Footloose & Fancy Free Only Not Really

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Well, football practice got canceled this past Thursday night, and it was like our whole world opened up. Don't get me wrong. Everybody in this family enjoys football season and football games and football practice and all the other … [Continue reading]

Some Current Favorites


Well, since it's fall, and since I'm not eating gluten, and since I haven't done one of these lists in a while, I thought I'd feature a few of my most recent favorite things. DOESN'T THAT SOUND LIKE THE MOST FUN? Or minimal fun, at least? - … [Continue reading]

Airport Delays, Gum Crackers, & My Ongoing Need For Sanctification

Early Friday afternoon I hopped on a plane for Oklahoma City. Well, really I hopped on a plane for Atlanta, and then I got on another plane for Oklahoma City, but I guess the point is that I utilized air travel in order to get to Oklahoma City for a … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 54

On this episode Melanie is live from Sacramento, so this is pretty much our fanciest podcast ever. We talk about our road trips across the US, our theories about air travel, the relaxing properties of Candy Crush, our 40-something eyesight and its … [Continue reading]

dotMOM, dotMAMAW, & dotNOCKELS

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Well, if you ask me - and to be clear, no one has, but I figure I'll talk about it anyway - the 6th dotMOM conference was just a ton of fun. It was so good to be in Nashville again, and Brentwood Baptist was such a great host church. Plus, it is … [Continue reading]

Laughter & Also A Significant Portion Of Joy

Book #3 has pretty much become an all-consuming mission at this point. That's partly because it's due in just a few months so TIME'S A WASTIN', and it's also because I really love what I'm writing about. So whenever I find a little window-o-time, I … [Continue reading]