The Big Boo Cast, Episode 64

Well, let's see. Melanie is cooking ribs during this podcast, and a couple of times she has to take a podcast break to flip her ribs. I don't know what more any of us could ask, really. But we also talk about college football, pro … [Continue reading]

And So It Is Tuesday

Listen. I am the worst blogger. I'm not even sure where the time goes every day. Well, that's not true. I kind of am sure where the time goes. We are up early for school, then at school all day, then Alex has football practice until 5:30, then we … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 63

Well, we have us some new theme music, and it's pretty sassy if I do say so myself. Apparently at least one of us (me!) is destined to like loud saxophones for the rest of her life, and if they have a hint of a disco groove, then all the … [Continue reading]

Well Hey You Cute Thing

Hi. It's 412 degrees here. How are you? We've been busy soaking up the home stretch of summer around here. Daddy spent the first part of last week with us, which was great. Now he's home in Mississippi, and that means I've spent a considerable … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 62

There are times when Melanie and I record a podcast and everything seems right in the world. The skies are blue, life is easy, and cheerfulness comes oh-so-naturally. This particular podcast is not necessarily one of those times. But here's the … [Continue reading]

Erin’s Fancy Hamilton Spreadsheet

The blog hasn't been working today, so a little while ago I posted something on Facebook that I was originally planning to put in a blog post. But now, of course, the blog is working (thank you, kind web hosts at Fused), so I thought I'd put the … [Continue reading]