Giddy Up, Hamilton

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So first of all. Yes. Giddy Up, Eunice came out this past Tuesday. I went to Nashville on Monday to film / video (not exactly sure what terminology applies) a conversation with some friends (I think it'll be out Sunday night, but I'll know for sure … [Continue reading]

Hobbling Into Summer Ever-So-Happily


Last week was full of end-of-school activities. Alex got promoted from 6th grade to 7th grade, I proctored some exams, and Alex finished his last day of elementary school. I can't really think about that last thing for very long without getting … [Continue reading]

We (Really) Are The (Regular Season) Champions

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So, I don't know if y'all are aware of this or not, but there are these things called grocery stores, and you can walk inside them and select food with your very own hands. Then, after you buy the food, you can take it home and COOK ACTUAL … [Continue reading]

A Good Bit Of Giddy-ing


First of all, I hope the predicted stormy weather will go ahead and move into Birmingham in the next hour or so because Hazel is on HIGH ALERT. Every little rumble of thunder sends her into watchdog mode because CAREFUL OR THE SKY WILL ATTACK US ALL, … [Continue reading]

Hey There, May

This was a simpler time for the gray sofa. It was also a less-frayed and less-worn time. And a time when the piping wasn't poking out of the sofa cushions.

We're in that part of the school year where I really don't know where the weeks go. It seems like it was March last week, and now somehow it's May. I kind of feel like time is mocking me. Okay. That might have been a tiny bit dramatic. But spring … [Continue reading]

Blogging: Good For The Nerves

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I'm been watching the State / Ole Miss baseball game tonight on the SEC Network, but right now Ole Miss has two men on base with only one out, and the whole situation makes me so nervous that I had to turn the game off for a little bit. I'll follow … [Continue reading]