The Email

My email address is boomama205ATgmailDOTcom. And with that information out of the way, I have several things to say about the email. I do hope you’ll read them.

1) I love the email. I love getting the email, reading the email, and replying to the email. I love checking the email. The email and I are in this thing for the long haul.

2) Unfortunately, I tend to get a little bit behind on the email. This is because I am apparently incapable of writing short, pithy responses in order to effectively manage my inbox. So I hang on to emails that I want to answer, but the new emails continue to arrive, and before I know it I have 433 pieces of email that I long to answer very personally and thoroughly.

3) However, by the time I have 433 messages waiting on an answer, I’m officially in an email hole.

4) So I tell you all of this in the hopes that you’ll understand that I just cannot answer every single email. It grieves me to say that because, well, I’m Southern. And Southern girls are trained to always, always, always reciprocate correspondence. And to do so graciously. And to never put some sort of why-I-may-not-answer disclosure on their blogs.

5) Clearly I have failed miserably.

6) However, if you’ve read all of this and still want to email me, you can find me at the aforementioned email address. I promise I’ll read whatever it is that you have to say.

7) Because I even read those emails from the made-up people in foreign countries who want me to hold THE MILLIONS OF THE DOLLARS for them in my bank account, and if I’ll just email them my Social Security number and savings account number, they’ll transfer THE MILLIONS OF THE DOLLARS right away!

8) And they will pay me A PERCENTAGE OF THE MONIES for my trouble!

9) The made-up people are obviously very generous.

10) And seriously: thanks for being so understanding, everybody. You’re the best internets in the whole wide world.

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