The Big Boo Cast, Episode 34

I just listened to this episode before I uploaded it, and doing that made me realize that Melanie and I had a guest co-host this week that we failed to mention: THE POLLEN. Oh my goodness. I cough, Alex coughs, I sniff, Alex coughs, I take sip after … [Continue reading]

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other


I am in Oklahoma this weekend for the Baptist General Convention's Women's Conference. Last night when I was trying to go to sleep I got very tickled thinking about what the 22 year-old version of me would say about the fact that I'm staying on a … [Continue reading]

The Devil Is In The Details

tally marks

I need to say something. And I hope we can still be friends after I say it. Here we go. There is nothing - NOTHING - that stresses me out more than a bunch of details. I'm not talking about the details that someone might use when they're … [Continue reading]

A Strange And Perhaps Unmerited Sense Of Accomplishment

We had flash floods last night and early this morning (MY WORD at the rain; there were times during the night when it sounded like people were emptying buckets of water on the roof), so most of the schools in our area had a late start today. The only … [Continue reading]

Unfortunately I Cannot Think Of A Title


It was almost 2 this past Friday morning when I rolled my suitcase into my hotel room in Chicago (well, technically I was in Geneva, but considering that I have very little understanding about the locations of various Chicago suburbs, it's sort of … [Continue reading]

I’m Sure It Would Be My Kind Of Town If I Could Ever Get There

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.27.02 PM

So remember in the last post when I told you that Melanie and I were going to Chicago today? Well. FUNNY STORY. This afternoon I was pulling into the parking garage at the Birmingham airport when Linda from Tyndale called and said they were … [Continue reading]