!

  43. Oh my gosh. I thought the SAME thing growing up. Asian Man!

  44. Annette says:

    When our son was 3 or 4 he thought ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ was saying, “We don’t have a grandma”. Sang it out loud in the car and gave us all the best laugh :)

  45. I love every word and comment of this post!!!!!!!!!

    There are a few I can remember. It took me a while to figure out what FANCY was doing too.

    I was WAY older before I realized Jimmy Buffet was looking for his lost shaker of SALT.

    And Garth Brooks holds a special place with Friends in Low Places. Sausage gravy instead of social graces.

    Keepin’ it classy!

  46. As a child I sympathized for Whitney’s lack of dinner compainion when she sang “Oh, I want to dance with somebody. I want to be able to eat with somebody!”

    And my dad thinks that the Moody Blues’ “Wildest Dreams” is “Wild Irish Dreams.” I corrected him once, which he soon forgot. Now I love it so much I regret ever trying to change it!

  47. I’m laughing with you because I ALWAYS get the words in songs wrong. Terry just laughs and laughs… You know the song… “Don’t you worry don’t you worry child… See Heaven’s has a plan for you” Well, I thought they were saying “See Alice has a plan for you.” Or “Cialis has a plan for you.” Yeah… think about it. I now proudly sing the correct version. Ha!

  48. HAHAHA…I love your are so REAL..and that makes me happy :)
    My kids shudder to hear me sing, cause evidently I cant hear when I am singing along with the radio…My “fav” blunder…is old CCR “Bathroom on the Right”. aka Bad moon on the rise…
    I still get a chuckle everytime I hear it and get enjoyment of seeing the eyes roll when I sing along. :)

  49. Cyndie in Ohio says:

    When my son was about 5 years old I took him with me to choir rehearsal and we sang Up From the Grave He Arose. Later my son commented, “Mom, I really like that song you sang about the gravy and the rolls”. Gotta love him.

  50. I saw an ad for your book in Southern Lady and immediately downloaded it to my Kindle. I enjoyed it very much! I’ve also added your blog to my Feedly. Keep on writing!

  51. Not a song lyric but when my dad saw Sound of Music where Daddy Von Trapp is saying goodbye to Baroness Schraeder and says “Auf Wiedersehen”, my dad said “Did he just tell her he’d eat her steak??” We still say that when we’re saying goodbye…..I’ll eat your steak!

  52. I was in the car with my 11 year old daughter recently when we heard Taylor Swift’s song 22 for the first time. I heard “It feels like the perfect night to dress up like hamsters”. Then, instead of “22” she heard “bathing suit”. The great thing is we laugh every time that song comes on!

    By the way, I just finished reading your book and I loved, loved, loved,the last chapter (I enjoyed it all but that one just spoke to me.)

  53. Jennifer Morgan says:

    I thought Michael Jackson was getting started with the man in the MIDDLE. Unsure what that man was in the middle of…

  54. My 2 year old sings “There is pow, pow, bunny rabbit pow in the blood of the lamb.” I haven’t had the heart to correct her because, well, it’s just too sweet.

  55. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    O.K. I will admit it. In the Swedish House Mafia song, “Don’t You Worry Child,” I was singing “She hasn’t got a plan for you!” and it is “See Heaven’s got a plan for you.” My daughter just told me to ask her if I had questions and I didn’t think I was wrong until I was belting it out in front of her and her boyfriend! Also, I was sining “pocket full of soap” until just a few moments ago! Thank you for clearing that up for me! Loved the Jazz Hands tribute to your book and I’m so very proud of you!!!!! Yay!!!!! And thank you for the entertaining Justin Timberlake clip! Loved the entire thing and when he went in the audience and pointed to the girls I got chills. I know I’m too old for that but it happened.

  56. Marilyn says:

    When my son was very young he asked me, “What’s a sign-oh?” I asked him to use it in a sentence. “Jesus loves me this sign-oh.”

  57. Jeanine Hood says:

    There are way too many goofs for me to mention but my favorite is when I was talking to my daughter who was 16 at the time and asking her exactly what “Blink” was. She of course had no idea what I was asking about until she finally got that I meant “Bling”. I promise I thought that was what everyone was saying when they were showing off all their glitter jewels because it made you BLINK!!!

    Score zero for me and a million for the rest of the hip world. :-)

  58. My mom listened to the radio all the time when I was a kid. I can go into any grocery store that is playing “soft rock” and sing along to every single song. Always (Yet I can’t remember where I put my car keys the night before, but anyway).

    The song ‘What a Feeling’ by Irene Cara, I thought she was singing “Take your pants off / and make it happen”


    That one made my mom’s eyebrows go up when she heard me singing along…

  59. Lisa G. says:

    I thought it was “a bad mood on the rise” which does tend to happen to me sometimes…

  60. This post just made me bust out laughing so hard during my boys’ naptime! I also just finished your book last week and I’ve been passing my copy around to lots of good Southern women!!! ;) Love your blog AND your book! Keep it up, girl!

