The Big Boo Cast, Episode 58

I think I can sum up this podcast nicely by telling you that we start off with a discussion about grackles and then move into a discussion about breakfast tacos. As you do. We also talk about cooking, the Downton Abbey series finale, what's in … [Continue reading]

“If Reason Fails, Try Force”

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First of all, y'all are awesome. Thanks for that. Second of all, this was the first weekend in forever where our schedule wasn't at the mercy of a practice and/or game schedule. IT WAS DELIGHTFUL. We're about to be full speed ahead with lacrosse … [Continue reading]

Worship & Pants & Whatnot

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Well, I’m writing this blog post while sitting at lacrosse practice. Don’t worry – I haven’t dragged my laptop to the bleachers or anything like that – I’m just sitting in my car, waiting for Alex to finish, and hoping that if I type, then maybe I … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 57

First of all, I need to tell you that I mention in the podcast that there's going to be new theme music, but I didn't use the new theme music because I couldn't make it be anything other than SCREAMING LOUD and I wanted to make it fade out a little … [Continue reading]

Long Time Gone (But I Am Coming Back Again)

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I am oh-so-happy to tell you that edits are FINISHED. Week before last I did two rounds on my own, and after driving to Nashville last Sunday afternoon, I spent most of Monday at LifeWay going through the new book chapter by chapter with my editor. … [Continue reading]

Long Time, No Blog

Oh, y'all. It has been a sweet forever, hasn't it? I have been working like crazy to finish the book, and finding writing time can be a tricky proposition considering that I spend the bulk of my weekdays listening to teenage girls talk about … [Continue reading]