This One’s A Keeper


Alex has been in day camp this week (he is officially at an age where he wants to go to ALL THE CAMPS - sports, science, Scouts, whatever), so I've been trying to knock out some writing and figure out to do with all the clutter in this house. I feel … [Continue reading]

In Addition To Watching Baseball, We Have Watched Some Baseball

Listen. I don't know much, but I know that ESPN's comprehensive coverage of the NCAA Baseball Tournament has felt a little bit like a big ole summertime gift this weekend. I mean, granted, our beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs have been playing in a … [Continue reading]

An Impromptu Friday Morning Giveaway: Beth Moore’s Children of the Day


One of the big things on my summer to-do list is to complete Beth Moore's new Bible study, Children of the Day: 1 & 2 Thessalonians. I've been excited about it ever since I first read that she was writing it, and this morning - when a sweet puppy dog … [Continue reading]

A Few Little Bits Of Interweb Funtimes

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 7.44.05 PM

- The wide-leg pants from Old Navy have been a high point this past year (I believe I've raved about them several times). It makes me so happy when I see friends here in town and they say something along the lines of, "THOSE PANTS - YOU WERE NOT … [Continue reading]

A Gift From The 80s Just Keeps On Giving

Last week was our last week of school and the SEC baseball tournament, so we were chock-full-o-nostalgia about leaving 4th grade (Alex), getting to see our favorite team play (Bulldogs) and finishing the final semester as a high school English … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 35

Well, I'd planned to get this podcast up last night, but State's baseball game with Georgia went to 10 innings, and by the time it was over (after 11pm, mind you), my nerves were far too frazzled to do any sort of editing and uploading and etc. I had … [Continue reading]