  61. I thought “Material Girl” was “I’m a Cheerio Girl.” Obviously, we didn’t have cable TV, so I had no exposure to music videos to teach me otherwise. If my lyrics were correct, MTV would’ve featured Madonna lusting over breakfast cereal instead of channeling Marilyn Monroe!

  62. The jazz hands almost made me snort coffee all over my screen. Where do you find these things?

    My latest lyric blunder had my 18 year laughing all day. In the Imagine Dragons song “Radioactive” I kept thinking it was saying “Ready to whack you” instead of “radio-active”

  63. It is INCREDIBLE. Wonder if it’s downloadable? Mayhaps, I’ll check.

  64. Robin in New Jersey says:

    A friend of mine took her 8 year old daughter to choir practice with her where they sang a song with the word abundance in it. After practice her daughter said, “Mom, what kind of dance is a bun dance?” !!!

  65. My favorite blunder is a story of my husband’s. (And oddly enough relates to Anita’s previous comment.) He was in show choir in high school and his teacher would not let them sing Irene Carra’s “What A Feeling” because she thought the words were “Take your pants off” instead of “Take your passion”. Needless to say, all the kids would belt out, the song acapella anyway emphasizing the “take your pants off” part.

    I love this post and these comments. Not only are they so entertaining, they remind me of why we cherish those we love so much. Even the mistakes are memories.

  66. Allison says:

    I am a mom in my mid thirties…who likes to boogy down in her swagger wagon. I always wondered who “Shirley” the club-going girl was who seemed to get mentioned in All The Rap. Um yeah, it’s “Shorty.” :P

  67. Beverly says:

    I was about to post this same thing! My son loved this song and always wanted it on the jukebox of our hamburger joint! Then he (also) belted out the “I’m SHAVING” lyrics loud and proud!! I always let him because I thought it was SO FUNNY!….because that’s the kind of Mom I am……

  68. Lynnette R says:

    ELO…”Strange Magic” My 50 something year old husband thought until about 6 months ago they were singing “Change My Chick.” I can barely type it without laughing still. I thought he was joking but No!

  69. Kelly b says:

    OK this made me HOOT with laughter!!!

  70. My oldest child used to LOVE “Angels We Have Heard on High.” He was so sweet singing “Glooooooooria, in Old Chauncey’s Dog House.”

    We have no idea who Old Chauncey is or what he did that made him sing glory in his dog house, but man the kid was convicted about it.

  71. Cathryn says:

    The line of a song was “I see you winding and grinding..” My sister would sing ” I see you whining and crying all on the floor”

  72. When my brother was little, he thought the Collective Soul song said, “We’re having an election now” instead of “Heaven let your light shine down”. It’s been 20 years, but I still want to sing it that way when I hear it.

  73. Jenny R says:

    Recently my 11 year old son and I were riding in the car and Phillip Phillip’s song, “Gone, Gone, Gone” was on the radio. Towards the end he said, “Mom, can I ask you something?” and I said, “Sure”. He said why does he say “I’ll be your CROTCH when your legs stop moving?”… I burst out laughing!!! I told him that the word was “crutch” not “crotch”. Then he burst out laughing! Now everytime we hear that song and that part of it, we just give a knowing look to each other!

  74. My little girl used to sing, “He is exhausted, the King is exhausted on High,” instead of, “He is exalted…”

  75. Amanda Jones says:

    These are all awesome. Jackson used to sing the Sanctus Real song, Lead Me, like this:
    “Lead me with strong hands
    Stand up when I can’t
    Don’t leave me hungry for lunch (love)…”

  76. I’ve been singing these lyrics for “Blinded By the Light” by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band for, well, I’m 43 — that should tell you something. And for the last 17 years, my husband has been in stitches every single time the song plays. My eyes get as big as saucers when the intro starts playing and I belt out MY lyrics. I’m a wee bit attached to them, I guess.

    ACTUAL Lyrics:
    Blinded by the light,
    revved up like a deuce,
    another runner in the night

    MY Lyrics:
    Blinded by the light,
    rack up like a douche,
    another runner in the night

    There’s more, Sophie. But it gets so tangled, your head would spin if I went much further. But this…THIS is MY SONG! It reminds me of everything wonderful from my youth. Not quite sure why, but it’s just my happy song.

  77. Now this is good! REALLY good!

  78. The Kenny Chesney song “I Lost It”

    Real lyrics:
    No one can make me cry
    Make me laugh
    Make me smile
    Or drive me mad like she does

    What I thought it said:
    No one can make me cry
    Make my laugh
    Make me smile
    Or drive me mad like a cheetah.

    (Please go listen and you’ll totally understand.)

