What’s Going On


In no particular order: 1. I finished writing the book, OH HALLELUJAH. 2. Now I'm editing the book - and about four chapters from the end. 3. The editing process is my favorite part - I LOVE IT SO. 4. This time around, though, I have been … [Continue reading]

So Many Things


Well, it's 3:47 in the AM. I'm not awake by choice, mind you, but I fell asleep watching TV, and then I woke up around 2, and my body is convinced that it's time to get up even though THREE FORTY SEVEN. My 40s hate me. So, since I have been such a … [Continue reading]

Just A Late July Update

I'm still not finished. But I'm close. I actually hit my word count goal last week; the new book is going to be a little longer than the first one, and I thought I would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER meet my word count. But I did - and now the … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 37

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 5.11.50 PM

Well, I know that I'm in the middle of a big ole bloggy break, but Melanie and I have been wanting to record a podcast, and the day before our friend Annie's new book comes out seemed like a fine and wonderful time (Annie book releases July 15th; Mel … [Continue reading]

Miss Mississippi 2014 Viewing Party

Before we get started, here's my standard viewing party call to order: We'll share our thoughts / observations / reactions in the comments. This is all in good fun, so let's please be mindful that somebody's mama or cousin or great-aunt Ethel … [Continue reading]

Keeping The Tradition Alive

Well, I'm still not finished with the book (getting close, though), but the Miss Mississippi pageant is this Saturday night. And quite frankly I don't see how I can possibly call myself a native Mississippian if I don't take a wee little break from … [Continue reading]