An Unknown Area Of Non-Existent Expertise

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When the first book came out, I thought the categories that Amazon assigned it to made pretty good sense. Family & relationships. Christian living. Parenting didn't even seem like too much of a stretch. But with the new book, the Amazon categories … [Continue reading]

Back In Birmingham & Book Signing Dates

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You know how there are some days when it seems like you catch up on every phone conversation you've been meaning to have for pretty much forever? THAT WAS MY MONDAY. It wasn't even intentional. But by 9 o'clock tonight I realized that I had at … [Continue reading]

Big Mama Has Some Prizes

Hey everybody - I'm still in Mississippi, but I wanted to let you know that Melanie is giving away three copies of Home is Where My People Are on her blog. The giveaway closes at 5pm central today (Monday), so I wanted to pass along the info in … [Continue reading]

In The Interest Of Overexplaining

So if you'd asked me a couple of weeks ago if I was ready for the launch of Home is Where My People Are, I would have said, "YES MA'AM." The book page was almost finished, the pre-order stuff was ready to go, and I'd lined up three book signings for … [Continue reading]

What We Have Here Are Some Special Offers

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So today was the day that the book page for Home is Where My People Are went live (is that the right terminology? should I say that it dropped? that it made its debut? I have no idea.), and now that it's up and running, I am just as tickled as I can … [Continue reading]

Sometimes Old School Is The Best School

As a general rule I'm a huge fan of three specific things when it comes to music: 1) bands that go to the trouble to choreograph their performances 2) bands where the vocalists and musicians seem to be having as much fun the folks in the … [Continue reading]