  79. Also, I grew up Methodist and FOR EVER I thought the end of “Glory be to the Father” was God without head, amen. Amen. Instead of world without end. I was always kind of freaked out to sing it!

  80. that’s what I thought, and still hear it that way.

  81. A pastor came to my high school in the 90’s to inform us during chapel of the perils that awaited us in the lyrics of secular songs. His example presented to make his case was simply the title “Do the Naked Lady” by Aerosmith. Imagine his horror when the entire school burst out laughing when we realized he meant the song “Dude Looks Like a Lady.”

  82. Same song, but my lyrics were…..
    Blinded by the light,
    wrapped up like a douche
    in the rollin’ of the night

    I still belt it out just like that. Ditto on the great memories attached to the song. Douche and all!

  83. I just found this out a couple of weeks ago, when CBS Sunday Morning interviewed the female backup singer on the Rolling Stone’s song “Gimme Shelter”.

    I have always thought the chorus was
    “Oh, tell her. It’s just a shadow away, shadow away”

    The second chorus was
    “Hey Mother! It’s just a shadow away, shadow away”

    I will let you Google the actual words, because it is kind of swarmy. I still like the song, I just have to use my words.

  84. Shannon says:

    As someone who has lived her life getting the words wrong, I looked up the lyrics, and this is what I found… Maybe you weren’t wrong, Sophie! ;-) This one says “pocket full of soap”!

  85. Oh my…you all are so funny, I have tears rolling down my cheeks!

    A friend of mine still sings the Jim Croce song , “Operator” just like he did when he was a kid … “Oh burrito” can you help me place this call…

  86. My worst was Elton John’s Rocket Man…. I always belted “rocket man….burning down the fields of avalon.” I don’t really know what that meant but thats what it sounded like!!
    Real lyrics: ” Rocket man… Burning out his fuse up here alone.”

  87. Brittney k says:

    When my little sister was about 3, she loved Bon jovi. My step mom is the culprit here. But we have a video of my sister with my iPod on belting “you give love…. A BAND AID!” We have laughed about this for years!!

  88. My 6 year old daughter thought it was dress up like hamsters also. We laughed so hard we cried.

  89. I have a couple and they are all church songs! My boys use to sing a song about the 12 disciples and my son was singing “Judas is a carrot” instead of Judas Iscariot. Makes sense to me! And then on the hymn “At Calvary,” He “punched” me to victory in lieu of He “plunged” me to victory beneath the cleansing flood!”

    Our church used to do a big Easter drama each year. Everyone was involved, especially in the big crowd scenes. Once we were all acting/singing the scene about Barabbas being released to the people. I heard a little boy beside me singing loudly, “Brer Rabbit, Brer Rabbit, release to us Brer Rabbit.” Loved it!!!!

  90. Oh, how you make me laugh!! And yes, I must admit, I did indeed just go and use the Google (I may have just finished reading your book…just sayin’…and I LOVED IT!) to look up the lyrics myself.

    In the spirit of JT lyrics misinterpretations, I share this one on behalf of my 3-year-old. She was singing her little heart out to “Suit & Tie” when it was on the radio, and sang “Let me show you some TOOTHPASTE!” as my close personal friend Justin was actually singing “Let me show you a few things…”


  92. Oh, how I loved that one…

  93. Mariposa says:

    My then four year old daughter sings Travis Cottrell’s version of Victory in Jesus all the time and changes the lyrics from then I repented of my sins to “I repented of my self” it’s too cute and pretty right on so I have not corrected her.

    Thanks to all for the comments I have been sitting here laughing. And thanks Sopihe fir your blog and book.

  94. Alexa Cacibauda says:

    If it makes you feel better, I’m 20 years old and in my prime “cool years” (right??) and I’ve been singing “pocket full of soap” TOO! I generally make up half of the words in every song I listen to.

  95. Stephanie says:

    I am crying from that one!

  96. My daughter thought the lyrics in the song Everlasting God(Strength will rise when we wait upon The Lord) was, “He is the defender of the week” like the days of the week instead of “Defender of the weak”. She finally realized her mistake one Sunday when she read the overhead with the lyrics on it and saw how it was spelled. She teases her younger brother for thinking that Amazing Grace had lyrics saying “Saved a wrench like me” instead of wretch like me. I would think that is a pretty common mistake though. :)

  97. My daughter was young when Lord I Lift Your Name on High was at its height of popularity. She thought we were singing “From the earth to the cross, my dead toupee”. I cannot sing this chorus without smiling to this day :)

  98. “There might be a little dust on the ‘Bible,’ but don’t let it fool ya about what’s inside.”

  99. Ashley Turner says:

    My 3.5 year old daughter, Allie, loves Taylor Swift and one day her song “Begin Again” came on Allie said “mommy! This is guinea pig guinea pig!” My husband and I CRACKED up.

  100. Merri Jo says:

    Oh, my word–that is priceless!


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