“If Reason Fails, Try Force”

First of all, y'all are awesome. Thanks for that. Second of all, this was the first weekend in forever where our schedule wasn't at the mercy of a practice and/or game schedule. IT WAS DELIGHTFUL. We're about to be full speed ahead with lacrosse … [Continue reading]

Worship & Pants & Whatnot

Well, I’m writing this blog post while sitting at lacrosse practice. Don’t worry – I haven’t dragged my laptop to the bleachers or anything like that – I’m just sitting in my car, waiting for Alex to finish, and hoping that if I type, then maybe I … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 57

First of all, I need to tell you that I mention in the podcast that there's going to be new theme music, but I didn't use the new theme music because I couldn't make it be anything other than SCREAMING LOUD and I wanted to make it fade out a little … [Continue reading]

Long Time Gone (But I Am Coming Back Again)

I am oh-so-happy to tell you that edits are FINISHED. Week before last I did two rounds on my own, and after driving to Nashville last Sunday afternoon, I spent most of Monday at LifeWay going through the new book chapter by chapter with my editor. … [Continue reading]

Long Time, No Blog

Oh, y'all. It has been a sweet forever, hasn't it? I have been working like crazy to finish the book, and finding writing time can be a tricky proposition considering that I spend the bulk of my weekdays listening to teenage girls talk about … [Continue reading]

Exciting News About People Who Have Actually Finished Writing Their Books

Hi. I'm still writing away here in Birmingham. I actually went to a hotel this past weekend so that I could hunker down and put on head phones and write with no distractions, so that was helpful and productive and good and etc. I still have a few … [Continue reading]