The Dog Days Of March

Hazel is, of course, a puppy. This means that she enjoys biting, she enjoys running, she enjoys playing tug of war with towels, she enjoys baying (it’s the beagle in her), and she enjoys wrestling with chew toys.

Another one of her favorite things is to “hide” under the tablecloth while David, Alex, and I are eating supper so that she can attack our chairs after we sit down. Usually this means that there’s a whole lot of “No, Hazel!” in the middle of the dinner table conversation, and eventually she gives up on the table and starts hunting for crumbs underneath the cabinets.

It’s a very relaxing dinnertime environment. Clearly.

Last night, however, Hazel wasn’t of a mind to play. In fact, she stayed in D’s chair during supper, and when Alex went to check on her after he finished eating, he ran back in the kitchen almost immediately and told us that Hazel was sick.

Oh, y’all. Was she ever. It was obvious that her stomach was upset, but what concerned us even more was that she was so lethargic. She could just barely hold up her little head, so I called the emergency vet (it was after 6, so our vet was closed), told them her symptoms, and tried not to jump to a worst case scenario when they said, “Bring her in.”

Long story short, Hazel is fine. She doesn’t have any of the things we were concerned she might have, and she’s all better today. In fact, she perked up a good bit right before the vet gave her a shot (apparently there is something along the lines of puppy phenergan). I was so relieved to see her stand up that I took a picture and sent it to my fellas, who were waiting and worrying at home.


And, you know, that was pretty much it. I mean, I guess we could pretend like the story was a whole lot more dramatic than what I just told you, but it wasn’t. It was, however, an excellent excuse to share a picture of the cutest dog that has ever lived.

(I promise that I’ll stop it with the dog pictures.)

(I just can’t promise that I’ll stop this spring.)

(Because THOSE EARS.)

The end.

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  1. She is adorable!

  2. I never, ever comment on a blog but I have to this time. That is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen. I’m not sure who is luckier – Hazel or your family.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how attached you become in such a short period of time? So glad she’s OK. And do not stop posting pictures! She is almost as cute as my grand dog!

  4. Post as many puppy pictures as you want – she is precious!

  5. Jeannie says:

    I am so glad she is okay! Golly, that little puppy gets cuter with each picture you post. Don’t you dare slow down in posting pictures! You’ve got us all hooked on the cuteness!

  6. Kathleen G says:

    This post reminded me when our Min Pin mix Zoe was a tiny pup. About this time, two years ago, I was outside with her and we think something bit her and had to rush her to the ER vet. She had passed out and Lordy, Lord, gave us grey hairs. The vet gave her a shot and she bounced back. I love showing my husband your pictures of Hazel. What a face! This is the beginning of the rollercoaster ride of owning a four-legged family member.

  7. I’m glad she’s feeling better. The last dog we had (for 11 years) was our beagle, Annie. She was the sweetest thing. Hazel looks like she has that same sweet disposition.

  8. Don’t stop! Keep the pictures of cutie-patootie Hazel coming.

  9. She is SO cute! Don’t stop with the pictures! That little heart-shaped nose simply does me in!

  10. Quite possibly the cutest puppy ever! It is so special that y’all have saved her. She will be externally grateful and will show you every day. Don’t stop with the pictures!

  11. Kim from GA says:

    Please don’t stop sharing pictures and stories of your “furry kid”. Hazel is adorable!

  12. I feel confident I speak for everyone when I say “Bring on the Hazel pictures – anytime, all the time”. I am pretty sure she is wearing eyeliner (on her white eye) too, and as a mother of girls I have to tell you she’s just a bit to young to start that. Maybe some lip gloss but let’s tone that down a bit.

  13. Karen Atlay says:

    Love her! So glad she’s better now. And I agree with everyone above that you should definitely keep posting pictures of her.

  14. Melissa says:

    You did the right thing to call the vet. Puppies can get sick so quickly. Hazel is blessed to have such a loving family. Please keep posting photos of Hazel. She is adorable! Glad she is feeling better.

  15. Jennifer S says:

    Pleeeeeeease don’t stop with the dog pictures! We love her! Glad she’s feeling better :)

  16. Karen Ward says:

    Ohhhh she is precious! You don’t have to stop with the dog pictures. Really. I post pictures of my precious baby all the time on IG. Probably more than my actual child. But that’s only because she’s a teenager and doesn’t like having her picture taken.

  17. Oh my word I can’t get enough of the cutest. puppy. ever! Thanks for sharing…glad she’s better!!

  18. Don’t stop with the puppy pictures, LOVE them. She’s the most photogenic dog she needs a calendar!!! :)

  19. I love her sweet face and her name. Bring on the photos.

  20. So thankful that little Hazel is doing better – she is adorable. Don’t stop those pictures – they make are day and make us all smile and get the warm fuzzies!

  21. So glad Hazel is better! She is adorable… keep the pics coming!

  22. Julie Reynolds says:

    Hazel is just precious! So thankful all is well with her! Praying for you as you write.

  23. Don’t you dare stop posting pictures of Hazel. That is a PRECIOUS puppy! And when I started reading this post, I almost stopped– it sounded a whole lot like parvo and that TERRIFIES me. Thankfully a good ending…. Whew.

