I’ve Fallen Into The Apple Music Rabbit Hole & I Can’t Get Out

Photo Credit: Chris Jackson

Way back when I was a fresh-faced newlywed who had no need for anything even remotely resembling an intensive nighttime moisturizer, I listened to a whole lot of Ben Folds Five. It was the perfect angst-y music for my angst-y inner English major, and … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 50

Well, our little podcast and Sally O'Malley have something in common. This is our 50th episode, only I didn't even realize it until Alex mentioned it to me right before we started recording, and then I forgot to say anything to Melanie until … [Continue reading]

11 Mildly Interesting Points On A Tuesday Night In Almost-July

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.50.30 PM

1. I just got home from a quick trip to Mississippi, and in case you are wondering, every 18-wheeler in existence is currently traveling on I-20. 2. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. 3. Mama had a couple of doctor's appointments today, and she was a little … [Continue reading]

My Not-Quite-Finished Favorite


We've been in this house for 8 1/2 years, and at this point it looks like we're going to shoot for 40. It's not that we never think about leaving, though. Every three or four months one of us will bring up the possibility of selling and buying … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 49

Well, if your idea of a good time is hearing Melanie and me talk about how we can barely muster the will to leave the house this summer, then this podcast is for you! And really, we are leaving the house. We would just not choose to leave the … [Continue reading]

Please Mark Your Calendars & Locate Your Batons


I feel like I need to give ample advance notice for this EXCITING LIVE EVENT so that you can plan accordingly. In the past we've used the blog for our commenting, but it gets tough to keep up with the conversation when you're constantly … [Continue reading]