Sometimes Old School Is The Best School

As a general rule I'm a huge fan of three specific things when it comes to music: 1) bands that go to the trouble to choreograph their performances 2) bands where the vocalists and musicians seem to be having as much fun the folks in the … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 42


Well, we spent part of this one thinking that maybe Travis was going to be able to join us before it was all said and done, but alas, he had Skype issues and could not. It's a real shame he missed hearing MelanieĀ and me talk about cheese, my issues … [Continue reading]

Saturday Morning Catch-Up


I usually make an effort to be upbeat and positive and etc. here on the blog, but there is no getting around the fact that last night was one of the worst sleeping experiences of my life. I don't even know why - though I vaguely remember having all … [Continue reading]

Chris & Edith & The Farmer & Etc.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 8.19.59 PM

Earlier tonight I looked at the TV schedule and thought, There's a three-hour premiere of The Bachelor? That is ridiculous. And I have a feeling that it's also about two hours too long. But then I found out that parts of it were live from Los … [Continue reading]

2015 Feels Like The Future

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Whether I wanted to or not, I learned some things in 2014. I won't bore you with ALL the lessons, but here are three that stand out: 1) What I thought was a very manageable speaking schedule was probably about two times too much; 2) Life is even more … [Continue reading]

A Wee Christmas Wrap-Up


Now that Christmas is over, I've been trying to shift my focus to the new year and yay, 2015 and all that. But before I can fully commit to some reflection and intention and planning, I really need to GET THESE DECORATIONS OUT OF HERE. Normally I … [Continue reading]