  24. I agree with everyone above…Don’t stop posting pictures Hazel Louise!! Don’t even think about it!

    I just gave your dog a middle name. I tend to do that. Maybe it’s a southern thing. My two get called by their full names quite a bit!

    Belly scratchies to Hazel, glad you feel better!!

  25. Becky in 'Bama says:

    SERIOUS QUESTION: if anything should happen to you all any time soon (God forbid)….uh have you done the proper paperwork to make sure little Hazel is given the best home? Please put my name at the top of the list. KEEP THOSE PICS COMING!! :)

  26. I always know a pet is part of our family when I shell out 300 bucks to make them well, and don’t bat an eye that I just spent 300 dollars because they have swallowed a toothpick.

  27. Don’t you dare stop posting pictures of Hazel. Our rental prohibits pets, so I’m living vicariously through you!

  28. I agree with all of the above. She is the cutest, most precious pup I have ever seen. So unique are her markings. You are so blessed as is she. Envious but oh so happy for you.

  29. Never, ever stop with the Hazel pictures. They are just too wonderfully cute.

    In case you want to know what not to do with your dog in Kansas at 6:44am, read my blog. It should be sub-titled, “Skunknado: The Story of a Woman, Her Dog, and Some Pajamas.”

  30. i am loving your puppy pics! also, wondering when you and big mama will do another podcast. i’m anxiously waiting to hear all about the snow storm and the oscars and whatever else you girls are going to talk about :)

  31. I agree with the others. I am good looking at pictures of your adorable Hazel every day. She is a doll! SO grateful she is alright!!!

  32. I think it’s pretty well agreed here that we WANT to see more pictures of Hazel, she’s adorable!

  33. She is adorable! At the risk of sounding like a jerk, may I suggest that dinner time for your family is crate-time (with a really awesome long lasting treat or toy) for Hazel? Set the crate up where she can still see you and feel like she is part of the family, but provide her with structure so that you aren’t having to say “No Hazel!” all the time. My dog just loves the kongs filled with peanut butter, treats, rice, leftover meat, etc. If you freeze them they last longer.

  34. She really is just the cutest little thing, and I love her name, so I hope you won’t stop with the pictures any time soon. And am I the only person who could totally see her as the puppy heroine of a children’s book?

  35. Sherri Len says:

    Don’t stop! We love Hazel pictures! And her nose looks like a little black heart in this picture!

  36. You might watch her shots, my little guy can not take a full shot at a time or he does what you described (his was foam and yuk). He takes the 3 year rabies for that reason. He is adorable so continue the photos. I know my friends and family are sick of seeing my fur babies photos.

  37. Oh, I love her and am so glad she’s okay! PLEASE do not stop with the dog pictures.

  38. Please don’t stop posting puppy pictures! Hazel is too cute for words.

  39. Alliosn says:

    I have 2 precious dogs myself, but I love seeing pics of Hazel. She’s so cute!

  40. It is sooo scary when our fur babies are lethargic. I pulled into my driveway after taking our two dogs to the vet for yearly check-ups and vaccines to find one of them had upchucked in the backseat and was barely able to hold her head up, let alone keep her eyes open. It was the scariest 20 minute ride back to the vet’s office. Come to find out it was just a reaction to one of the vaccines. A nice little Benedryl shot had her back to her old self in no time. Most horrible feeling in the world, though!

    I’m so glad little Hazel is feeling better. Keep the photos coming!

  41. So cute. We got a puppy and I know exactly how you feel. We spend the majority of the evening telling her to get down, calm down, lay down, sit down, just…down. But when she is “down” we immediately think something is wrong and all 5 of us are bending over backward to get her to perk up. Personally, I think she does it on purpose and is laughing at us. ;)

  42. I love her already, I am new to your blog, but she is just to0 cute

  43. Oh don’t stop. She is darling. We just got a new pup in December and I have flooded my blog, FB and Instagram with pictures and stories.

  44. Hazel is adorable – no need to stop the pics in my opinion! and I am so glad she is okay.


  45. Love your pics of Hazel, and those ears caught my attention in this pic — so adorable! When you posted several pics of her recently, I was scrolling through them on my phone, and my 6 year old was looking over my shoulder and was completely smitten with her.

  46. Elizabeth says:

    We have a beagle puppy that we adopted when he was 6 months. Your Hazel at the Table story reminded me of what we went through with our adorable little guy. Our solution was to leash our puppy by his dog bed but in view of our table. Each night at dinner we instructed him to go to his bed, while attaching his leash and left him. There was whining and crying, but after dinner he received a treat and lots of love. Slowly he learned that the best part came after our dinner and began to wait patiently. Now at dinner time, he automatically goes and lays on his bed quietly until my husband gets up front his chair. We no longer reward with treats all of the time (beagles need help with not gaining too much weight) and dinner time is a joy.

  47. I feel the need to share my puppy pictures with you. We played the dinner game tonight. I have had to ban our sweet Samson to the living room while we eat. If this snow EVER melts then he’ll be outside! They are so much fun at the puppy stage!