It Feels Like It’s Been Friday Three Days In A Row

All righty. I sent out the first newsletter this morning about 9:30 central time. If you signed up and did not receive an email from me, check your spam folder. If there's nothing in your spam folder, then check to make sure you followed the … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Still Needs A Title

I've been out of town / out of pocket for the last couple of days, so I'm ready to settle in for a little TV time, but I wanted to mention a few quick things before I watch some deeply educational re-runs of House Hunters International followed by … [Continue reading]

That Garth Brooks Is Quite A Teacher


The first time I saw Garth Brooks in concert, it was 1992-ish. I was still in school at Mississippi State, and thanks to a couple of my best guy friends who played the "No Fences" CD non-stop, I'd been listening to Garth's music for a couple of … [Continue reading]

Friday Dance Party

As most of y'all know, I love me some music. Granted, I talk / write about TV all the dadgum time, but if I had to pick between music and TV, music would win every time. Hands down. No question, no contest, no doubt. We listen to all sorts of … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 48

Melanie and I definitely want to record podcasts more frequently this summer, but even still I'm a little shocked that we managed to put together one last week and one this week, too. IS THIS WHAT PRODUCTIVITY FEELS LIKE? Continue to keep your … [Continue reading]

Fire Is The Only Thing That Would Make This Better

I have tried and tried to embed this video because I know some of you don't use Facebook, but I can't get the video to work on my blog. So I'm just going to pass along the link and hope you can see it. Here's a hint. It involves baton … [Continue reading]